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Wilton Needs Stephanie Thomas in Hartford

To the Editor:

We need a new voice in Hartford. Connecticut faces long-term fiscal challenges and Stephanie Thomas will look for ways to work across the aisle to increase revenues. Stephanie understands that implementing tolls will bring in needed revenue, making sure that out-of-state drivers shoulder most of the costs. Stephanie knows we must protect our communities by enacting a ban against ghost guns and improving our mental health programs. She understands that to end school shootings we need law makers who will stand up to the NRA and who will not back down to the gun lobbyists. Stephanie also believes in investing in our infrastructure, and public transportation to attract and keep workers in Connecticut.

Victoria Rossi Sudano

Lavielle Works to Support Our Needs

To the Editor:

Wilton needs to re-elect Gail Lavielle to the CT House of Representatives. Gail has demonstrated that she hears us and works to support our needs. She has proven her effectiveness, intelligence, and work ethic. She has represented the 143th district in an excellent and professional manner. While understanding the dire state budget situation, she has provided concrete solutions instead of just complaining. Republicans are close to a majority in both the House and the Senate, so this is a pivotal election for us to help stop wasteful spending, control our taxes and encourage business to come to our state not leave it.


Gary Battaglia

Vote for Gun Sanity–Tartell, Haskell and Thomas

To the Editor:

The most important in this election to me is gun safety. We suffer from an epidemic of gun violence in our country and there’s is nothing in the Constitution that keeps us from preventing it. The Second Amendment itself suggests that guns be “well-regulated.” Ross Tartell, Will Haskell and Stephanie Thomas all have supported the kind reasonable gun-safety regulation that I support and that is promoted by groups like Gabby Giffords’ “Giffords Courage.” Their Republican opponents seem afraid to take such a stand, worried about the NRA. Vote for gun sanity Nov. 6.

Samia Bahu

CT Needs Business-Oriented Leaders Like Lavielle

To the Editor:

Gail Lavielle is a smart legislator who understands the fundamental premise that when you tax something, like income, you get less of it. So it should come as no surprise that, as Connecticut has continued to raise taxes, the effect has been to drive businesses and taxpayers out of state.

Gail clearly understands that without fundamental changes to our state’s tax and regulatory climate, Connecticut will continue to decline. She has consistently opposed tax increases and instead, tried to prioritize spending. Imagine that!

Connecticut needs business-oriented leaders like Gail now more than ever. Please give her your vote next month.


Minter Brown

Change is Required, Haskell Brings Fresh Perspective and Voice

To the Editor:

Will Haskell is exactly what Connecticut needs right now. Our state’s economic stats are dismal; change is clearly required. Instead of voting in the same representation in Hartford, this is an opportunity for our district to show leadership in choosing someone like Will to bring fresh perspective and voice. Connecticut’s prime-age population is in decline; Will can be part of the solution to attract his generation back here — to work, play, raise families and contribute to the common good.

Connecticut has been a leader in areas like common sense gun legislation and Will wants our state to continue to improve on those successes by banning ghost guns. He wants to invest in transportation because he believes Fairfield County’s economic prosperity depends on our connection to the New York area. He’s also committed to Paid Family Leave, to ensure that nobody in our state has to choose between advancing in his or her career and starting a family — yet another strategy to keep our best and brightest and attract others simultaneously.

I encourage you to reach out to Will if you have questions about his views. His intelligence, passion, curiosity, willingness to listen and sense of civic responsibility are quite apparent. And, he actually answers the phone! I hope you’ll support him to represent us in Hartford! Will Haskell feels like the harbinger of something really special for Connecticut. And by the way, President Obama agrees and has given his endorsement of Will’s campaign.


Pamela Hovland

Both Thomas and Tartell Bring Fresh Air to Stale Hartford

To the Editor:

I would like to endorse Stephanie Thomas and Ross Tartell for Ct State Representative.

Stephanie represents a new approach to solving the nagging and unresolved issues in Hartford while working to insure that we have secure and expanded voting rights, strong gun laws, opportunities for small business, and fair wages and pay equity .

Ross brings a work-across-party-lines to get things done attitude and skills that he has honed over time as an expert in human resources. He brings solid and respected experience by all on local boards and commissions.

Both are committed to addressing the financial issue of the State budget.

Both are committed to serving you and me with excellent constituent relations.

They will bring fresh air to the stale state of affairs in Hartford.

