COMPARE the CANDIDATES: 26th District State Senate Race

We interviewed the state legislative candidates vying in contested races, asking them questions submitted by readers and compiled by GMW. We asked them the same questions–sometimes customized slightly–with some questions open-ended and others with a one-minute time limit for answering.

Below, we’ve provided answers to each of the questions from both candidates in the race for the 26th District State Senate seat–Will Haskell (D) and Kim Healy (R). You’ll be able to compare what they have to say, issue by issue.

Question 1:  What makes you stand out as the choice that Wilton voters should support?

Q: What do you think has been the biggest misperception about you? 

Q: In order to work in a bipartisan, across-the-aisle way that Connecticut needs, what is one idea introduced or championed by the opposing party that you support?

Q: Should there be an amendment making no excuse, absentee voting or early voting a law in Connecticut? Do you think that Connecticut should offer early voting? 


Q:  65% of Connecticut voters favor legalizing marijuana. Where do you stand on the issue?

Q:  The topic of land use reform legislation is being discussed at the state level and it’s become a hotly discussed topic in Wilton. It is something that our first selectwoman has raised concern about; it’s something that’s several towns in the 26th district have raised concerns about. Let’s first talk about legislation that was drafted by state Senator Saud Anwar, which undoubtedly will be reintroduced when the new legislature returns in 2021. Specifically, if reelected, where are you on that legislation that Senator Anwar introduced? What are the elements you’ll support and what elements won’t you support?

Q:  What is your position on tolls and how does it serve the residents of your district?


Q:  Where do you stand on school regionalization (these were slightly different for each candidate).

Q: Where do you stand on police accountability and Black Lives Matter? (these were slightly different for each candidate)

“Speed Round” Q 1:  With the changing Supreme Court, there will be impacts at the state level. What is your position on reproductive health and abortion legislation at the state level?

“Speed round” Q 2: With healthcare on the docket in DC, what is important for Wilton voters to know about where you stand? 

“Speed round” Q 3: What do you think about the concept of sanctuary cities and undocumented residents?

“Speed round” Q 4: What do you think about the current gun laws in Connecticut? Are they too strong? Not strong enough or just right?

“Speed round” Q 5:  Who are you supporting the presidential election and why?

Q:  What’s your 30-second elevator pitch to Wilton voters?


  1. I believe Will Haskell answered the questions that were asked and he did so directly and without hesitation. He was also clear a concise in all of his responses. Kim Healy not so much! Unfortunately, Kim did not answer the questions that were asked and on a couple of occasions had to be remined by the moderator to answer the question posed. Lastly, I was stunned to hear that Kim Healy doesn’t think what happens in Washington doesn’t matter here in CT


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