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Will Haskell Represents Wilton’s Interests in Hartford, Brings Hartford’s Resources to Wilton

To the Editor:

I support the reelection of State Senator Will Haskell in the 26th District. Will effectively represents Wilton’s interests in Hartford and he knows how to bring Hartford’s resources to Wilton. Last year, during the school regionalization debate, Senator Haskell partnered with other Fairfield County legislators–both Democrat and Republican–to ensure that the threat to our local school autonomy was resolved. More recently, he helped Wilton’s local business community manage the devastating business environment caused by the pandemic. For example, he facilitated an on-line discussion between the local Wilton business community and David Lehman, commissioner of the Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD), providing information about how to reopen business during the pandemic and helping business owners understand the resources available to support that process. Over two days, 1,400 people viewed the virtual discussion.

Will has a rare combination of vision, smarts, an incredible capacity to connect with people of all backgrounds, and a candor tempered with integrity. The 26th Connecticut State Senate District is lucky to have him as their representative. Reelect Will Haskell on Election Day.

Ross Tartell

For Local Control Vote for Kim Healy

To the Editor:

I encourage everyone to read the article appearing in GMW earlier discussing the issue of regional land management. If you favor local control over land management issues I encourage readers to vote for Kim Healy. Wilton is one-plus acre zoned for a reason, not the least of which is that most properties are on both septic and well water. A vote for Kim Healy is a vote to keep local control over land use. I can assure you that her opponent will line up with those in control in Hartford to push through the regional agenda. Do not let anyone tell you it is fear-mongering to oppose having the state take over decisions that should be reserved for local communities. Kim also supports our police and first responders, is concerned about how Connecticut’s high taxes affect you personally as well as business attractiveness in the state, and is in favor of better oversight of utilities among many other things. I encourage you to go to her website and familiarize the differences between her and her opponent.

Warren Serenbetz

Guarantee Safe Ballot Access by Voting for Will Haskell and Stephanie Thomas 

To the Editor:

Please vote for Will Haskell for State Senate and Stephanie Thomas for State House so that everyone in Connecticut is guaranteed safe and secure access to the voting booth. They support no-excuse absentee ballots and other methods to increase participation. Many of their proposals would actually save money, such as online applications for absentee ballots. Haskell and Thomas bring practical, real-world solutions to Connecticut. Vote Haskell and Thomas to ensure your right to vote safely.

Savet Constantine

Thomas Leaves Fear Behind, Focuses on Solutions Instead

To the Editor:

Stephanie Thomas and I share a nerdy love for Dune, a popular science-fiction series. Stephanie’s favorite quote from it is “I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death bringing total obliteration.”

The Republican party platform these days is largely based on fear. Fear of the state overstepping bounds. Fear of people desiring making this country their home. Fear of black and brown people. Fear of women exercising their right to choose. Fear of transgender individuals. Fear, fear, fear. The business of elected leaders is to face that fear and move beyond–to find attainable, forward solutions instead of clinging to the past. To solve the problems constituents fear, instead of fanning the flames. In Dune, the quote goes on saying, “I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me, through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.” Stephanie Thomas is the candidate for our time. I will vote for her in November because she leaves fears behind, focusing on solutions for all residents of Wilton.

Candace Zarr

Local Land Use Control is Precious Asset

To the Editor:

Our state is one of only two without county government. That means our towns retain significant power, now threatened.

Our towns are surely not sovereign. Land use control is derived from state statute. Layered government distances policymakers from facts on the ground. Top-down mandates that overrule or set aside local zoning are error-prone and lead to mediocre results.

Our towns have different characteristics to highlight histories, landforms, cultural artifacts, demography, and economics.

I am not a lawyer, nor a politician. I am an architect with extensive land use planning experience. The prospect of state-controlled land use is truly chilling.

Local zoning can be more innovative, with positive housing impacts. Consider these:

  • Encouraging compact, single-family homes on small parcels
  • Enabling accessory housing as-of-right on larger parcels
  • Building “Twins” and duplexes in town centers
  • Creating choices for seniors beyond elevatored buildings
  • Providing “Affordable” housing other than rental units
  • Incentivizing combined workplaces and living spaces

Who is to say? We the people. Power to zone should stay close to the people. This has become a political divide among local candidates.  In 2020, can’t we agree on this?

