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Lavielle Supports Protecting CT’s Environment

To the Editor:

Congratulations to Rep. Gail Lavielle for receiving the endorsement of the Connecticut League of Conservation Voters (CTLCV) which gave approval to only 15 legislators, and for Rep. Lavielle, the fourth time she has been so honored. Gail has consistently recognized the need to protect Connecticut’s valuable resources, never faltering in her support for clean energy programs, reliable public transportation, improved coastal management practices, or better open space protection. The need for economic development does not have to mean sacrificing our natural resources. Gail never disappoints when it comes to excellence for her state and for her constituents.

Bev Sutherland

Thomas will Fight for Issues I Believe In

To the Editor:

This November I will be voting for Stephanie Thomas as my State Representative. I have been fortunate to spend a lot of time with Stephanie the past few months. She will fight for the issues I believe in. She believes in common sense gun control (no ghost guns!). She believes in making it easier to vote, unlike Gail Lavielle, who voted against early voting and election day registration. She agrees that tolls (with Lockbox funding and breaks for residents) are a practical way to fund our transportation infrastructure problems. Please vote for Stephanie!

Diane Martucci

Lavielle an Exceptional Legislator

To the Editor:

Integrity and conviction are among the qualities I look for in a business partner, and the same standards must apply to our elected officials.  Which is why I am proud to support State Rep. Gail Lavielle’s bid for reelection.

I am always impressed by Gail’s deep understanding of the issues on the table, and by her honest, straightforward approach.  Gail is a woman of principle, who will not be swayed.  This includes her commitment to smart economic development, fiscal responsibility, and environmental protection, among other issues.  She is an incredibly hard worker.

Gail Lavielle is an exceptional legislator, and she most certainly will have my vote.


Peter Gaboriault

Lavielle Knows Her Stuff

To the Editor:

I support Gail Lavielle’s bid for reelection. Her core belief in fiscal restraint and deep understanding of the economic challenges Connecticut must address to regain its footing garner my support.  I served with Gail on the Wilton Board of Finance and saw firsthand that when it came to responsible governance Gail knew her stuff. She was unwavering in knowing that a strong business climate is integral to growth and that burdensome taxes are a detriment to that growth.

Since her election to the state legislature Gail has worked to bring badly needed reforms to our state budgeting and regulatory processes.  She has helped deliver a balanced budget each year that required no additional taxes.  She has spoken with business owners and learned firsthand about the impact of regulation and taxes.  And most important she has delivered sound, logical solutions to improve Connecticut’s regulatory and fiscal situation.

Representative Lavielle is respected by Democrats and Republicans alike, which is a rare feat these days. She is an effective member of the legislature, and I am proud to call her my representative.  Let’s do the right thing and reelect Gail Lavielle on November 6.

Warren Serenbetz

Tartell–A Non-Partisan Pragmatist

To The Editor:

Ross Tartell is running for State Representative for the 125th district, which includes part of Wilton and two-thirds of New Canaan. With experience in leadership development and executive coaching, Ross is uniquely qualified to help dysfunctional organizations work more effectively. As a non-partisan pragmatist, he will work with ALL state representatives in order to address Connecticut’s problems. Ross will bring a fair and balanced viewpoint to the state legislature. I intend to vote for him and I encourage you to do the same.

Margaret Creeth

Vote for Democrats for Best Opportunity for Change

To the Editor:

Senator Collins’ cowardly vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh, despite the extremely credible sexual assault allegations against him and his obvious desire to overturn Roe, is testament to the fact that even “moderate” Republicans simply cannot be trusted to go against their party on critical social issues. With the Supreme Court abrogating its role as a protector of individual liberties against state overreach, we no longer have the luxury of voting for whoever we agree with on fiscal policy–we need to protect reproductive rights and marriage equality and all the other freedoms we’ve come to take for granted in Connecticut, and only Democrats can be trusted to do that.

If you do cast your vote based on fiscal policy, though, the notion that *re*-electing a 20-year Hartford veteran like Toni Boucher is somehow a vote for “change” is laughable; if Ms. Boucher had any brilliant ideas about how to solve our state’s problems she’s had many opportunities to put them forward. At the top of the ticket, while most of our problems began under our two previous Republican governors, if you nonetheless choose to blame everything on Malloy it bears reminding that Ned was running bitter negative anti-Malloy ads back when Bob was still a private-equity barbarian in London.

To truly change Connecticut, we don’t need a new party in power, we need new *people* in power, and in Wilton our best opportunity to achieve that is to vote for Democrats.

Michael Love

Boucher and Lavielle have Earned Re-Election

Toni Boucher and Gail Lavielle’s highly energetic and skilled legislative representation has benefited every Wilton citizen.

[When I was] First Selectman of Wilton, Toni and Gail energetically supported Town improvement projects, grant applications and state controlled Allen’s Meadows and Norwalk River Valley Trail land use requests, which helped make possible these highly utilized recreational land use resources.

