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Support Candidates Who’ll Safeguard Voting Integrity and Honor Election Results — Vote for Stephanie Thomas

To the Editor:

Why should we vote? We vote for our children, our community, our country, ourselves. We vote to shape our future, to protect democracy. Nearly 80% of the registered voters in Connecticut turned out for the 2020 presidential election, yet we know that turnout drops dramatically in midterm elections. This year it is more important than ever to support candidates who will safeguard the integrity of our vote and will honor the results of the election. That is why I am supporting Stephanie Thomas who is running for Secretary of the State. As Vice-Chair of the Government Administration and Elections Committee in the State Legislature, Stephanie has a firm understanding of state and federal election law. She has worked to ensure that every vote counts and that every vote will be counted. Working with former Secretary of the State Denise Merrill, Stephanie advanced the Early Voting Amendment that would give Connecticut’s citizens the same rights enjoyed by the vast majority of voters in the US. Democracy depends on you. Please join me in voting for Stephanie Thomas on Nov. 8.

Peggy Reeves

Ceci Maher, “The Only 26th District State Senate Candidate I Trust to Move CT Forward”

To the Editor:

In 2018, voters across the 26th District challenged the status quo and demanded meaningful change. Fortunately, our efforts paid off. Thanks to Democratic leaders like Sen. Will Haskell, our state turned a $3.7 billion budget deficit into a $4.3 billion surplus. That’s just the beginning. In 2022 alone, Democrats made historic tax cuts for workers and middle-class families, passed critical legislation to mitigate climate change, and supported small businesses. This November, we’re at another crossroads. Do we kick the can down the road as was done for decades or build on the progress, meeting today’s challenges while building a better future? Ceci Maher is the only 26th District state senate candidate I trust to move our state forward. Over her years of service as executive director of Person-to-Person, and most recently, at Sandy Hook Promise, Ceci has an impeccable track record of delivering results that benefit everyday people. With everything at stake this election season, we can’t afford to leave anything up to chance, not fundamental rights, not our economy, and certainly not our future. Anyone can turn issues into empty campaign promises. It takes a proven leader like Ceci to solve them. Vote for Ceci Maher on Nov. 8.

Stephen Blinder

Ceci Maher will Fight for Our Community, for Progress in CT, and for Women’s Rights

To the Editor:

Vote for Ceci Maher for state senator. She knows the 26th District. She has been here all her life. She grew up in Stamford, worked in New Canaan, Darien and Newtown, volunteered in Westport and raised her family in Norwalk then Wilton.

Ceci is a social worker. Her life reflects the values inherent in someone who helps people. After 20 years leading non-profit organizations, volunteering and sitting on the Boards of Finance and Stay at Home, Ceci’s already made an impact on the most important issues facing us. Ceci’s interests include: access to mental health and health services; access to food; access to affordable housing for essential workers  (teachers, fire, police and other services) so they can live close to work, and raise their families; access for young families; and access for older Wiltonians who have roots, friends, and a love for Wilton.

Ceci wants to take her voice, experience and compassionate energy to Hartford to focus on the issues she is passionate about. I know she’ll fight for our community to ensure that we maintain our special town spirit just as she fights for progress in our state and protects the rights of women. That is who she is.

Mary Gail Gristina

Toni Boucher has Right Qualities for Schools, Zoning, Safety, Economy

To the Editor:

Toni Boucher: all the right qualities.

First, the right priorities. 1) Education excellence: our kids are worth it. Local voices, especially parents, strengthen our schools’ character. 2) Localized Zoning: Towns know best about their own needs and treasures. The whole reason for zoning was to move control from Hartford to the towns. Later re-centralization decimated affordable small dwellings on large developments because they “didn’t count.” 3) Safety from crime. 4) Unburdening taxpayers.

Second, knowing what to do, exactly. Third, knowing how to do it. Toni’s mastery of educational governance is unsurpassed. As [a former] member and chair of Wilton’s Board of Education, commissioner on CT’s State Board of Education, co-chair of the legislature’s Education Committee, and seven-time Children’s Champion Award[ee] (just examples), she knows every hard question and how to address it. Multiple elections to leadership prove she’s esteemed for effectiveness.

Relocated after 27 years in Wilton, with two terms each on Wilton P&Z and Board of Education, I acclaim Toni as a friend, mentor, architect and builder of unity and good works, always possessing an informed vision of the future and readiness to shape it wisely, as a public servant, not a politician.

John Benson
Chesapeake, Ohio

Kim Healy, Toni Boucher and Jayme Stevenson — Representatives Wilton Needs

To the Editor,

I am writing in support of Kim Healy (for State Representative), Toni Boucher (for State Senator), and Jayme Stevenson (for U.S. House) on Nov. 8. They support rigorous education standards, local control of zoning and schools, and better policies to foster economic growth. Also, they will put people over party and be the representatives Wilton needs.

