A relatively quiet first full week (March 5-11) of March is in store, but it’s what happens in the middle of the week that will shake things up. That’s because another nor’easter is likely to impact the Northeast region, and this time snow is a greater possibility due to cooler air in place.

Monday, Mar. 5: Monday will be a beautiful day to begin the new week. Winds will still be gusty–as high as 30 mph–but at least the sunshine will be out in the form of partly cloudy skies. Temperatures will struggle to surpass the 40 degree mark during the day.

Tuesday, Mar. 6:  We’ll finally get a calm day with very light winds that have tapered off to practically 0 mph. Tuesday will be the nicest day of the week, featuring a mix of sun and clouds paired with high temperatures into the mid 40s.

Wednesday, Mar. 7:  Now for Wednesday, the models are really latching on to the idea of another nor’easter hitting the area. There’s always uncertainty when you’re forecasting these kinds of storms several days out, but snow is looking more likely than rain at this time due to more cold air in place. Of course that depends on the exact track of the coastal low. At least coastal flooding and winds shouldn’t be as severe with this storm. Stay tuned for more details as this active storm pattern continues.

Thursday, Mar. 8:  Wednesday’s storm should clear out for our Thursday with a return to sunshine. There will be occasional clouds behind the storm system due to the pressure gradient, but it will still be a fairly nice day with temperatures right around average.

Friday, Mar. 9:  Friday will look a lot like Thursday, featuring sun and clouds and a high temperature into the low 40s. There may be a few periods during the day where it turns completely cloudy due to the midweek nor’easter still having some influence on our weather.

Saturday, Mar. 10:  As we get into the weekend, the weather should remain very quiet. On Saturday, you can expect times of sun and clouds with sunshine at the bookends of the day and periods of clouds in the middle. Temperatures will remain at about average, maxing out into the low-to-mid 40s. 

Sunday, Mar. 11:  Sunday should be even sunnier and is expected to be milder, with mostly sunny skies and a high temperature into the mid 40s, before we track another potential nor’easter early-next week.