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The following letter is from the Wilton League of Women Voters‘ organizers of the Wilton candidate debates held on Tuesday, Oct. 25. It has not been counted as part of our maximum of 15 letters published this week.

Gratitude and Thanks from League of Women Voters

To the Editor:

Following the debates between the candidates running for State Assembly offices, the Wilton League of Women Voters would like to extend our deep appreciation to everyone who made it possible:

To our wonderful co-sponsors, the Wilton Library and GOOD Morning Wilton; to Stamford League member Marianne Pollak who served as moderator; to our tireless League volunteers; to the candidates running for State Representative (Keith Denning and Kim Healy) and for State Senator (Toni Boucher and Ceci Maher); and to all the Wilton constituents who submitted questions, joined us in the Brubeck room audience or tuned in virtually: thank you. Thank you for your time, your attention, your thoughtfulness and your civil participation in a traditional hallmark of democracy.

Tina Gardner, Wilton LWV Convener
Anna Marie Bilella, Wilton LWV Voter Services
Pam Klem, Wilton LWV Voter Services

The following election-related letters to the editor were received in the past week. GMW received more than the maximum number of letters (15) we are able to publish.

Intern:  Ceci Maher will Go to Bat for Us in State Senate

To the Editor:

The first time I met Ceci Maher was in early June of this year when my friend Mario Cavone and I were scheduled to go door-knocking with her. She pulled into the parking lot of the Wilton CVS, parked her car, and with an emphatic wave opened her door and hopped out to introduce herself.

She then invited us to hop in her white Subaru Crosstrek and, despite my insistence that we could both just sit in the backseat given the clutter of the front, she jokingly exclaimed, “What am I, your chauffeur,” and proceeded to clear her passenger seat of CDs and dog treats intended for her two pups.

She then notified us of the cooler containing bottled water that she had packed from home, and manning the stick shift of the Crosstrek we were off.

In the months since first meeting her, Ceci has taught, listened to, and mentored me. She treats everyone with respect, regardless of disposition, and genuinely cares about people as evidenced by her non-profit experience. Ceci has always gone to bat for me, and when she is elected, Ceci will go to bat for us in the State Senate.

Jason Sherrick

Intern: Ceci Maher is “Best Candidate, Great Friend and Mentor”

To the Editor:

As an intern, Ceci Maher has not only been a bright spot for my summer but has made me think completely differently about politics. Her completely open personality not only makes her the best candidate for [State Senator], but she has been a great friend, mentor, and companion during this long, hot summer.

One of my most telling memories of Ceci is not my favorite, but I think it will provide valuable insight to voters. It was crunch time, and my National Honors Society application was soon due. I left the letter of recommendation for last, which was definitely not the smartest choice. With the deadline approaching, I needed someone to write my letter of recommendation, and of course, my first choice was Ceci. However, it was in a very tight time span, so I knew that I might not be able to get it from her. I texted her all the information she needed, as well as some messages hoping for her forgiveness. All Ceci texted me was, “call me please.” Ceci, being Ceci, finished my letter of recommendation, but made sure to tell me to:

“Please, never make anyone else do this again. Promise me.”

“I promise Ceci.”

Mario Cavone

Kim Healy, a Friend and Neighbor Who’ll Represent All Wilton Voices

To the Editor:

I am very happy to support my friend Kim Healy to be Wilton’s state representative in Hartford. I have known Kim for a long time and have always admired her work ethic and commitment to Wilton. Kim is not running as a politician but as a friend and neighbor who wants to represent all Wilton voices at a time when we really need someone in our corner. As a member of the Wilton Board of Education, I have appreciated Kim’s proactive approach to sharing how decisions made in Hartford will impact Wilton as well as her work and transparency in responding to the BOE’s requests for information, which Kim has gone above and beyond in addressing. I strongly support Kim and hope others will, too.

Jennifer Lalor

Toni Boucher will Represent All of Us, Not a Political Agenda

To the Editor:

I am writing to express my enthusiastic and proud support for my friend and neighbor, Toni Boucher for state senate. Contrary to her opponent’s pervasive, habitual negativity — which consumed her campaign of unfair and misleading attacks — many of us know Toni to be a genuine, local leader who deeply cares about our community and all her constituents. Toni has forged a path of reason and thoughtfulness through many difficult issues and manages this with grace and a positive, forward-thinking mindset. Toni has all the right experience and heartfelt concern for voters, and unlike her opponent, Toni will represent all of us and not a political agenda.

Bill Lalor

Voting for Democrats, who will “Protect and Fight for Civil Rights of My Children”

To the Editor:

As a mother of daughters, sons and members of the LGBTQ+ community, I will be voting for Democratic candidates across-the-board in this coming election.

