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Unaffiliated Voter for Davies, Ely & Low:  Look at Bd. of Education Candidates’ Actions, Not Just Words

To the Editor:

Our kids and schools are Wilton’s most important assets. As an Unaffiliated voter evaluating BOE candidates’ contributions (not simply their words), Nicola Davies, Pam Ely, and Debbie Low earn my vote.

Nicola is an insightful, action-oriented parent volunteer. When she identified a need for more STEM offerings, she brought Odyssey of the Mind to Cider Mill and Middlebrook schools. Nicola seeks and amplifies constituent voices whether gathering and incorporating student input on the 8th-grade dinner dance or sharing parent feedback on a curriculum committee. She’s contributed to the district in many ways — including each school PTA, various committees, Music Boosters, and even as a substitute teacher.

Pam spent her Children’s Day School career serving Wilton’s youngest learners and their families, including mine. When we needed help navigating special services, Pam was amazing — even attending our first PPT to support us.

Incumbent BOE Chair Debbie is a deeply knowledgeable, fiscally responsible career educator focused on serving all our kids.

Nicola, Pam and Debbie complement the existing board members (three parents), bringing expertise and insight otherwise unrepresented. For responsive, skilled leadership with proven commitment to education and all our community’s children, Nicola, Pam and Debbie are the clear choice.

Kim Hall

Frank Bria an “Ideal Candidate for Bd. of Finance”

To The Editor:

I have the pleasure of reaching out on behalf of an ideal candidate for the Wilton Board of Finance, Frank Bria. I have known Frank and his family for several years as our two sons are classmates and fellow Cub Scouts.

In the time that I have known Frank, he has shown a tremendously selfless commitment to leading our scout troops and is a genuine, caring man. He has an ease about him and a wonderfully devoted and collaborative character. Frank has shown a strong work ethic and unwavering integrity while being involved locally and working to improve our community. I have great confidence in Frank’s mission to invest in the school district of Wilton and ensure efficient use of our town’s tax dollars. Frank understands the value of growing the town’s Grand List to reduce the mill rate and the subsequent value that provides in addition to maintaining Wilton’s strong credit rating. Frank has also shown a dedication to the environment and preserving our natural surroundings.

Wilton is an amazing family town and Frank is a shining example of the community.


Erik Bailey

Kim Healy will Bring Strong Financial Background and Level Head to Board of Selectmen

To the Editor:

I wanted to share my thoughts on why Kim Healy is an excellent choice for the Board of Selectmen (BOS). As a devoted member of our community, a mother, a homeowner, and a person who cares deeply about Wilton, Kim will bring a strong financial background and level head to Wilton’s BOS.

Since moving to Wilton in 2008, Kim has held leadership positions and volunteered for a variety of Wilton institutions including the Wilton Library, Wilton Youth Council and Minks to Sinks. She brings a strong sense of community and a solid understanding of Wilton’s budget and operations to the position.

Please join me in supporting Kim Healy for Board of Selectmen.

Tracy Scarfi

Kim Healy:  Strong, Proactive and Deeply Involved Community Member

To the Editor:

I’d like to share my strong support of Kim Healy for the Wilton Board of Selectmen.

Kim is a strong, proactive and deeply involved member of this community who has always demonstrated superior leadership, openness to varying viewpoints, and championed issues and positions that are in the best interest of our town and its residents. I applaud Kim’s steadfast commitment to preserving and promoting independent decision-making for Wilton because local control contributes to strong property values and high-performing schools.  Additionally, her focus on cultivating and improving Wilton’s economy to support and attract local businesses and a healthy commercial tax base is key to our town’s long-term health, while making room for our ability to maintain and invest in needed amenities including our natural resources such as Merwin Meadows, Schenck’s Island, and the NRVT. At the heart of it all, Kim believes in the power of community, one in which we can all share in a sense of belonging, inclusion, and well-being.

I hope you will join me in supporting Kim Healy for the Board of Selectmen on Nov 2.


Jennifer Kendra

History, Education, Financial Acumen and Civic Compassion Make Matt Raimondi Uniquely Qualified for Board of Finance

To the Editor:
Wiltonians soon will have a chance to elect to the Board of Finance a young man whose history, education, financial acumen, and civic compassion make him uniquely qualified to shepherd our town to a bright future. I speak, of course, of Matt Raimondi. Matt grew up in Wilton (WHS, ’08), graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, and pursued a career in finance, becoming the youngest vice president in his firm’s history. He now sits on the boards of several businesses, providing budgetary and financial oversight.

That’s a remarkable career, but it’s only half Matt’s story. While in high school, Matt founded two non-profits at Wilton retirement homes and now is a board member of two organizations that provide care to children with autism. He also serves on the board of Sherwood Island State Park and on Wilton’s Economic Development Commission.

