COVID Update — Dec. 14, 2021: Weekend Jump of 22 New Cases and High Testing Rate

Over the past weekend, Wilton saw a jump of 22 new COVID cases, the highest spike in positive case counts since February 2021.

That case increase was accompanied by another high statistic: 871 tests were reported in the same time period. What stayed relatively low and flat is Wilton’s test positivity rate over the weekend — only 2.67% of the reported tests taken were positive (although the rate does not include tests performed at home).

Weekends are typically a time for spikes in both metrics (testing and case numbers). Over the last three weekends, Wilton’s weekend test numbers have been high: in addition to the 871 people tested this past weekend, there were 333 tests conducted over the Dec. 3-5 weekend, and 660 tests conducted over five days at Thanksgiving (Wednesday, Nov. 24 through Sunday, Nov. 28).

It’s unclear if the reliance on testing signals some concern about an increase in risky behavior and exposure or a desire to pre-emptively protect other people, testing may have become another layer of protection against Omincon.

Wilton First Selectwoman Lynne Vanderslice said she doesn’t yet have any information about the 22 new positive cases, and she hypothesized about the many reasons more people may be seeking COVID tests.

“Whether or not it was due to something of concern or whether it was due to an uptick in large, holiday-related gatherings requiring COVID testing for attendance, or an uptick in winter colds and flu prompting people to be tested, or people choosing to regularly test in response to Omicron or any of the possibilities, we don’t know at this point,” she told GMW.

In the Wilton Public Schools district, there are currently eight confirmed positive cases (three staff members, and five students) and 28 people (all students) in quarantine after a close contact to a positive case. Those numbers represent a slight decline from last Friday, Dec. 10.


  1. 12/10, the positivity number for Wilton was 1770, 1804 on 12/13 and 1814 on 12/14. On 12/9 it was 1763. From 12/9 to now we are seeing 7, 8 & now 10 positive cases daily. I think this is worse than what you are reporting.

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