I am going to vote in my children’s best interests. With my vote, I am asking Democrats in state and national office to do their best to curtail gun violence, create policies that are forward-thinking to solve climate change, and promote economic policies that better the quality of living for all, not just people in my own community. But most importantly I am compelled strongly to vote for Democrats so that they may continue to protect and fight for the civil rights of my children. Equal access to voting, bodily anatomy and privacy, the right to marry who they choose and access to healthcare, these are all rights that need vigilant protections.

I am voting Row A. Please consider doing the same.

Elizabeth O’Connell

Kim Healy, Toni Boucher & Jayme Stevenson — What Wilton and CT Need Right Now

To the Editor:

Kim Healy, Toni Boucher, and Jayme Stevenson are just what Wilton and Connecticut need right now. Across the board, they are sensible, intelligent, and have excellent experience in both business and government. They are women that all of us can proudly point out to our daughters as role models, and whom we would truly trust with the future of our town and our state on the line. Rather than supporting false attack ads and knowingly lying about their opponents’ intentions, they are focusing on what constituents actually care about. Imagine that — honesty and integrity in politics!

Kim and Toni will help get Connecticut moving in the right direction — our bottom-of-the-barrel status in terms of economic growth, business formation, and out-migration are scary — while also making sure the great things we all treasure about Wilton are not eroded by greedy bureaucrats in Hartford. Jayme will be one the few moderates in Congress, and will actually provide us with a representative with courage and independence rather than a rubber stamp.

No matter your party affiliation, I urge you to join me in voting for Kim, Toni, and Jayme. Do it for Wilton, do it for Connecticut.

Jake Lubel

With State ‘Headed Towards Disaster,’ CT Needs Experience of Toni Boucher and Kim Healy

To the Editor:

The USS Connecticut continues to sail headlong into a perfect storm! Would you want inexperienced ensigns in command? Or would you want highly experienced officers on the bridge?

Well, our beautiful state continues towards disaster. Our financial, employment, local control of Planning and Zoning, local control of schools, and overall perspectives are in peril.

Now is not the time for inexperienced ensigns to learn through trial and error! We need our highly experienced Toni Boucher and Kim Healy to be part of the team that is going to turn our ship around, help correct our course and come out of the mess the Democrats created in Hartford over the past decades through effectively one-party rule.

I continue to be taken aback as their opponents try to influence Wiltonians with blatant, outright untruths about our candidates’ positions and character — most recently at the Oct. 25 debate where they dared to imply that Kim and Toni were lying, that they and all Republicans cannot be trusted. How are they going to represent all Wiltonians and reach consensuses in Hartford on issues that affect all of us?

Please join me in voting for Kim and Toni on Nov. 8.

Peter Wrampe

Full Support for Toni Boucher

To the Editor:

I have known Toni [Boucher] for many years and have observed her performance as a member of the State Senate. Toni has served in her local community for years as a volunteer and has successfully run several small businesses in our community. She is practical, fiscally strong, and pro-choice. From school boards to businesses she has served our community with dignity and caring for her employees and constituents. I whole hardily [sic] support Toni for the position of senator in the State Senate of CT.

William Lenich

Keith Denning will be Problem Solver and have Vision as State Rep

To the Editor

We want our Wilton Representative to be a problem solver, to have a vision for Wilton and Connecticut’s future, to be articulate and educated about issues and be able to successfully navigate our challenges for future growth. Keith Denning fits the bill. He has been a problem solver in his professional life as a Nurse Anesthetist where problem solving meant life and death decisions in the moment.

Keith is focused on local Wilton problems. He wants to grow small businesses, protect and preserve the environment, improve the infrastructure including roads, bridges and trains, provide access to healthcare for everyone, protect a woman’s right to make her own healthcare decisions and increase sensible gun controls so parents don’t have to worry when their children go off to school.

These issues affect all of us in Wilton. They are not partisan, they are common sense issues.

Working on them will improve all our lives. This is the attitude that Keith holds, he wants to mitigate partisanship so we can work together as a community for the benefit of all. I love living in Wilton and want to see us preserve what we have for generations to come.


