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Fmr. BOF Member:  “Judge Ceci Maher’s Character”; Maher Responds

To the Editor:

Ceci Maher, [State] Senate candidate 26th District, describes herself as “highly collaborative,” but during a critical April 16, 2019, Wilton Board of Finance meeting she publicly accused Wilton’s two town chairwomen (Board of Education Chris Finkelstein and First Select[wo]man Lynne Vanderslice) — both working in good faith to solve a budget shortfall — of inappropriate official behavior. Inexplicably, Ms. Maher wasted 15 minutes of the meeting accusing these chairwomen of conducting town business in secret, resulting in a “done deal.” She accused them of being “purposely obtuse” and keeping Democrat BOF members “in the dark” when these chairwomen were simply presenting a budget proposal to be discussed by the entire BOF at a later date.

A willingness to falsely attack others simply for the sake of raw politics demonstrates a clear lack of temperament and ability to engage in collaborative problem-solving that is essential for success in Hartford. Voters should review the April 16, 2019, Town of Wilton public meeting video [17:00 minute mark] and judge for themselves whether someone of this character deserves to be sent to Hartford to represent Connecticut’s 26th State Senate District.

Peter R. Balderston
Wilton Board of Finance member (Dec. 2015–Aug. 2020)

As we state in our election coverage guidelines and policies, if any submissions — including Letters to the Editor — are written about an individual candidate, we reserve the right to offer the subject of the letter an opportunity to respond. After considering Peter Balderston‘s letter for publication, we determined it would be fair to offer Ceci Maher, the candidate about whom he wrote, a chance to respond. GMW informed Balderston we would do so. Maher sent us the response below. (Also of note: Balderston no longer resides in Wilton. Per GMW‘s same policies, because we prioritize publishing letters written by Wilton residents, we held his letter after receiving it in September until there was an available opening in our 15 letter-limit and no other letters from residents to publish.)

Ceci Maher’s Response

“I was honored to serve on the Wilton Board of Finance. Local government is at the heart of our democracy, dealing with issues that affect residents every day. The commitment and integrity of those who serve our town, as volunteers and employees, ensure Wilton remains an incredible place to live, work, and raise a family.

“Please do take the time to watch the BOF meeting all the way through, rather than just a clip. The meeting is an example of how engaged Wilton citizens work together, at times agreeing to disagree, all in service to our town.

“The basis of good governance is transparency between decision-makers and the people they represent. As I have during my time at Person-to-Person, Sandy Hook Promise, and in work for local organizations, I’ll continue to lead openly, to listen, especially when we disagree, and roll up my sleeves to get to work.”

Wilton Would be Fortunate to Have Toni Boucher Represent Us Again

To the Editor:

Toni Boucher has served our Town as Chair of the Board of Education and on the Board of Selectmen. She has served our state in the State Senate for 12 years bringing balance to Hartford. She has had to work across party lines and compromise to get things done that have benefited all of us.

Ever wonder why Super 7 ends abruptly at the Wilton border instead of plowing right through our town with four lanes of highway traffic? That’s because of Toni Boucher. Ever wonder why our town is not filled with high-rise apartment projects? That’s because of Toni Boucher. Ever wonder how Wilton’s schools remained independent despite the Hartford supermajority’s relentless campaign to regionalize them?

That’s because Toni Boucher has fought for Wilton’s independence even after leaving office.

We would be fortunate to have Toni representing us once again in Hartford and I encourage you to vote for her on Nov. 8.


Don Drummond

Wilton Needs Ceci Maher and Keith Denning — Will Stand Up for Us, and Keep their Promises

To the Editor:

Wilton has the opportunity to elect two exemplary representatives — Ceci Maher and Keith Denning.

Ceci Maher has spent a lifetime serving her community. She is a demonstrated leader with a long record of standing up for her and our values. Her opponent, when faced with tough decisions, had no qualms voting with her party rather than keeping promises to her constituents. Ceci will keep her word and vote for us.

As a resident of South Wilton, I will finally have a representative who shares my views. As a healthcare provider, I know that Keith understands COVID and has sound proposals to keep our students and schools safe. The last time his opponent ran for office, she espoused ideas that were not based on scientific fact, but on her party’s national talking points. Keith is a person who uses science and logical reasoning to make decisions.

Wilton needs elected officials who will represent our needs and keep their promises. As shown by the recent conflict over debates, we have two candidates willing to answer questions and stand up for what they believe. For this reason alone, it is imperative to elect Ceci Maher and Keith Denning.

Russell D. Robbins, MD, MBA

On Choice — Can We Trust Republicans to Uphold Separation of Church and State?

To the Editor:

Those of us who remember John F. Kennedy’s presidential candidacy also remember his opponent’s accusations that, being a Catholic, Kennedy would serve his Pope, not his country. For decades politicians of both parties and many religions put the interests of the republic ahead of personal religious commitments, recognizing that imposing their creed would upset “the delicate balance,” as Gov. Mario Cuomo put it, that allows a democracy to exist for all, regardless of creed.

The Republican Party, by nominating justices who pledged to respect precedent decisions on abortion, has upended this delicate balance. Pro-choice is not pro-abortion. It is pro a woman’s right to make an excruciating, intensely personal decision. These justices made that decision the government’s decision.

