Letters to the Editor: “Why Freedom of the Press is Enshrined within First Amendment”

The Value of Good Local Journalism that Goes Beyond the Minimum

To the Editor:

I commend GMW for their elections reporting, specifically with respect to their seeking and releasing public candidate correspondence with the town through the Freedom of Information Act request. This information — as well as inflammatory social media posts that relate to the position they seek — is absolutely fair game and gives us voters “real world” information about the candidates that goes beyond glossy, prepared statements. Those who deem this “irresponsible” don’t seem to understand the FOIA, or the value of good local journalism that goes beyond the minimum — especially now, when local press is an endangered species. Keep it up GMW.

Matt Brand

The Free Press’ Essential Role in Our Society

To the Editor:

Comments about bias in local reporting from candidates and elected officials who are disappointed in electoral results really miss the point about the role of a free press in American life. There is a reason why freedom of the press is enshrined within the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights in the U.S. Constitution that forbids making any law that abridges it.

I can understand candidates being concerned about the airing of positions they’ve taken in the past that may not be ones they want to live with now with the light of public scrutiny rightly shining upon them as they seek to persuade voters to elect them to public office. But that is exactly what we rely on a free press for, and providing information on candidates for public office is a key part of the free press’ essential role in our society.

In interviews of the candidates — especially for the Board of Education where differing policy positions can be foundational to the vitality of a central town resource — the ability to address those issues and to allow the candidates to speak fully about their current views even as they are presented with their own past words to either explain or now disavow is crucial to properly informing the electorate. That is exactly what a free press should be doing, and we are very fortunate to have that free press as a key local resource.


Steve Hudspeth


  1. Free press is great. I don’t think anyone was complaining about a free press. Just the cynicism Heather has when she does an attack job on a Republican candidate days before the election while wrapping herself in the cloak of neutrality. Shes done it in the last three elections.

    • A point of clarification: We contacted the RTC several weeks prior to the elections with questions about the facebook posts we’ve covered. We requested an interview at the time with the candidate whose Facebook posts were mentioned. They declined to allow us to ask questions directly. We asked the questions at our first possible chance — the candidate interview. We provided as much opportunity and open air time for answers. We presented what we found — not as an individual story, with no salacious headline… just part of the interview. We’ve explained why the questions were worthy of being asked of candidates asking to have oversight of Wilton’s largest $80mm budget item with statutory implications. That’s not attack, that’s reporting.

    • Mr. Farrah,
      Can you please extrapolate on your comment specifically what you mean by cynicism and attack job? I guess I don’t understand what you may refer to and would appreciate a clearer understanding of your comment. Can you also comment about the why the OK sign was OK to post on Stephanie Thomas’ instagram account? I think the readers would appreciate your explaining why the Dems are just woke.
      Keith Denning

  2. I just hope the BOE and all school employees reject any and all CRT teaching. It’s inherently racist and perpetuates divisiveness. I also hope GMW shares this perspective and eagerly reports on any lapses should they occur.

    • Ed, we’ll continue to report on what the schools are doing. Could you tell us what you think CRT is and why you think it might be being taught in Wilton?

      • Great question Mrs. Herve and I am looking forward to hearing what the fine gentleman answers. I would like to get in on the conversation but feel that first Mr. Papp should give us thorough response on which a good conversation can be grounded. I’m interested.

    • Ed, Please provide your definition of CRT and why you believe it is inherently racist and divisive. More importantly, why are you asking the Wilton BOE and all school employees to reject something that is not being taught or even discussed in any high school in America?

  3. I do not know if CRT is being taught in Wilton or if any school employees are advocates. I’m just saying I hope it will be avoided, but I also hope GMW (and others) will promptly report it should it occur. Simply stated, CRT pits one race against others! Thanks

    • Ed, It’s obvious that you don’t know anything about CRT or you would have answered the questions by providing your definition. Since you don’t know anything about and don’t want to learn what CRT means I’ll leave you to your own unfounded beliefs. I won’t waste any time trying to clarify something for someone who refuses to be open minded!

    • Mr. Papp,
      So to don’t know if CRT is being taught and you are unfamiliar with the curriculum yet you do t want it. May I ask if teachers can tell students that Presidents Washington and Jefferson owned slaves?

      With great interest,
      Keith Denning

  4. Keith & Franney, I refer you to the Internet for a definition of CRT…you’ll see a multitude of definitions and examples. Pick your own poison but do try to read opposing views. It’s evident to many that CRT influenced the recent Virginia election. I was stunned to hear lefties accuse the winning republican assistant governor of being a “Uncle Tom “… she is an accomplished woman who happens to be black.
    To infer that our founding leaders and documents are somehow bogus because some owned slaves is sad. General Lee freed his family’s slaves but they still tore down his statues. Democrats were notorious slavery advocates throughout our history. Many believe that party would fall apart if they stopped blowing on racial embers. Many believe the democrat party agenda is divisive for this reason and CRT is simply a new buzzword to perpetuate divisiveness. I’m a product of a multicultural environment so I know first hand of the resentment stoked by democrat policies. Read some of Biden’s quotes to better understand where he stands on the issue. Recall Patrick Moniyhan (sp?) conclusion on racial divisiveness “benign neglect” instead of blowing on embers. Also and essentially, understand America is the most successful and racially diverse nation in history. We should all be proud of that. Why do so many want to emigrate here…regards

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