COVID Update, Jan 10, 2022: High Case & Vaccination Rates; WHS Limits Athletic Fans; PTSA Forms Advisory Group

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Wilton’s High Numbers — Cases and Vaccination Rates

Wilton’s case numbers continue to hit highest-ever numbers. In just the first week of Jan. 2022, the State Department of Public Health has reported 245 COVID-positive cases in town — already well beyond the 215 total cases for Jan. 2021.

But Wilton’s vaccination rates continue to climb as well. Of Wilton residents who are eligible to receive the vaccine (age 5-years-old and up), 93.63% have received a first dose (up from 92.7% one week ago), and 82.34% have received a second dose (up slightly from 81.85% one week ago).

Of Wilton’s total population 90.85% have begun the vaccination process (up from 89.95%), and 79.9% have received a second dose (up from 79.43%).

Here are the other current statistics for Wilton, as of Friday, Jan. 7:


  • New one-day cases:  30
  • New seven-day case count:  245
  • New two-week case count: 393 (15-day count, includes long Christmas weekend)
  • Total cases since start of pandemic: 2,041
  • One-day positivity rate: 17.65%
  • Two-week rolling daily average new cases: 28.07* (up from the prior record of 25.93 the previous day)
  • Two-week rolling daily average new cases (per 100,000): 153.80* (up from the prior record of 141.69 the previous day)

Wilton Public Schools

Wilton Public Schools data was not updated on Friday, with the snow day off from school. The information below is as of Thursday, Jan. 6.

  • New two-day cases reported to the schools:  64
    • WHS: 34
    • Middlebrook: 9
    • Miller-Driscoll: 10
    • Cider Mill: 10
    • District: 1
  • Staff Confirmed Positive and Isolating: 38
  • Students Confirmed Positive and Isolating: 236


  • New one-day cases: 10,076
  • New total number of cases since the pandemic’s start: 573,711
  • One-day test positivity rate: 24.55*
  • New one-day hospitalizations of people with COVID: 26
  • Current number of patients hospitalized with COVID: 1,810
  • Number of hospitalized COVID patients who are not fully vaccinated: 1,218 (67.3%)
  • Data on COVID-19 associated deaths is updated once per week every Thursday. The most recently reported total number of deaths is 9,281.

* indicates a new record high

Wilton High School PTSA Forms Covid Advisory Group

Last week, Wilton High School PTSA President Lorien Saumier sent an email to the school’s families, students and staff announcing the formation of a COVID Advisory Committee.

She wrote that the PTSA officers decided to form the advisory committee given “new and dynamic conditions” under which “information and guidance is changing frequently.”

Saumier added that the advisory group fits the PTSA’s mission of supporting the school’s community “to recommend best practices and offer clarity on COVID-related topics.”

The committee is not meant to advise either the PTSA or the school on policy, which is under the purview of the district and the state; rather, she explained, the advisory group serves to advise on best practices.

The WHS PTSA Covid Advisory Committee held its first meeting on Thursday, Jan. 6, and Saumier wrote that the group will host a webinar for the community on Thursday, Jan. 13, from 7-8 p.m. Families, staff and students are able to submit questions via a Goggle form by midnight on Tuesday, Jan. 11. The webinar link will be emailed to WHS community members this week, and the webinar will be recorded.

The members of the WHS PTSA Covid Advisory Committee include:

Deborah List, MA, MPH, PhD, Chair
Robert O’Donnell, Ed.D., WHS Principal
Christine Macken, MD (also the Wilton School District Medical Advisor)
Priti Shah, BS Pharmacy
Peggy Meurer, Teacher, PTSA Teacher Rep
Cathy Cambell, Student Body President
Lori Fusco, MPA Wilton SEPTA
Lorien Saumier, PTSA President
Amy Korn, EdD Assistant Principal

WHS Athletics Limits Fans

Wilton Athletic Director Chris McDougal announced a decision by the school to limit fan attendance at school athletic events “due to the current uptick in COVID cases.” Attendance at games and competitions will be limited to parents and guardians of the student athletes who are playing in that specific athletic event.

“We have made the decision to limit fan attendance at our games to keep the school community safe,” he wrote in an email to the WHS community.

McDougal wrote that most of the schools in the area are following the same practice, and he suggested members of the public who want to attend events at other schools should refer to the Fairfield County Interscholastic Athletic Conference (FCIAC) website to confirm protocols for other FCIAC schools when considering attending away games.

He added that WHS will reevaluate this athletics attendance policy periodically “with the hopes of opening up to all fans as soon as possible.”

McDougal itemized the rules in place for anyone currently attending as a spectator:

  1. Masks must be worn properly at all times (the mask must cover the nose and mouth).
  2. Social distancing is expected at all times.
  3. If you are not feeling well or have any symptoms, please stay home.
  4. No food or beverages will be allowed in the bleachers.
  5. Cheer for Wilton not against the opponent.
  6. Negative comments toward the official will not be tolerated.

Visitors will be asked to leave if they make any disparaging comments toward anyone, especially toward the officials or opposing team.

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