This is beyond dangerous. Another Republican-nominated justice now suggests that previous decisions on contraception and same-sex marriage should be revisited. (Shall we ban divorce and pre-marital sex? Some think both are immoral.) Connecticut’s current legal  “firewall” depends on legislators who will uphold the separation of church and state.

Can we trust Republicans who say they understand and believe in separation of church and state to adhere to it? Given events of the past few months, I don’t think so.

Lorie Paulson

Kim Healy Will Represent Everyone, Not Just Her Party Members

To the Editor:

When deciding who to vote for, for State Representative, yes, you should consider what each candidate believes in and what they stand for. But, I expect my representative to listen to what the people in their district want for their community. That’s their job.

I want my representative to pay attention to all voters, not just the ones that happen to have the same party affiliation as them. I know that Kim Healy will listen to all her constituents regardless of the “R”, “D” or “U” next to their names. I know she believes that a person is not defined by the letter on their voter registration card; that people can and should listen to each other, be open to others’ opinions and that it is okay to be friends with someone that has a “different letter” after their name.

Kim is a true leader, a person who cares for others and will work hard for the towns she represents. Kim Healy will put the people she serves first, not just the ones that align with her. I can’t say the same about her opponent.

That is why I highly recommend you vote for Kim.

Patty Tomasetti

Ceci Maher Cares Deeply About the Environment and Climate Change

To the Editor:

Climate change is the most important issue for me and I have not heard a lot of talk about it during the run-up to this election. It’s an issue that is affecting many people and countries already, that is growing more quickly than predicted just a few years ago and should be the top priority for every country, especially those contributing most to the problem.

State Sen. Will Haskell looked at infrastructure and transportation questions through the lens of environmental concerns. I know that Ceci Maher will follow in his footsteps. It is the reason I am supporting Ceci and why Will endorsed her. She cares deeply about the environment.

Kathleen Kalamarides

All-Around Support for Kim Healy

To the Editor:

I would like to share a letter of support for Kim Healy as she runs for office.

I met Kim Healy when I moved to Wilton nine years ago and we became fast friends. Specifically, I met her at our kids’ football team party and immediately pegged her as refreshingly honest, authentic, funny, no-nonsense as well as totally real and likable.

Our kids’ ages and grades matched up and our families all got along and also became friends.

Since then, we have had beach weekends, all kinds of get-togethers, and even ran Odyssey of the Mind together for our youngest sons.

Considering Connecticut is the second-highest taxed state and Kim is a talented Certified Public Accountant, I believe she would be a great asset.

As a mother of four great kids, she will make sure any laws from the state about education or other issues about kids will be good for families and if needed, come with state funding so the cost burden does not fall on our towns.

Kim also volunteers these and and her many talents for the indigent and on numerous other committees like Minks To Sinks, the Wilton Library Board and many others.

Thank you,

Jacqueline Jackson

We Need Toni Boucher Back in Hartford to “Right the Ship”

To the Editor:

Toni Boucher has been an advocate, a friend, and a mentor, and I’m excited to support her in the race for the CT State Senate.

While maintaining a career and raising three kids, Toni first entered politics due to her conviction in education. Toni’s first public role was on Wilton’s Board of Education, where she eventually became Chair. Toni was even appointed by a governor to serve on the State Board of Education.

Toni then served six terms in the State House, and then five terms in the State Senate. Through her public life, Toni championed education, open space, farms, our trains, public safety, local control of our property rights, and fiscal responsibility.

While Toni may have earned a break from politics, we need her back to help right the ship of our state. We need her expertise to protect local control of education, property rights, community safety, and affordability. Importantly, we also need Toni’s positive relationships she has built on both sides of the aisle to give us a stronger voice on our pressing issues.

Please join me in supporting Toni Boucher for election to the CT State Senate.

Matthew Raimondi

No One More Qualified to Uphold Our Voting System than Stephanie Thomas

To the Editor:

I have lived in Wilton over 19 years but will move before election day. I won’t be able to vote for the excellent Democratic candidates, Ceci Maher and Keith Denning. I will be able to vote for the statewide candidate for Secretary of State, Stephanie Thomas. I have known Stephanie since she first ran for State Representative. No one is more qualified to uphold our voting system than she is. Stephanie has dedicated her life and career to serving the not-for-profit community. She is smart, honest and caring, traits we should admire and demand from any candidate for public office.

Bob Sabo

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  1. What is your point Peter? It’s called a back and forth by our BOF politicians. Peter Balderston forgets that certain members of the BOF back in the mid-teens chastised me for the fact that we were egregiously paying a hundreds of thousands dollars for a remote network person and told me to get lost. The information provided to me was from the Town’s CFO. Ceci as a BOF member has every right to question anything she desires. To publish this video and to use this as a campaign ploy to attack Ceci is quite ineffective.

  2. Ms. Paulson’s point is well taken. Since she posted it, I’ve heard Republican candidates in other parts of the country disavow the separation of church and state. This is shocking to me. I learned about the concept from a wise history teacher back in Michigan who happened to be an IHM nun. As Catholics, we were acutely aware of suggestions during the 1960 presidential campaign that John Kennedy might be more loyal to the Pope than to this country. My teacher taught us to understand that the principle behind separation of church and state, embraced by Kennedy—and later articulated so well by Mario Cuomo—is one that protects us all, no matter what our religion. The encroachment by courts and public officials upon moral and religious choices, no matter how we feel personally about those choices, is not a good thing for this country.

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