Tim Malburg

Kim Healy Wrong on Fact during Candidate Debate

To the Editor:

During the debate Tuesday, Oct. 26, Kim Healy mentioned how the State wanted to shut down the community gardens at Allen’s Meadow and how the town “stepped in” and got them to change their mind. What? This couldn’t be further from the truth — the town actually “stepped out” and issued gardeners a cease-and-desist order instructing us to get out in two months. It is not my intention here to take credit for my own or other gardener’s efforts with the State DOT to keep the gardens where they’ve been for 47 years as I’m truly grateful the town’s attorney is now working with the State DOT in renegotiating the lease to allow for community gardening going forward; nor is it my intention to rehash the circumstances surrounding the cease and desist order. But I must question any individual’s honesty and integrity to wrongfully take credit for something that they did not earn. As a current selectwoman, was Ms. Healy actually unaware of what really transpired, or was she aware but decided to perpetuate the misleading comments to the public about the Allen’s Meadow Community Gardens matter? I emailed Ms. Healy last week but have not heard back.


Joe Bear

Stay the Economic Course, with Democratic Candidates and a Govenor Who Built Strong Fiscal Health 

To the Editor:

Executives are pleased about business in Connecticut. The Connecticut Post reported a September meeting of “ebullient” businessmen. (“Discovering CT’s Business Turnaround,” Sept. 24, 2022.) Jim Smith, retired CEO of Webster Bank, asked, “Are we better off than we were five years ago?” and said, “I think the answer is, unequivocally, yes. We’re better off fiscally, we’re better off economically. I think we’re better off psychologically. On the fiscal front, imposed responsibility … combined with a strong $3 billion budget reserve fund and $5.8 billion supplemental pension contributions are gradually restoring Connecticut’s financial health after years of questionable decision-making …”

Let’s stay that course this November. Give Gov. Ned Lamont the legislature he needs to continue building our fiscal health by voting for Keith Denning and Ceci Maher, seasoned leaders with strong community roots. They’ll work to ease the painful local effects of global inflation, boost jobs and transportation. And they’ll support national anti-inflation initiatives that Republicans oppose, like caps on insulin and out-of-pocket medical costs, giving Medicare negotiating power when buying drugs and funding for improved roads, bridges, and cheaper energy technologies. All while keeping their primary focus on the needs of the residents of their districts.

Rhonda Brown

Kim Healy “Not Only Talks the Talk, but Walks the Walk”

To the Editor:

If we want to see positive changes for our community and our State as well as in the temperament and productivity of our local and state governments, then we need to vote for candidates who not only talk the talk but walk the walk. Kim Healy is one such leader who has consistently put herself out there for the Town of Wilton and will do so for all residents of the 42nd District.

Over the past two years, I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Kim as a civic leader, candidate, and person. Kim is not motivated by party but by what is best for our community. Kim brings the perfect combination of experience, integrity, and work ethic to this role. Her professional career, track record of service with community and civic organizations, and her strong value system enable her to tackle the critical issues facing small towns. Kim is a tireless advocate for local control, quality schools, and fiscally responsible local and state governments.

I know I will sleep better with Kim Healy as our State Representative. I hope you will join me in voting for Kim on Nov. 8.

Jennifer Kendra

Vote Democratic on Nov. 8 Like Your Life Depends On It

To the Editor:

I have struggled to understand what Republicans in our area mean by all the signs that emphasize “Local Control,” but thanks to Dr. Oz, I now fully understand. Republicans are in favor of local Republican politicians controlling you. They want to control whether or not you can have certain medical procedures. They want to control what books can be assigned by teachers in schools and stocked in libraries. They want to control who you can love and whether your children are allowed to know about non-heterosexual relationships. If you are looking to have local politicians control your medical, educational, family and love life, then the Republican party is absolutely the place for you. They are not the party of freedom or liberty. They are the party of Control. And don’t just take my word for it — it’s all over their election signs.

Vote Democratic on Nov. 8 like your life depends on it.

Victoria Rossi

Safety, Affordability, Local Control – Vote Keith Denning and Ceci Maher

To the Editor:
If you are for “safety, affordability and local control,” vote for Keith Denning and Ceci Maher.

Safety — With guns the leading cause of death of young people, you cannot be tough on crime and soft on guns. Keith and Ceci will enact and protect common sense gun laws, fund mental health and our police. Democrats approved a $77 million salary increase for our state troopers in 2019. Republicans said we could not afford it. They were wrong. The state has the lowest payroll since 2017.

Affordability — Democrats have delivered balanced budgets, cut a record $650 million in taxes, paid down $6 billion in pension liabilities saving $440 million annually the next 25 years. Dems have been investing in our infrastructure and our workforce, attracting new businesses which increases our tax base. Keith and Ceci will work with our town to address our diverse housing needs and drive affordability by reducing taxes.

Local Control — Keith and Ceci have made it clear that they will defend local control of our schools and zoning decisions. Republicans have been pushing a false narrative to the contrary to create fear. With Democratic control the last four years if they wanted to take away local control they would have.

Brian Sudano