Santa may want to check on all his elves because it seems one mischievous Christmas elf might have made his way to Wilton.

Over the last three weeks, someone keeps turning on the Christmas lights that illuminate the tree on Wilton’s Town Green.

First selectwoman Lynne Vanderslice acknowledged that an unknown person has been plugging in the lights that stay wrapped on the tree year-round. She has even unplugged the lights herself on at least one occasion, but says it’s happened a few times.

“We assume it is a prank. For very little cost we will be putting a lock on the outlet to prevent further tampering. Fortunately it is a fast fix as DPW has a number of other priorities,” she says.

As of Sunday evening, the lights were off, so perhaps the lock solution has worked. Either way, there are only 12 or so weeks until the town lights the tree–officially–at the annual Holiday Stroll. And for now, at least, the Parks Department knows the lights are in working order.