On Tuesday, Nov. 2, Wilton will go to the polls and choose from among the many dedicated residents who have stepped forward to volunteer and run for seats on Wilton’s governing boards and commissions.

Each year we publish our policies regarding editorial coverage and advertising for the weeks leading up to the elections. With the start of the Election 2021 season last month, it’s time for us to share these policies and be completely transparent about how GOOD Morning Wilton makes sure to be fair, open and available to the candidates, campaigns and, most importantly, the public.

Elections are important and amazing — they’re at the core of our democracy, especially when you strip away partisanship, rhetoric and divisiveness. GOOD Morning Wilton is excited to cover events in Wilton for another year — our eighth! — and since we definitely want to strip away partisanship, rhetoric and divisiveness, it’s important to be transparent and outline our policies and guidelines for how we’ll cover the elections and work with the candidates and campaigns — and, perhaps most importantly, share what readers need to know in order to participate.

There are multiple ways for residents to take part in the election process, ranging from writing letters to the editor to simply reading what we publish to learn about and closely follow the issues. We’ll be soliciting questions you want to ask candidates as well, and making sure that we find out and report on everything you need to know to make educated decisions in Wilton’s municipal process.

Whatever the need, always feel free to reach out to GOOD Morning Wilton‘s editor and publisher, Heather Borden Herve via email, with questions or to discuss our coverage.