Full disclosure: Matt and his wife Kristen are our neighbors — my wife Joyce and I could ask for none better. Matt will preserve Wilton’s top-rated schools, improve town infrastructure, protect property values by maintaining a reasonable mill rate, and promote fiscal responsibility and prudent spending. There’s no better person to serve on Wilton’s Board of Finance. Vote for Matt Raimondi!

James W. Seymore

Tara Pagano, Justin Anderson and Chris Gardner for Boards of Appeals — Each is Important to Wilton

To the Editor:

Wilton is blessed to have three exceptional candidates for the Boards of Appeals. These candidates are talented, hardworking and diverse. Tara Pagano, Justin Anderson and Chris Gardner are the very best people running for the Boards of Appeals. Let’s consider how important each of them is to the town of Wilton. Tara Pagano is a Wilton native, mother of four and an unaffiliated voter with a long history of volunteer work in Wilton. She served admirably on the boards of Trackside Teen Center and ABC Wilton. Justin is a handyman who moved to Wilton from England many years ago. He used his skillset to start the Wilton Handyman business after the downturn in the economy in 2008. He is passionate about serving the local community and is a true Wiltonian. Chris Gardener is a pillar of the community who has been a small business owner in Wilton for many years and a Constable since 1984. Chris helped to found the Community Emergency Response Team, known to most as CERT. These are great candidates with long histories of volunteering and commitment to Wilton.

Please support them and all the candidates found on row B.

Joe Burke

Stewart Koenigsberg, Rich Santosky, Monty Du and Matthew Raimondi Understand Need to Keep Wilton Financially Strong

To the Editor:

Having served on the Board of Finance for many years and knowing what qualifications and experience are required to be an effective board member, I recommend re-electing Stewart Koenigsberg and electing Richard Santosky, Monty Du and Matthew Raimondi on Nov. 2.

Stewart, as a former GE Company Officer, career senior financial executive, CEO/CFO and board member of public, private and non-profit enterprises, has brought significant depth and insights to the BOF for four years. His efforts and thoughtful evaluation of issues has, and will be, critical as the BOF faces significant turnover.

In addition, I have met with the three new candidates — Richard, Monty and Matthew —  and been impressed by their experience, depth of financial and managerial capability and willingness to do the challenging work that being on the Board of Finance requires.

All of these candidates understand the need to keep Wilton’s finances strong and preserve the Town’s triple-A credit rating from Moody’s. All are keenly aware of the financial burden of Wilton’s taxpayers and respect the need to balance high-quality services with what the taxpayers can afford. They are deserving of your consideration for the Board of Finance.


Jeffrey Rutishauser

Jess Christ — Mother of Three with Vested Interest in Seeing Wilton Maintain and Improve Excellent Schools

To the Editor:

Jess Christ is a mother of three school-aged children with a vested interest in seeing Wilton maintain and improve its excellent schools. We are writing in support of Jess Christ for the Board of Education. Jess is a mother of three school-aged children who believes in the excellent education Wilton affords its students. Jess’ family, like ours, moved here for the educational assets Wilton provides. We know Jess is passionate and driven to represent her constituents if she was to be elected to the Board of Education. Jess will be a strong advocate for early literacy programs, excellence in the classroom and will hold our administrators responsible for improvements to our curriculum that elevates the learning experiences in our schools. Jess Christ has our strong endorsement, and we encourage you to vote for her on Nov. 2.

Kiki and George Cross

Rare to Have Opportunity to Elect Someone of Debbie Lowe’s Skill, Talent and Character, for Bd. of Education

To the Editor:

As a former member of Wilton’s Board of Education, Board of Finance, and Board of Selectmen, I’ve known, worked with, and admired Debbie Low in her various capacities as teacher, administrator and board member since she first came here to Wilton. Her experience, credentials and accomplishments have truly earned Debbie four more years as a member of the Wilton Board of Education.

As BOE Chair for the past two years, at every turn, she has led her colleagues in an entirely non-partisan fashion through one of the most difficult and challenging periods ever faced in our schools. Under her leadership, the Board helped manage a safe and successful year for students, teachers and staff; advocated for reasonable budgets that addressed both the academic and social-emotional needs of our children; and at the same time revised the Board’s Strategic Plan that will continue to guide Wilton schools and prepare Wilton graduates as lifelong learners and future citizens.

Rarely do we have an opportunity to elect someone of Debbie’s skill, talent and character to public office. I am truly proud to support Debbie for a second term on Wilton’s Board of Education. Please join me in voting for Debbie Low on Nov. 2.

Richard J. Dubow

Lisa Pojano is For the People

To the Editor:

When I was growing up, my mom would teach me and my little brother about our nation’s history, explaining to us that our nation is a “government by the people and for the people.” She always encouraged me to volunteer, to hopefully become an involved member of the local community I have come to know, love, and be proud of. My mom knows the importance of doing right by one another and being there for them.

She knows the power of government is derived from its people and that it is the duty of its elected officials to serve their fellow man. That is why I am voting for my mom, Lisa Pojano, for a second term as a Town of Wilton Constable.

