The Wilton Board of Selectmen (BOS) has two open seats on a five-person board. There are three candidates running, and voters can vote for up to two people.

We conducted video interviews with all three BOS candidates. We asked them (roughly) the same questions, although there were some individual follow-ups and special areas we touched on with different candidates. Below, we’ve broken down the interviews, question by question, so you can compare video answers for all the candidates to each question, side-by-side.

Editor’s Note:  On Friday, we published a similar side-by-side comparison of video answers for the Board of Education. Today, we also have a video comparison for the Board of Finance race. 

The candidates, in alphabetical order, (with links to their “Meet the Candidate” pages that include each person’s bio, Op-Ed and complete video interview), are:

Keith Denning (Democrat)
Kim Healy (Republican)
Bas Nabulsi, (Democrat)

Freedom of Information Act Requests

For this race, GOOD Morning Wilton submitted a formal Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to both the Wilton Public School district and the First Selectwoman’s office, requesting copies of any email or mail correspondence from any BOS candidate sent since March 8, 2020, to any town or school official or employee (primarily the office of First Selectwoman Lynne Vanderslice and Wilton Health Director Barry Bogle, the current Board of Education, Superintendent Kevin Smith and building principals) regarding:

  • mask usage or mandates in the Town of Wilton
  • COVID vaccine policy of the Town of Wilton
  • COVID response, including but not limited to town operations, virtual learning, return to standard town operations/school teaching & learning procedures, etc. in the Town of Wilton and Wilton Public Schools

There were no documents found by either town or school officials related to this FOIA request for candidates running for Board of Selectmen.

Copies of the FOIA request emails are embedded at the end of this article.

Video Clips

Q:  What has your experience been in Wilton, and why are you seeking a seat on the BOS?

Q: What have you done to be directly involved already with the town in any way?

Q: Knowing the other candidates’ experience serving the town, why do you deserve someone’s vote?

Q: What are the biggest issues the town faces that you think the Bd. of Selectmen should address?

Q: How did the town handle the COVID pandemic, and do you agree with the approach? Some people thought it was too conservative at times.

Is there any reason that you see to open up the Town Charter?

Editor’s Note:  Kim Healy answered this in response to the question (below) about the idea of a town administrator.

Q: The role of First Selectman or Selectwoman is a full-time job, and often more than that, considering what the town went through with the pandemic. That may limit who can run for that office. It also makes the role more political. What do you think about the concept of a Town Administrator to fulfill the function of administratively managing the town, and then a First Selectman or Selectwoman for the policy and governance role?

Q: How would you go about determining what priorities residents have, especially regarding spending?

Q: How has politics impacted the BOS?

Editor’s note: Kim Healy answered this in the question (above) about a town administrator.

Q:  One of the main issues facing the BOS in the last few years is the difficulty in appointing people to fill vacancies on boards and commissions. Do you think the BOS should look at the number of seats on some and consider reducing them so that they can function better?

Q:  What do you think about the approach to filling those vacancies now, that interested individuals who are registered with a party have to go through the DTC or the RTC. Some people have said that has dissuaded them from applying. Other towns allow people to choose to go through the town committees OR apply directly to the BOS. What do you think about that?

Editor’s Note:  Bas Nabulsi answered this in response to the previous question about the number of seats on boards and commissions.

Q:  What do you think about the proposal to renovate the Police Station, that will come before voters in January?

Editor’s Note: Bas Nabulsi answered this in response to the question (above) about the biggest issues facing the town. 

Q: What do you think about the dome covered indoor sport facility idea?

Q: Budget priorities?

Q: Anything else you’d like to add?

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