Wilton Registrars of Voters will be performing an official recount in two municipal election races where results were close — very close.

  • In the race between four candidates for three full-term (4-year) seats on the Board of Finance, there was a 12-vote difference between the third-place finisher, Democrat Sandra Arkell (2,722 votes) and Republican Mangtao “Monty” Du (2,710 votes).
  • In the race for Constable, with six candidates vying for five spots, there was a 19-vote difference between Democrat Dick Ziegler (2,343 votes) in fifth place and Republican Peter Wrampe (2,324 votes) right behind Ziegler.

Connecticut state statutes allow for a recount if the difference between a winning candidate and a defeated candidate is 20 votes or less.

“The Republicans have exercised their statutory right to request a recount in two races where the difference between a winning Democratic candidate and losing Republican candidate was less than 20 votes,” explained Registrar of Voters Karen Birck.

The laws also require that the recount be completed within five business days of the election. Birck said the recount will take place Monday, Nov. 8 at Comstock Community Center (180 School Rd.) at 10:30 a.m.

While he’s also one of the candidates impacted by the recount, Wrampe provided GOOD Morning Wilton with a comment about the recount in his function as RTC chairman, and pointed out that a recount is actually required by law in such a close-vote situation, unless the defeated candidate waives the right to a recount.

“We believe this statutory requirement is a prudent one. We do not expect that there are any irregularities, and we believe Wilton’s town clerk and registrars to be absolutely first-rate,” Wrampe said in his statement, adding, “Like Democrats in Bethel and Fairfield, and Republicans in West Haven, we are supportive of recounts from the races on Tuesday to which this law applies.”

His counterpart at the Democratic Town Committee, Chair Tom Dubin, supported the RTC’s move.

“Two of Tuesday’s races were very close and we think it is reasonable for the RTC and their candidates to request recounts. We are not aware of any irregularities in Tuesday’s voting and we have no reason to doubt that Wilton’s Registrars will handle the recount professionally and accurately,” Dubin said, although he added he expects nothing will change.

“We expect that the recount will confirm that following Tuesday’s voting Democrats are evenly split with Republicans on the Board of Finance, along with our new majority on the Board of Education.”

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  1. It’s a shame that recounts requested by Republicans here, (where reasonably close votes justify the verification), and everywhere else in our country are all tainted by the corrosive antics of the Republican Party at large in the Presidential election. They are the party that cries “Wolf”. As an independent, I’m past dismayed and angered every time I hear this.

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