Both have fought record high state tax increases, strongly advocated state spending cuts and championed educational reform. Each spoke out loudly to defeat Governor Malloy’s recent efforts to shift teacher pension costs on to municipalities. Both joined with the Town to battle against Super 7 highway proposals that threatened to sever the community and increase environmental damage. Toni and Gail also invested long hours and dedicated efforts to improve Metro-North rail service and commuter facilities. As senior legislators, both have extensive legislative experience and influence, which matters in Hartford. And both are very articulate communicators who have regularly communicated with constituents on a broad range of issues.

In summary, we are very fortunate to have two outstanding, proven legislative representatives. Toni Boucher and Gail Lavielle have earned re-election on Nov. 6.

Bill Brennan

Voters of Connecticut–Wake up!

To the Editor:

Important midterm elections loom on the horizon. For the past eight years Connecticut has been a one-party dominated state with nearly devastating results. This must change.

The economic condition of our state has been sliding badly characterized by declining personal income and lost jobs.  Reflecting heavy borrowing, Connecticut’s S&P credit rating has fallen to AA- in the past two years from what had been AA. The fiscal health of Connecticut affects all its citizens. While the nation has largely recovered from the steep recession of 2007-2009 Connecticut ranks 48th for growth according to a recent U.S. News “Best States” report that gave us a long term stability ranking of 45. On a recent survey list of the “Best and Worst Run States in America”  Connecticut nosedived to a ranking of 38th down from 20th in 2010! Additionally, our state’s pension funded ratio has fallen to below 50%, among the worst in the nation.

Enough of this failed leadership! Cycles of irresponsible taxation and political promises that cannot be met should not be the path forward here. Connecticut voters must choose very carefully now. Republican representation in our state senate currently is only one seat short of gaining a majority that that might help to turn things around. As an unaffiliated life-long CT resident it is why I support the re-election of state senator Toni Boucher (R-26) who in her leadership position has demonstrated she can work across the aisle and will fight for a better, stronger Connecticut.

Andrew Schopick

Tartell Will Work With All Parties in Hartford

To the Editor:

In these times of heightened partisanship, we need a leader in Hartford who will work with all parties to address the challenges facing Connecticut, including education, transportation, gun control, income inequality and equal rights. Ross Tartell has proven himself to be such a leader. As demonstrated by decades of work in numerous community organizations, he has the ability to visualize and implement solutions to seemingly intractable problems, along with a deep understanding of fiscal issues and budgeting. Ross Tartell has the experience and abilities that Connecticut needs right now, so I will vote for him for State Representative.

Valerie Rosenson

Lavielle–Strong Voice for Our Schools and Children

To the Editor:

We need to reelect Gail Lavielle. As a ranking member of the Education Committee in Hartford, Gail Lavielle has passed numerous bipartisan bills and has been a strong voice for our schools and children.

She authored the first comprehensive mandate relief bill for local school districts which enables the districts to save money and time including the repeal of the regional calendar and was successful in in stopping the midyear efforts last year by the Governor to reduce educational aid.

Along with legislation to help identify and teach students with dyslexia, she introduced and passed lifesaving legislation protecting children with epilepsy in schools.

Based on her work on issues impacting the wellbeing of Connecticut’s children, such as health, development, education, early care and safety, Gail was named a 2018 Children’s Champion by the CT Early Childhood Alliance.

These and many other accomplishments that effect my children and their education are why I am supporting Gail Lavielle.

Carol Lenihan

Tartell–an Energetic and Forceful New Voice

To the Editor:

Voters soon will be given the opportunity to send Ross Tartell, an energetic and forceful new voice, to the Connecticut State Legislature. I have known and worked closely with Ross over many years and am absolutely confident he is the right person to represent us in Hartford. Ross is a distinguished leader who will reach across the aisle and propose bipartisan solutions to Connecticut’s current economic, educational and social challenges. A careful listener and thoughtful problem solver, he brings to the table all of the experience and personal qualities required to be a superior advocate for the interests of both New Canaan and Wilton residents. I urge you to elect Ross Tartell on Nov. 6.

Richard J. Dubow

Putting CT Back on Track Includes Re-Electing Lavielle

To the Editor:

This November presents an opportunity for a badly-needed leadership change in Hartford, and a chance to finally do a course correction for our state’s economic future.

Gail Lavielle will be an important part of that change, and must be reelected!

Gail is a respected member of the legislature who has relied on her business background to establish herself as a smart consensus-builder, admired by her colleagues as well as constituents, and more interested in finding solutions than scoring political points.

Gail is a kind, compassionate person with a genuine interest in the needs of others and the community. She is practical, strong in common sense, and does not yield to extreme ideologies that are in some cases prevalent today. Wilton is blessed to have Gail as one of its state representatives.

If we are serious about putting Connecticut back on track, then we must elect the most qualified candidates. Clearly that includes Gail Lavielle!


Mangtao (Monty) Du