It’s Wilton’s own version of Salad Wars!

To kickstart the summer and promote healthy eating, Naked Greens is running a competition with seven Wilton residents vying to create new salads for a “Featured-Salad-Of-The-Month.” On Monday, June 30, starting at 10:45 a.m., the lucky seven salad creators will be behind the counter, preparing their salads for a panel of judges. Spectators are invited to watch the competition and cheer on their favorites–and a lucky few might get chosen to help judge.

Last month, Naked Greens’ owner Victor Melendez issued an invitation for customers to create new salad recipes. More than two dozen people submitted ideas and seven were chosen to move on to the judging round. The panel of Wilton business owners who will be tasting the salads of the seven finalists include GOOD Morning Wilton Editor, Heather Borden Herve;  Loryn Galardi of Comprehensive Nutrition; Andrea Topalian of Moments by Andrea Photography; and Alison Jacobson, Life Coach and Wilton’s Safety Mom. Melendez also has recruited loyal customers to help evaluate the salads and select the winning creations:  Linda McDonald, Carrie Kulawitz, Meppy Cote, Chris Fuentes and Allison Scheckner.

In addition, the panel of judges will be supplemented by wild card spectators chosen at the event.

Starting in July Naked Greens will feature a winning salad as the “salad of the month;” each month the restaurant will add a different “salad-of-the-month” created by loyal customers.
The salads being judged include: “The New Summer Salad,” by Jennifer Ormsbee; “The Shrimp Mango Salad,” by Randi Van Pelt; “The Shirin Sassy Salad,” by Shirin Dorne; “The Healthy Tex-Mex,” by Jenn Lewis; “The Spanish Salad,” by Fernanda Prado de Fiol; “The Godfrey Salad,” by Vann Godfrey; and “The Tropical Vacation,” by Joy Hanson.

Salad creations will be judged on the criteria of flavor intensity, uniqueness, sell-ability and nutritional value. The winners will be announced in the Naked Greens newsletter and Facebook page and via GOOD Morning Wilton.

Each Monthly Salad-of-the-Month Winner will receive:
1- Naming rights
2- One free salad per month for a year*
3- A feature on GOOD Morning Wilton and in-store communication

The final Grand Prize Winner will receive:A 1-hour Metabolic Assessment and Diet Analysis with Comprehensive Nutrition
1- A photography session with Moments By Andrea
2- A life coaching session with The Safety Mom
3- A feature on GOOD Morning Wilton.
4- Two free salads* per month for a year

* Free salads are up to a $10 value