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‘Utterly Against Signs on Town Property’

To the Editor:


Just moved to Wilton about a month ago–
Utterly and completely against political signs on town property–or any advertising signs on town property.

We chose Wilton because of its un-commercialized nature, and this is the type of divisive practice we would not want fostered in our newly chosen community.

We would only understand and/or support a decided number of signs placed at voting locations on Election Day.

Renee Bohnenstiel

Cole an Invaluable Asset to Wilton

To the Editor:

This November, I will vote for Joshua Cole for Board of Selectmen. As a current member of the Board of Selectmen, Josh has proven to be an invaluable asset to Wilton. Josh is also a practicing attorney specializing in commercial real estate and finance. Hence, he brings relevant legal expertise to the Board. Even more importantly, Josh is level headed and has consistently demonstrated the ability to work under pressure. I believe these qualities were the reasons he has been instrumental in bringing various parties to find common ground to solve complex problems.

We are truly fortunate that Joshua steps up to serve our Town. With two young children in Miller Driscoll School, Joshua is committed for many years to ensure that Wilton continues to be a great town. Join me to elect Joshua Cole for the Board of Selectmen.

Jennie Wong

This Election is Only About Wilton

To the Editor:

It’s an off-cycle election year. No national or state elections are on our ballot. That unfortunately could suggest low voter turnout. This year’s elections are all about Wilton–your town, your government, your schools, your quality of life. Turn out is critical.

This isn’t the typical endorsement letter about particular candidates. Sure, I’m an engaged Republican and will make appropriate choices.

I’m writing about what this election is—it’s NOT about Washington. It’s NOT about Hartford. It’s NOT just about PARTY. It is about Wilton.

We can all agree that we all desire a few good things:

  1. Quality schools
  2. Cost-efficient government
  3. Lower taxes

There are more, but this is the essence of quality lifestyle in Wilton. For that we need the best candidates elected to the many positions open this year.

We all MUST vote. And we all MUST know our candidates.

  • Do they have focus on the three needs above?
  • Do they have experience required to deliver on those needs?
  • Do they have committed principles and purpose to reach those goals?
  • Can they improve economic development of the town?
  • Can they find good tax solutions to make living less expensive?

Know the candidates. Know the goals and know what has been previously delivered. Do NOT vote blindly on party lines. Vote for results. We aren’t the mess in Washington; we aren’t the tax-and-cost crisis in Hartford. We are Wilton—and our choices are to be Wilton as we have been. In all matters, VOTE.

Don Sauvigne

An Open Letter to Young People

To the Editor:

Many people often ask me why I’m political engaged, why a 19-year-old has sacrificed so much “just” to have a seat at the table. Across our country, I’ve been taken aback by the divisive nature of the political arena. If we’re to change this, there’s no doubt it’ll be a tough, rocky road. But change it we must or not just the U.S. but the world we leave to our children will be a less tolerant, even less safe and certainly a far less healthy place to live.

One thing Americans know is that when we unite and decide together that we can effect change, anything is possible. We, the new voting generation, cannot sit back, resigned to inheriting the future. If we do not become involved, then we deserve to inherit a world where the environment and economic growth are seen as mutually exclusive rather than necessarily supportive, where differences in culture and religion are seen as threats rather than enriching and thereby strengthening society, where our values are degraded and debased as opposed to being the hallmarks of a great society.

For me, it all comes down to a simple question I would ask every young person: In five, ten, fifteen years, do you want to look your son or daughter in the eyes and tell them you were a part of the generation who stepped up to ensure future Americans, future Wiltonians could live a better life? That’s why I’ll be voting this November and every November.

Stephen Blinder

Kaelin–The Right Fit for Board of Finance

To the Editor:

Mike Kaelin is the right fit for the Board of Finance. Mike is a respected attorney with a long and impressive history of public service. Mike has served on the Board of Selectmen, the Charter Commission; the Wilton Library Association Board of Trustees, and the Wilton Chamber of Commerce. He has lived in Wilton with his family since 1993, and in 2015 he and his wife, Carol, were awarded the Distinguished Citizen Award. Mike can make a real difference. His years of experience in Wilton government and community leadership make him uniquely qualified to bring vision, purpose and perspective to the Board of Finance.


Jeffrey M. Miller

Planning and Zoning an Important Vote–Choose Bigosinski, Squitieri and Johnson

To the Editor:

Planning and Zoning is an often overlooked commission but it serves an essential function in laying the groundwork for Wilton’s future. In particular, with the recent completion of the Plan of Conservation and Development, and the start of a Master Plan process for the town, we need people with expertise and experience to carry out the vision and optimize Wilton’s future. The three Democratic candidates have that expertise and experience. Please join me in voting for Rem Bigosinski, Peter Squitieri and Florence Johnson so the important work to build a strong future for Wilton can begin.

Victoria Rossi