The Wilton Town Democratic Committee (DTC) this week named Ross Tartell as chair of its Nominating Committee. Tartell replaces Paul Burnham, who will remain as a member of the committee after serving eight years as the head of nominating. Tartell has served as the committee’s vice chair since 2012.

He is principal of Tartell, Ph.D., Consulting, and a senior associate with Organizational Performance Group. He is also an adjunct associate professor of psychology and education at Columbia University, with special expertise in leadership development, executive coaching and change management. A member of the Nominating Committee since 2010, he has also served on numerous Wilton School District Long Range Planning teams.  He and his wife, Karen Tartell, have lived in Wilton since 1989. Their son, Michael, graduated from Wilton High School.

“Ross already knows that there is no better way to get to know folks in town and discover what amazing talent we have here in Wilton,” Burnham says. “He will make a great chair and I look forward to our continued working together.”

Burnham, an attorney with Wilton firm of Gregory and Adams, is the general counsel for the Wilton Congregational Church and a former member of the Board of Finance (1993-2001). He served on the town’s last Charter Revision Commission and has been a member of the Wilton Rotary Club since 1992. He and his wife, Karen Birck, a 10-year member of the Board of Education, have two daughters, both graduates of Wilton public schools.

“The DTC has been most fortunate to have Paul serve as chair of the Nominating Committee,” says DTC chair Deborah McFadden. “He has been invaluable in finding, interviewing and vetting outstanding candidates for Wilton positions both elected and appointed.  We’re especially pleased that he’s agreed to remain on the Committee to share his great institutional knowledge.”

McFadden says Tartell’s career experience makes him an ideal candidate to replace Burnham. “We’re very lucky to have Ross as our new Nominating Committee chair. His professional skills will be a real asset, and I know he will do a great job in continuing the tradition of putting up high-caliber and skilled candidates to represent the Democrats in Wilton.”

Tartell is honored to be named chair. “I follow in the extraordinary path set by Paul and thank him for his leadership. These are extraordinary times for Wilton and our society. Sourcing and recruiting Wilton citizens who can guide Wilton into the future and create the community that will keep Wilton in the top tier of towns is an incredible responsibility. I am looking forward to the challenge.”

Democrats and Unaffiliateds seeking endorsement of the DTC may contact Tartell via email.


DTC Communications

Bob Carney