I also want to highlight that Kim Healy, Toni Boucher, and Jayme Stevenson have strong endorsements from a set of excellent organizations, including the CT Fraternal Order of Police and the Independent Party. When the Independent Party endorsed Jayme Stevenson, a party State Central Committee stated that she is “… pro-Connecticut, especially on everyday issues impacting the 4th Congressional District like transportation, mental health and affordability… We need a representative who will support the cities and towns in the district, not another politician pushing national party agendas on cable news.”  I strongly believe the same applies to Kim Healy and Toni Boucher as well.

I encourage you to vote for each of these candidates on Nov. 8.

Simon Wong

Ceci Maher and Keith Denning Will Move Us Forward

To the Editor:

Wilton needs elected officials focused on advancing Connecticut’s path of progress. Ceci Maher and Keith Denning are proven community leaders — Ceci with over 20 years of experience leading nonprofits, volunteering, and holding local public office to address the important issues of education, housing and food; and Keith, a nurse anesthetist with a background in Catholic social teaching, volunteering for medical missions and other organizations solving for complex issues like healthcare, housing and relocating refugees.

Beyond their significant accomplishments and contributions to these important issues, I know where both of these candidates stand on the intensely debated and controversial issue of reproductive rights. Ceci and Keith understand its complexity and the longer-term potential consequences it presents on the broader issues of healthcare, mental health, family planning and gender equality.

Ceci and Keith are positively focused on Connecticut’s path forward and ensuring a better future for our children. Please join me in voting for Ceci Maher and Keith Denning on Nov. 8.

Sandy Arkell

Voting Rights Are On the Ballot — Vote Stephanie Thomas to Protect Them

To the Editor:

This November our voting rights themselves are absolutely on the ballot here in Connecticut. Legislation enacted by Republican politicians in other states makes very clear that it is essential that Stephanie Thomas is elected as Secretary of State, and that our other Democrat candidates be put in position to defend our rights legislatively. Elections in Connecticut, and across the country, proceeded smoothly, with no material issues in 2020, and yet despite this, many Republican politicians continue to falsely create doubt about their legitimacy.

When various national Republican figures made attempts to illegally influence elections in various states, it was secretaries of state, and other local figures who were the primary line of defense to protect the will of their voters. We must elect Stephanie Thomas to act as a firewall to any attempts by subversive national Republican figures to sway Connecticut’s elections. Connecticut’s provision of absentee ballots was crucial in allowing citizens to feel comfortable voting in the midst of the COVID pandemic in 2020, and our Democratic candidates will staunchly defend this right, as well as seek to expand access to the polls.

This fall voters in Wilton need to vote like their voting rights themselves depend on it.

Thank you,

David Tatkow

This November’s Election Just as Important as Nov. 2020 — Vote for Democrats

To the Editor:

This November’s election is as important as the national election of November 2020. The issues of November 2020 are still alive on a local level. Today we each need to vote to ensure that we have fresh, capable, forward-looking, confident Connecticut elected officials who know and accept the need to deal with large and important issues facing us and our future as Wiltonians. Tremendous progress has been made by the current administration of Ned Lamont. Stephanie Thomas, our current state representative is moving up to run for Secretary of State. Will Haskell, our state senator, is returning to school to earn his law degree. This is the time to keep up the momentum achieved these last four years by our fine representatives by voting for Democrats. Vote for Ceci Maher for State Senate and Keith Denning for State Representative.

John Kalamarides

Volunteer, Consensus-Builder, Bd. of Selectmen Member — Kim Healy will Represent Wilton Well

To the Editor:

I’ve known Kim Healy for many years in Wilton either through the Wilton Library where she served on the Board, or through Minks to Sinks, or the town Conservation Board, or just around town. She’s always a friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful neighbor.

Local politics are basically nonpartisan. There is no Democratic or Republican way to pave streets. And Kim respects everyone regardless of their political leanings. This is an important quality to have in Hartford where a hostile supermajority makes it very difficult to defend Wilton. We need someone like Kim who can represent us and reach consensus on important issues like local control of our schools and overdevelopment.

We also have a special opportunity to elect Kim, who is a member of the Wilton Board of Selectmen, who could serve as a direct line of communication from the town government to the state legislature. That would amplify our voices and give us a “heads-up” on Hartford’s latest plans for the towns in our area.

Kim combines energy, knowledge, and experience with an always sunny disposition. She naturally seeks out compromise rather than confrontation. Wilton is a refuge from partisan politics. Kim will help keep it that way.