Barbara L. Geddis, FAIA

Thomas’ Pragmatism and Leadership

To the Editor:

To meet the needs of all of Connecticut’s citizens, we need experience, compassion, and leadership. That is why we have the ideal candidate for the 143rd legislative district in Stephanie Thomas. I have met Stephanie and listened to her several times. I’m not only impressed with her positions but her positive outlook. Stephanie can get past partisan bickering and do what needs to be done to help everyone. She’s been a leader managing not-for-profit organizations that serve the needs of our most vulnerable citizens. But she is also aware that pragmatism and leadership are qualities needed to serve everyone.

Those broader issues include sensible gun legislation, affordable healthcare, the environment, and fiscal responsibility. She will also champion affordable higher education. That has been the gateway for many people including Stephanie and me. I grew up in public housing and went to an affordable public college. Like many my age, I was able to attend a four-year college mostly on money I earned from summer jobs and part-time work during school. I was not saddled with the burden of thousands of dollars of college debt. Today’s children deserve no less than what I had.

Robert Sabo

Wilton Can Regain Hartford Presence with Healy

To the Editor:

Wilton has had representation in the State Senate and State House for 22 years. This has helped our town retain control over our schools, property, and budgets. It was the 2017 Republican vote in the State Senate that was mainly responsible for requiring full funding of the Rainy-Day account that the Governor now needs.

Make no mistake, Connecticut was in dire financial straits before the pandemic with yearly billion-dollar deficits. The Rainy-Day fund will quickly disappear, leaving another giant budget hole and an economy in shambles.

Wilton has an excellent opportunity to regain its presence in the State Senate with an outstanding local candidate who has the deep knowledge, right skills, and strong character to face the challenges ahead.

Kim Healy is a CPA, Wilton Library’s board treasurer, and was formerly with PWC. She has courageously stepped forward to run for the 26th State Senate seat. We need Kim to help restore fiscal responsibly and common sense in Hartford. I know that she will work hard to protect Wilton and our beautiful State during this turbulent time because she genuinely cares.

Kim Healy is the expert fiscal voice that Harford desperately needs. Please vote for her on Nov. 3!

Toni Boucher

Patrizia Zucaro is Much-Needed Vote for Fiscal Sanity

To the Editor:

It hasn’t gotten much attention lately, but Connecticut ranks near the bottom of all states with regard to unfunded pension liabilities. The Tax Foundation ranks Connecticut #47, with only Illinois, New Jersey, and Kentucky in worse shape. This situation will only improve with smart, fiscal stewardship in Hartford. Patrizia Zucaro is an accomplished attorney committed to getting Connecticut back on track financially. The pandemic dealt a crushing blow to our economy, but ignoring our problems won’t make them go away. Patrizia will be a much-needed vote for fiscal sanity, which is why she’ll have my vote in November.


David W. Belote

Thomas will Fight for Affordable Healthcare

Stephanie Thomas will be proactive on health insurance when she gets to Hartford. She is already insisting that insurers honor their promises and obligations to pay for COVID testing for everyone. That is good for people getting tested, and also good for the rest of us who understand how important it is to quarantine when necessary. At the same time, she is working to lower insurance costs for small business owners (a problem she understands as a long-time small business owner herself). Wilton’s town government saved $600,000 this year by joining with the state’s medical plans! Stephanie wants small businesses to have that same option. Her commitment is to governance not politics – we need doers in Hartford like Stephanie Thomas.

Leslie Holmes

With Takeover of Local Zoning is This Year’s School Regionalization, Zucaro will be Excellent Voice for Wilton

To the Editor:

Gov. Lamont was in Wilton last week, and along with his party’s candidate for the state legislature, spoke about the need to restructure local housing practices. It seems that a state takeover of local zoning control is this year’s school regionalization. We need to ensure we have a voice in Hartford to speak against yet another blatant power grab to force one-size-fits-all solutions to local issues.  Patrizia Zucaro is an attorney with years of property rights experience.  She has come along at exactly the right time and will be an excellent voice for Wilton in Hartford.


Christian M. Bilella