Dylan Pojano
Wilton High School Class of 2019

None More Qualified for Board of Finance than Monty Du

To the Editor:

Mangtao Du, known by his nickname ‘Monty,’ is one of Wilton’s true treasures.  He is an ivy-league trained engineer who is a principal and board member of his company, showing that the American dream is alive and well for immigrants moving here from oppressive regimes for a better life. He is a caring father who stands up for what he believes in, which is keeping Wilton on a sound financial footing and maintaining local control of town affairs. He is a man of carefully selected words that show his common sense and reason. There are none I would consider more qualified for the Board of Finance than Monty Du.

Monty exemplifies the quality and richness of the Row B slate of candidates. Like the rest of the Row B candidates, he isn’t engaging in negative campaigning against other candidates, choosing instead the honorable path of focusing on how he will help Wilton to not only remain a great town but improve and prepare for the future. Please join me in voting for Monty for the Board of Finance, and then vote for his Republican and Unaffiliated compatriots on Row B.


Hella McSweeney

Jared Martin’s Critical Thinking will Improve the Bd. of Education

To the Editor:

I am writing this letter to provide my enthusiastic endorsement and support of Jared Martin for the Board of Education.

As a Wilton homeowner with three children in our schools, I realize the importance of having strong, vested representation in governing our schools. I moved to Wilton in 2015 because of our schools and believe Jared Martin is an excellent BOE candidate to further our school’s progress in the years to come. Jared is both a neighbor and friend, and like me, has multiple children within the Wilton school system.

Our school board needs an injection of new ideas to further strengthen our town’s educational approach. Jared has the ideas, motivation, and wherewithal to make a difference. I trust his understanding of the challenges our schools face and am confident that he will work hard to improve all aspects of our children’s education.

In life, Jared is always willing to lend a hand. His insightfulness on a wide array of topics provides me confidence he possesses the critical thinking necessary to improve how the BOE addresses its mandates.

As our school system attempts to prepare our children for life challenges, I wholeheartedly recommend Jared Martin to serve on the BOE.


Jonathan Quick

Sandra Arkell and Frank Bria Bring Competence and Qualifications Needed to Finance Board to Keep Wilton Strong and Fiscally Prudent

To the Editor:

Wilton is lucky that Democrats Sandra Arkell and Frank Bria are running for Wilton’s Board of Finance. Sandra is an incumbent and draws on her professional experience as Principal Accounting Officer of Mastercard. She is part of the current team (majority Democrat!) that reduced Wilton’s mill rate by 3.77% in 2020. Her running mate, Frank Bria, is equally qualified to serve on our Board of Finance. He is a Senior Vice President at Gen Re, a leading reinsurance company. Sandra and Frank bring the competence and qualifications we need to keep Wilton strong and fiscally prudent. Join me in voting for them.

Valerie Rosenson

Kim Healy Has Experience and Credentials Wilton Needs on Board of Selectmen

To the Editor:

Please vote Kim Healy to the Board of Selectmen. Kim Healy has the experience and credentials Wilton needs on our BOS. A thoughtful individual, Kim values service to others. She has volunteered for local organizations including Minks to Sinks and the Wilton Youth Council among others. Our community has been served well as she has worked tirelessly for the Wilton Library Board as its treasurer, Finance Committee secretary and chair. Kim’s service to others also includes volunteering as tax preparer for AARP and others in Wilton’s senior community. She currently serves on the Wilton Conservation Commission, showing her depth of experience. Kim’s professional expertise as a former Certified Public Account and auditor at Price Waterhouse Coopers will be of great value to the BOS. Kim is a professional and is well aware of the challenges a small town like Wilton faces in regards to zoning, budgets, education and taxes. She will make honest, ruminative decisions considering the well-being of all Wiltonians. Please support and vote Kim Healy for BOS. Thank you,

Rick Tomasetti

Koenigsberg, Du, Santosky and Raimondi will Do Terrific Job for Wilton with Strong Oversight and Monitoring

To the Editor:

I am writing to GOOD Morning Wilton to lend my voice on the upcoming elections. As we know, all politics is local and I would recommend Wiltonites to tune out the noise from the federal level and focus on the local issues. The Board of Finance requires strong expertise, the ability to provide oversight, and prudent fiscal management. I am a firm believer in the axiom that every dollar needs to be spent thoughtfully as if it were your own. The candidates below have deep expertise. For example Stewart Koenigsberg was the CFO of GE Real Estate finance. I strongly believe the Board of Finance team of Stewart Koenigsberg, Monty Du, Rich Santosky, and Matt Raimondi will do a terrific job for Wiltonians by providing strong oversight and effective monitoring. A big part of Wilton is the schools and I would also strongly endorse Jared Martin and Jess Christ to continue the local control of schools and channeling spending on the right initiatives.

Your[s] sincerely,

Shri Seshan