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  1. I find Bob Carney’s letter pretty offensive. Surely he does not feel a vote for Toni or Kim is a vote for HATE and against our country’s future ! Has he met these incredibly impressive, bright and thoughtful women ?? Bob should apologize immediately to them and to the many other citizens who have thrown their hat into the ring to help serve Wilton and Fairfield County! Perhaps his son, nieces and nephews would prefer to speak and Vote for themselves – rather than be backed into a corner by an angry relative who had an unfortunate seat mate on a recent flight. Perhaps, Bob, change starts by raising the level of discourse. Teach your son, nephew and nieces that !! Folks can disagree without being disagreeable. Thankfully there are wonderful candidates to choose from like Kim and Toni !
    Jonathan Woods

  2. Bob,
    I truly appreciate your comments, especially calling out offensive, dangerous and open racism and anti-semitism. I believe we do have the Local “Liz Cheney’s” in Toni Boucher and Kim Healy who are both pro-choice, socially moderate, and against the ridiculous election result denial. As a socially moderate and fiscally conservative Republican, I like Republican fiscal policies but abhor Trump and his minions’ unethical behavior and actions. His following includes people who largely agree with Republican policies but tolerate Trump because they believe that many left wing segments of the Democrats to be similarly or more offensive…anti-police, pro-criminal, too aligned with Special interest municipal unions, socialists for redistribution of all wealth, and, actually, to your story, anti-semitic, etc. Your story about open anti semitism on the plane could have been Democrats like Rashida Tlaib, Ihlan Omar or NY Nets hack Kyrie Irving, all well known Democrat anti-semites, or a Republican like Kanye or any offensive birdbrain racist anti-Semite. I believe that local politics in our district do not fit the narrative formulated by the advertising agencies. All candidates on both sides of the aisle here are pro choice and thoroughly against the ridiculous anti democracy leanings of the right or left leaning fascists and liars about election result denial. I agree with your concerns but I found some of the Democrat campaign advertising offensive when they suggested that Toni and Kim are part of some group of anti-choice, “MAGA” election denying, socially reprehensible right wing Republicans. That’s offensive because they are a complete fabrication, and has no place in Wilton either. Candidates should be judged based on their qualifications, abilities and positions. To have candidates lie about their opponents and have local Democrat party support in doing so is precisely what Liz Cheney was fighting against, so the local Democrats have some work to do. This too, should not be tolerated.

  3. Jonathan, why do republicans think they can fly the republican banner and wave it with pride and not be associated with the insurrection? And why do they not admit without reservation that there is no widespread voter fraud? Offensive? That is what is offensive. I am running for office because it is time for Americans to come together and deny these Trumpist ways and make out country strong together. To not condemn is to condone and in your letter you once again deflect the point. Be the patriot Liz Cheney is and you would not be offended.

  4. Thank you Bob for sharing your experience to help shed light on the rising level of hate and extremist Republican party rhetoric being trumpeted across the country. It is, unfortunately, creeping into our own community. Don’t think it’s happening right here in Wilton? Just this morning I brought my disabled, wheelchair-bound sister from her home at Ogden House to vote. We stopped by the Republican candidates table outside Middlebrook and asked the gentleman manning the table how Toni Boucher and Kim Healy might work, if elected, to help my sister. During our 15 minute discussion, the Republican volunteer somehow worked into the conversation his belief that teachers “indoctrinate” children and “Hunter Biden.” As I logged onto Instagram a few minutes later, I saw the Wilton RTC had posted a picture stating “Democrats are Insane” as well as yesterday’s repost stating democrats deliver on fentanyl deaths, grooming our children, CRT and a senile President. I have not once heard either Kim Healy or Toni Boucher denounce the hateful speech coming from their own party leaders right here in Wilton, or request that the Wilton RTC stop posting negative and inflammatory messages. Healy and Boucher’s silence speaks volumes. The MAGA mentality is alive and well in Wilton. We deserve better. Vote blue.

  5. Offensive? I’m sorry, but I’ve lived long enough to see things that are really offensive. And one of the worst was a defeated President attempting to overturn an election in United States of America. Republicans who have stood publicly against him, Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger among them, are few and far between. I’ve heard nothing from Kim or Toni on the subject. (And the state party has run a man for Secretary of the State who joined Trump’s denial.) So while I respect their sincerity, I think they, like many Republicans, are afraid of Donald Trump and his movement, and there are consequences to that fear and inaction, one being the encouragement of those with similar agendas, and the resulting damage to our democracy.

  6. It is laughable to think that Toni Boucher is afraid of Donald Trump !! And shows your ignorance of our local candidates ! You continue to press your disregard for these public servants – which is fine I guess, you can own that, but don’t make your son, nephews and nieces!! Please – stop and think – and realize you owe Toni & Kim both an apology for your rant. And perhaps choose a different airline next time. One can disagree without being disagreeable…

  7. We have many good Republicans in town, people I voted for in the past as a Democrat. In hindsight to our recent local election, the RTC failed to handle local social media properly. Wilton has 2 local pages. One has a following of of over 7,500 and the RTC used that site for pre-election media. The only problem is that the sponsor of that site is somewhat very MAGA and election denier slanted. The use of that site potentially cost the Republicans votes. If the RTC can take Toni’s gracious and highly professional concession call to Ceci and use that as base zero, you will be back. But your use of social media was untethered and in some cases became unhinged.

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