John Kalamarides

Boucher and Lavielle–True Advocates for Education

To the Editor:

The Wilton community prioritizes education, and takes pride in our high-performing school district, which is why we should be pleased that our legislators–Senator Toni Boucher and Representative Gail Lavielle–hold leadership positions on the legislature’s Education Committee.

Both were named to the Connecticut Education Association’s honor roll, and cited for their strong support for public education. In addition, Gail and Toni have used their positions to avert repeated attempts to eliminate Wilton’s share of the Education Cost Sharing program, and to shift teacher pension costs to Wilton taxpayers. Gail and Toni are true advocates for education, and deserve to be reelected.


Glenn Hemmerle

Tartell Well-Prepared to Serve in Hartford

To the Editor:

We need Ross Tartell in Hartford as our representative for the 125th district. Ross is smart, well educated and knows how to work with leaders to achieve positive results. His career as an executive coach has prepared him well to serve in Hartford. It is not a coincidence that his number one campaign promise is to improve leadership and reduce partisan infighting. Please join me in voting for Ross on November 6th.

Richard Creeth

Tartell–A Man of Purpose and Highest Integrity

To the Editor:

I met Ross Tartell shortly after my husband and I moved to Wilton 23 years ago. Since then, I have come to know Ross as a man of purpose and of the highest integrity. I worked with him for several years as a parent member of the Wilton Schools’ long-range planning committee. I have watched him get actively involved in Wilton, as well as in his church and synagogue. Ross takes his commitments seriously and brings his best self to the table every time. He listens well, is exceptional at seeing both sides of an issue, and takes an “all things possible” approach when solving issues. I have no doubt he will bring his dedicated work ethic to Hartford. I am thrilled that he is running for State Representative and am proud to support him.

Amy Collins

Time for a New Voice in Hartford–Will Haskell’s Voice

To the Editor:

It is time for a new voice with new ideas to represent the 26th Senate District in the Connecticut State Legislature. Will Haskell is that voice. His mature grasp of the economic and social challenges facing our State–along with his thoughtful, analytical and bipartisan approach to problem solving–promise a brighter and more hopeful future for Connecticut. He is both a good listener and strenuous advocate for protecting our environment, promoting economic growth, supporting our public schools, revitalizing our infrastructure and enacting even stronger gun control laws. Simply put, Will Haskell would be the right State Senator at the right time to represent our interests in Hartford. We urge voters to elect Will Haskell on Nov. 6.

Anna Jo Dubow

Am I Republican? No. But I’m for Lavielle

To the Editor:

I’m struggling with Nov. 6. As a woman and the mother of two girls I firmly believe that in many respects this country is headed in the wrong direction and in order to change it we need to send a strong signal to Washington by voting party lines. But here’s where I have the problem. While I’m extremely concerned about women’s rights at a national level, I’m equally concerned about the rights of seniors and people with disabilities here in my state. Not only do I have two teen-aged girls but I also am the mom to a 20 year-old son with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD), the wife of a man with primary progressive multiple sclerosis and the caregiver for my mother and aunt.

What I hope for is a candidate who does not fall lock-step into his or her political party’s agenda but truly talks to the people and looks at the issues effecting her constituency. I believe it’s still possible to stand up for the people he or she represents and advocate for their rights. And so, that’s why I’ll be casting a vote for Gail Lavielle on Nov. 6. I’ve known Gail for many years personally and have witnessed her passion for the people in her district. She fights for seniors, she fights for people with disabilities who oftentimes are forgotten or dismissed. Am I Republican? No. But am I for Gail Lavielle – unequivocally YES.

Alison Jacobson

Thomas Understands Challenges of Small Business People

To the Editor:

I support Stephanie Thomas to be our representative in Hartford because as an entrepreneur she understands the challenges of small business people. She knows what it takes to attract start-ups and the young professionals they need, to Connecticut. She supports creative, non-confrontational ideas to solve the pension problem–ideas like the LOT program to generate revenue through state-owned property. She accepts tolls as the most effective way to raise infrastructure revenue, and to make out-of-staters pay their fair share. The incumbent–Lavielle–often parrots the party line, including opposing voting rights initiatives like expanded absentee ballots, early voting, and same-day registration. She won’t even consider tolls, and she would end the EITC–which would harm those struggling to make it. Lavielle is not the right leader for Connecticut. Stephanie Thomas is.

Peter Squitieri