Roderick Bals

Kim Healy has Necessary Traits to Correct CT’s Current Negative Path and Protect Wilton’s Qualities

To the Editor:

Kim Healy Cares!

As a Wilton parent, a CT Taxpayer and homeowner for more than 17 years, I think Kim Healy is the best choice for State Representative (42nd District).

She is a devoted member of our community, a mother, a homeowner, and a person who cares deeply about Wilton and Connecticut. Kim will bring a level head, a strong character, and a solid financial background to the 42nd District Seat. All necessary traits if we want to correct the negative path that Connecticut is currently on while protecting the very qualities that make Wilton such a desirable community.

I consider Kim a friend and as a result, know she truly cares for this community. She is willing and eager to listen and support the correct ideas for the 42nd District, no matter your party affiliation. If you have a question for her, ask her [via her website contact form]! She is not one of those politicians who hide behind slander and misinformation. She looks forward to hearing about what is important to the people in the 42nd district.

I hope you will join me in voting for Kim Healy as the best choice for the 42nd District seat.

Tracy Scarfi

Ceci Maher is Right Person to Represent Our Community

To the Editor:

[For the] 2022 Voters in the 26th Senate District…

I am enthusiastically adding my name to those endorsing Ceci Maher to be the next [State] Senator in our 26th District. I have given considerable thought to the issues that are important to our state. I have read Ceci’s materials, listened to her campaign, and made comparisons. Ceci has convinced me, as well as many of my colleagues, that she is the right person to represent our community in Hartford. I am encouraging voters to vote for Ceci Maher on Nov. 8.

Ken Bernhard
Former CT District 136 State Representative

First-Hand Witness to Toni Boucher’s Commitment to CT Kids, Education

To the Editor:

I am writing in support of Toni Boucher for CT State Senate. As a former member of the New Canaan Board of Education (2013-2021) and chair (2015 -2018), I had the opportunity to see first-hand the passion and commitment Toni holds for the children of Connecticut. Toni was always available to discuss pending legislation that would impact kids and schools and she was willing to really listen. Education has become a lightning rod recently, Toni has the knowledge and experience to bring us together for the benefit of all Connecticut’s kids. We need Toni’s voice and experience back in Hartford!

Dionna Carlson
New Canaan

We Need Honest, Truthful Leaders — Stephanie Thomas Fits the Bill

To the Editor:

I am writing in support of Stephanie Thomas as the next CT Secretary of State. We need to have honest, truthful leaders at our helm, and Stephanie fits the bill.

I have known Stephanie for many years. As a Wilton resident, I was delighted to have her become our Democratic State Representative. She did an excellent job!

Stephanie exhibits steady intelligence, good humor and inclusive compassion. She puts effort into listening and creating concrete systems and actions to better the lives of those around her. Her words are followed by action.

Stephanie grew up in difficult circumstances and developed resilience and drive as she supported her family at an early age and worked to put herself through NYU and earn a master’s degree in nonprofit management.

She followed this up with 25 years of experience as a fundraising and strategy consultant to nonprofits.

Stephanie is committed to addressing current issues that cross party lines such as comprehensive and reliable voting systems, health care, repercussions from COVID, safety from gun violence, and a woman’s right to choose.

I have confidence that she will be present, positive and consistent.

Vote Stephanie Thomas as the next Secretary of State!

Lynda Carroll

Vote for Ceci Maher is Vote for Better, Brighter Connecticut

To the Editor:

I urge you to vote for Ceci Maher for CT State Senator in the 26th District. Ceci has knocked on the doors of over 4,000 people in the district and I’ve had the honor of accompanying her on at least 400 of those visits.

She wants to hear what’s on people’s minds and how she can address their concerns in the Senate. Infrastructure, the environment, the economy, mental health, women’s reproductive rights, gun violence protection and safety, housing, and the bitter political divide are all top of mind. Ceci has answers, experience, and the proven track record to deliver meaningful results to everyday people, meeting needs within fiscally responsible budgets. Her endorsements back her record.

You can trust Ceci. Over our 35-year friendship, I have witnessed her diligence and integrity in all aspects of life. Ceci is smart, doesn’t accept the status quo and will work and fight to improve the lives and safety of every single constituent in the 26th. Ceci doesn’t make promises, she makes commitments and works fiercely to see them through. Let’s Move Forward with Ceci, Protect our Democracy and Count on Action. A vote for Ceci on Nov. 8 is a vote for a better, brighter Connecticut.

Carrie Myers

“Toni Boucher Failed Our LGBTQ Family and Community”

To the Editor:

Toni Boucher was the first Republican we ever voted for — and we regret it.

