At $2.55 million, 94 Sturges Ridge Rd. was the highest-selling property in the three-week period ending Aug. 5, 2021

Each week the Wilton Town Clerk’s office releases data for the prior week’s real estate transactions.

Returning from a brief hiatus, GOOD Morning Wilton is now reporting on the three-week period from July 16-Aug. 5, 2021. According to Town Clerk Lori Kaback48 properties were transferred to new owners during that time.

In addition to the sustained high pace of closed deals, the price points are noteworthy. Of the 48 recent property transfers:

  • Nearly half (23) were $1 million or more
  • Of those over $1 million, 11 properties were at or above the $1.5 million mark
  • Two properties were well over the $2 million mark, at $2.2 million and $2.55 million

One non-residential property was among the transfers. On July 29, 2021254 Danbury Road, the former site of the Wilton Baptist Church, was sold for $500,000 to a business entity, 254 Danbury Road EAT, LLC.  According to the state of Connecticut business records, the LLC was formed on July 15, 2021, with William D. Earls named as principal.

Earls, a Wilton resident and trustee of the Wilton Historical Society, is an award-winning architect and author of “The Harvard Five in New Canaan: Midcentury Modern Houses by Marcel Breuer, Landis Gores, John Johansen, Philip Johnson, Eliot Noyes”.

GMW was unable to reach Earls for comment before publishing this story.

Important:  Please note the Town Clerk’s report contains limited information. For details, please read the document on file in the Wilton Town Clerk’s office. These land transfer reports are available on the town website.

GMW makes an effort to find current photos, from recent real estate listings, websites such as, or mapping services such as Google Maps. In some cases, photos may be from previous real estate listings, or from town appraisal/land records.

July 16-22, 2021

12 Timber Top Trail: Frank and Michael Bongiorno to Cloud Panda Revocable Trust, for $800,000

20 Comstock Lane: Henry E. Habgood to Dana Claire Wolfson, for $805,000

19 Cobbs Mill Road: Jacob and Tara Lappa to Mary Hohn, for $680,000

21 Woods End Drive: Alan D. and Cynthia Willbee to Osman and Saba Qamar, for $1,225,000

70 Cedar Road: Jesse C. McCollam, Jr., to Michael Jenkins, for $1,070,000

43 Deforest Road: Mark E. and Sharon L. Miskinis to Margit P. Ritz and Nicholas S. Murray, for $1,675,000

356 Newtown Turnpike: 356 Newtown Tpke, LLC, to Leo Cohen and Laura Dias, for $1,000,000

64 Musket Ridge Road: Christopher and Hellen Previte to Daniel P. McKenna and Hannah M. Erdheim, for $769,000

5 Dark Pond Trail: John T. and Julia A. West to Vadim and Nadia Tantsyura, for $941,000

56 Edgewater Drive: 56 Edgewater Drive, LLC, to David and Elizabeth Ferrucci, for $2,200,000

52 Woods End Drive: Gavin William Harvey (TR) to Gabriel Hidalgo and Michelle Visiedo, for $1,450,000

7 Deerfield Road: Brianna W. Howell to Gregory Jackson and Brianna Siegel, for $699,000

37 Saint Johns Road: Eric S. and Lori R. Grossman to Lauren and Mark Tully, for $830,000

24 Bald Hill Road: Charles W. and Sharon K. Lenfest to Chantal Dorthez and Jeremy Crutchley, for $945,000

33 Antler Lane: Jeffrey C. Riecker to Lisa Luther, for $530,000

5 North Wind Lane: Herbert B. Nierporent to Weihua Luo for $1,262,000

52 East Meadow Road: Suzanne C. Wilkins and Sang K. Yu to Kyle Priddle and Laura Leeker, for $1,900,000

202 Chestnut Hill Road: Vincent A. and Denise Sciarretta to Marco and Lesley Ventrella, for $1,990,000

500 Thayer Pond Road: Edward T. and Susan B. Wilson to Suzanne C. Wilkins for $1,015,000

49 Rivergate Drive: Bina Dev to Nicola and Josefina Mitrione, for $585,000

42 Chessor Lane: James Alan and Sharon Joyce Burke to Benjamin and Brianna Howell, for $1,325,000

17 Spectacle Lane: Valeri S. Stillman to Slava Mockova and Richard Servello, Jr., for $775,000

July 23-29, 2021

169 Thunder Lake Road: David J. and Jennifer Ellis McNamara to Jennifer Colgan and [James] Halter, for $960,000

35 Branch Brook Road: Stephen D. and Lisa Fahey to American International Relocation Solutions, for $1,340,000

25 Arrowhead Road: Shevaun Macari (TR) to Sabrina Gibbs, for $585,000

123 Thunder Lake Road: Warren H. Seper to John F. and Holly H. Curtis, for $970,000

117 Spectacle Lane: Michael J. Bilby and Arlyn G. Young to Jonathan and Rhiannon Nakano, for $775,000

108 Old Belden Hill Road: Elizabeth P. Goodwin to Matthew and Claire Landry, for $1,482,500

July 30-Aug. 5, 2021

464 Nod Hill Road: Paul Tevrow Sinclaire to Jody Kaye Rosen (TR), for $1,500,000

69 Catalpa Road: Jeffrey W. and Kristine L. Jarrett to BGRS Relocation, Inc., for $1,310,000

212 Thayer Pond Road: Dwight P. and Nevine F. Michaels to Jonathan and Carolyn Cayode Gorman, for $875,000

51 Black Alder Lane: Thomas H. and Carolyn B. Storrier to Spencer and Kristen Robinson, for $1,550,000

39 Grumman Avenue: Philip P. and Caitlin N. Hiatrides to David Aitchison and Agnes Puyraud, for $805,000

85 Scarlet Oak Drive: Robert N. and Olinda P. Rouleau to David Scott Prebut and Susan Spencer, for $1,530,000

76 Borglum Road: Michael J. Mistretta to Andreas Koutras (TR) et al, for $1,590,000

84 Pine Ridge Road: Lynn and Paul Martines, Jr., to Thomas J. Deloia (TR) et al, for $1,275,000

93 Westport Road: Sarah E. Pfisterer and Patrick A. Hilsabeck to Daniel Snyder and Meghan Anthony, for $625,000

20 Banks Drive: Natalia and Thomas White, III, to Ryan Francis and Lyubov Dsouza, for $1,625,000

114 Old Belden Hill Road, Norwalk (small portion of property over the Wilton line): Gary Guiser to Marek Stawunski, for $1,670

94 Sturges Ridge Road: Ellen M. Judelson to Mary Beth McFadden and Shanon V. Levenherz, for $2,550,000

68 Saint Johns Road: Bryan K. Beatty and Yobing Cai to Philip and Caitlin Hiatrides, for $1,150,000

11 Thistle Lane: David B. Weinberg and Donna J. Thomson to Oleksandr Ierenkov and Merziye Vadzhypova, for $750,000

31 Village Walk: Jorge and Leda Mejia to Michael R. Mancusi, for $300,000

651 Nod Hill Road: James D. and Ellen Elizabeth Utterback to Juan F. Conde, for $925,000

17 Wilton Hills: Kaushal Ajitabh and Chetna Sharan to Adam D. Stolpen, for $815,000

31 Chestnut Hill Road: Sharon and John Morin to Brianna Frey and Joseph Graef, for $799,000

5 Deerfield Road: Anthony and Anthony P. Goncalves to Gregory Trautman and Adrianne Crawford, for $1,495,000