We are an LGBTQ family. In the early 2000s, we developed a great relationship with Toni and believed she would look out for our family. Although my partner and I had been together for 20 years, we could not marry because same-sex marriage wasn’t yet legal. When the Connecticut legislature finally voted on marriage equality in 2005, we assumed Toni would support the legislation. She stunned us by voting against both marriage equality and civil unions. In 2008 the Connecticut Supreme Court’s decision finally gave us the right to marry.

Toni failed our family and our community when we needed her leadership. Today, with frightening threats against LGBTQ and other marginalized communities, we dont trust Toni. She has not denounced frightening MAGA extremism, nor do we feel she will protect our schools and our family from religious and political ideology.

State Senate candidate Ceci Maher strongly and consistently supports marriage equality and has demonstrated commitment to effectively address the real challenges that face our region, state and country. She deserves our vote because Wilton deserves true leadership.

Stephen Davis and Jeffrey Busch, Wilton

To clarify the legislation and votes to which Stephen Davis and Jeffrey Busch refer, here’s some background history, including how Toni Boucher voted:

      • April 13, 2005: the CT State House of Representatives voted on SB 963, to allow civil unions for same-sex couples, with the same rights and responsibilities as cis-gender married couples under the law.
        • First, Amendment 5446 was added, defining ‘marriage’ as between a man and a woman. Boucher, then a state representative, voted ‘Yes’ to approve
        • SB 963, as amended, was passed by the State House of Representatives, 85-63, and it became PA 05-10. Boucher voted ‘No’ against the overall bill.
        • April 20, 2005, the State Senate approved the bill, 26-8, and Gov. Jodi Rell signed it into law.
      • October of 2008: the CT Supreme Court struck down Connecticut’s civil union law, ruling that same-sex couples in civil unions did not have the same rights as marriage, and that limiting marriage to a man and a woman violated the CT Constitution. The decision made same-sex marriage legal in the state.
      • April 2009: the state legislature approved SB 899, “An Act Implementing the Guarantee of Equal Protection Under the Constitution of the State for Same Sex Couples,” codifying the CT Supreme Court decision. This removed any language referring to gender in marriage. Boucher, then a State Senator, voted ‘Yes’ in favor of the legislation.

As we state in our election coverage guidelines and policies, if any submissions — including Letters to the Editor — are written about an individual candidate, we reserve the right to offer the subject of the letter an opportunity to respond. After considering Stephen Davis and Jeffrey Busch‘s letter for publication, we determined it would be fair to offer Toni Boucher, the candidate about whom they wrote, a chance to respond. GMW informed Davis and Busch we would do so. Boucher sent us the response below. 

Toni Boucher Response:

“‘Honored.’ That sums up my emotions after being endorsed for the 26th District’s State Senate seat by Connecticut Log Cabin Republicans. LCRCT represents the Republican LGBTQIA+ community of Connecticut and advocates for equality for all.

“‘Disappointed.’ That sums up my reaction to one isolated criticism of my voting record on gay rights. I’m pro-gay marriage! I voted ‘yes’ to codify it in the State Senate! Individuals who are calling me out for voting against civil unions more than 17 years ago may not be aware of this: Back in 2005, many gay constituents asked me not to support that bill, because civil unions are not equal to marriage. Connecticut Supreme Court agreed and struck down civil unions in 2008.

“If Democrats, Independents, unaffiliated voters and Republicans vote for me, you will have as your voice in Hartford a pro-choice, socially moderate, fiscal conservative who supports gay rights. Someone who has voted for a Democratic gay CT State Supreme Court Justice. Someone who empathizes with, stands with those in my own family and community who are gay, and is endorsed by Connecticut’s LGBTQIA+ community.

“Someone who is an ally. Someone who cares. That’s my pledge to you. And that’s my record.”

Ceci Maher and Keith Denning will Protect Our Rights and Institutions

To the Editor:

Choosing from among local candidates is difficult. Wilton candidates of both parties are neighbors, friends, and volunteers. Nationally, my values align with the Democratic nominees to serve in Washington. Locally, I sometimes split my ticket because I always support candidates with moral courage and common sense.

That is why I support Ceci Maher for State Senator and Keith Denning for State Representative. Ceci and Keith will express the will of Wilton voters in Hartford. They will act to protect our democratic rights and institutions. I do not trust their Republican opposition to do the same. They have not distanced themselves from the disproven claims of the former president and their national and state Republican leaders who vow to overturn election results, impose a national ban on abortion, eliminate social security, and take control of democratic institutions. Do our local Republican candidates support these leaders or do they lack the courage to speak out?

Either way, we all can do better by voting for Ceci and Keith, who, along with so many Wiltonians representing a variety of political perspectives, have the courage and good sense to fight for our rights and democracy.

Jill Koleszar