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Connecticut Votes Blue, Wilton Should Too

To the Editor:

Gov. Ned Lamont and the Democratic majorities in the General Assembly will likely win handily in November; against that backdrop, how should Wilton voters approach the election?

Wilton is socially quite liberal — we’re overwhelmingly pro-choice, and attempts at stirring up controversy about gender identity or CRT have caught little traction here. The siren song that persuades some percentage of otherwise-reasonable residents to vote Republican is the protection of the many perks we enjoy as a small woodsy suburb full of rich people, under the banner of “local control.”

However, in the battle over regionalization in 2019, it wasn’t a Republican but our newly elected Democratic State Senator Will Haskell who led the charge; having a young rockstar from a swing district oppose regionalization was undoubtedly a major factor in leadership’s abandoning the idea.

The best way to advance Wilton’s interests in Hartford is to vote for Democrats like Ceci Maher and Keith Denning, who not only reflect our social values but will also ensure that we have a seat at the table in future discussions implicating “local control.” Electing Republicans to shout fecklessly from the outside will get us nowhere on that, while compromising our values on many other issues.

Michael Love

Consistency, Dedication and Commitment to Excellence Make Kim Healy a Stand-Out Candidate

To the Editor:

I am writing to support Kim Healy in her run for State Representative. I have known Kim for over 10 years, as our children grew up together in the Wilton Public Schools and played many youth sports together. Over the years, I have seen Kim give tirelessly, volunteering her expertise and time to a multitude of not-for-profit organizations in Fairfield County. I have seen first-hand, Kim’s genuine care, commitment and dedication to our community. Kim stands steadfast in her commitment to keeping education decisions local, lowering taxes, and supporting our local businesses. As a state representative, Kim Healy will stand up and fight for what is best for our community. Consistency, dedication and a commitment to excellence are what make Kim a stand-out candidate.

As a member of our community and a citizen of our great country, I urge to you educate yourself on those running for local office and cast your vote on election day. I hope you will join me in supporting Kim Healy on election day.

With Kind Regards,

Tara Pagano

Kim Healy, Toni Boucher Have Experience We Need

To the Editor:

I’m endorsing Kim Healy and Toni Boucher in their individual campaigns. I believe they have the experience we need to represent Wilton in Hartford.

The two things that I feel we need most from our legislators [are] to address the high tax burden and high cost of living in Connecticut. Kim and Toni’s private and public sector experience give them the tools necessary to be successful in fighting for us in these areas. When Toni previously represented many of us as State Senator she demonstrated this when she co-sponsored passage of a Senate balanced budget

Kim and Toni will also fight to keep decisions around education and zoning at the local level. To me, these are areas where local residents and parents need to be able to directly influence the policies. There isn’t a one size fits all approach that should come down from Hartford. When I moved to Connecticut from New York one thing that drew my wife and [me] to this area was the charm and individual character of each town. This I attribute to decisions being made at the local level.

Please join me in supporting Kim and Toni in the upcoming election this November.

Jason Terry

Wilton Lucky to Have Kim Healy Running

To the Editor:

I am writing to you with enthusiastic support for Kim Healy. It is a pleasure to have Kim, a property-owning Wilton resident, mother of four whose children have been in Wilton’s school system, member of the Wilton Board of Selectmen and volunteer, running for the House District 42nd.

Professionally Kim is a CPA, has worked as an auditor with PricewaterhouseCoopers LLC, and she earned her BS in Accounting from Manhattan College. She has volunteered locally as a tax preparer serving retired and low-income individuals. Her intellect and forthright style, in conjunction with her accounting, auditing, budgeting, consulting and tax skills, are what Connecticut desperately needs in these pivotal times.

Kim’s most notable promises are:

  • Support of parental partnership in our educational system
  • A balance sheet approach to address the current threats to our cost of living
  • Protect local control of Planning and Zoning
  • Promotion of small business
  • Conservation of resources

In closing, I ask you, does Wilton know how lucky it is to have Kim Healy running for House District 42nd? Please stand with me in November to support Kim and the Town of Wilton!

Thank you,

Chris Lineberger

Ceci Maher is Clear Choice for State Senator

To the Editor:

Ceci Maher is the clear choice to be our next State Senator for the 26th District. Ceci, a life-long Fairfield County resident, has devoted the past 20 years to making our towns better through her leadership at Person-to-Person. Under her guidance, Person-to-Person grew from a small organization to one that provides over one million meals per year to disadvantaged families. She will advocate for improved social services, with a detailed plan to enhance mental health services for Connecticut’s residents.

Ceci is a strong advocate for gun safety, supporting sensible gun legislation and improved mental health services. As the former executive director of Sandy Hook Promise, she understands the issues and will work tirelessly to limit bulk purchases of guns and improve safe storage requirements.

Ceci Maher will be a fresh voice with practical solutions for Connecticut’s future. Please vote for Ceci Maher for State Senate on Nov. 8. She is our best choice with her 20-plus years of service to Connecticut’s citizens and her ideas for positive change.


Jane Rinard

Toni Boucher will Best Serve Wilton’s Interests

To the Editor:

I am writing this letter in strong support of Toni Boucher’s candidacy for the 26th District State Senate seat. Toni has had a remarkable track record as an effective legislator, having previously served multiple terms as both a state representative and state senator. In those roles, she proved to be very productive, spearheading efforts to effect positive and necessary change on policies concerning tax policy, finance, transportation and education, among others.

Issues of particular interest to me are the need to retain local control of our children’s schools and education and, as I previously served on the Wilton’s Zoning Board of Appeals and Planning and Zoning Commission, local control of planning and zoning policy. The idea that the state’s authority could supersede that of local planning and zoning commissions and dictate where future development occurs greatly concerns me. Fortunately, Toni also recognizes that retaining local control over decisions that so directly impact our town is critical and has committed to fight efforts to the contrary. Please join me on Nov. 8 and vote for Toni, the candidate who will best serve Wilton’s interests.

Peter S. Shiue

Local Decisions Should Be Made by Local Politicians Elected by Local Residents

To the Editor:

Local decisions should be made by local politicians elected by local residents — that is a hallmark of democracy. Toni Boucher and Kim Healy have been champions of local control throughout their tenure in public service. They have both lived and raised families in our community and have a vital interest in our area’s success and desirability.

Education and zoning are key issues that impact all citizens and they should not be left to far away bureaucrats in Hartford or Washington. These accomplished women will fight for parental rights to provide a quality education focused on the key elements of learning for our youth to compete in an increasingly competitive global landscape. They strongly oppose regionalization, which would dilute property values as well as add to traffic and emissions as buses travel to and from other towns. Toni and Kim will represent us so we can decide on zoning issues and what can and should be built in our communities.

I enthusiastically throw my support behind them both and you should too.

Jon Savas

Ned Lamont — Proven Leader, Best Governor

To the Editor:

Ned Lamont is the best governor Connecticut has had since Ella Grasso. He’s given our state the largest tax cut in history, while simultaneously prepaying over $5.4 billion of pension debt! His term has been noted for its fiscal discipline, strong gun laws and the best response to Covid. Meanwhile, Bob Stefanowski has shifted his ludicrous promise to eliminate the state income tax into a repeal of the $100 license fee on hypnotists (really!).

Ned Lamont is a proven leader, bringing stability and forward-looking plans to Connecticut. Please join me in reelecting Ned Lamont and his Democratic team on Nov. 8.

Lois Block

Editor’s note: The letter writer is referring to Stefanowski’s plan to eliminate approximately 200 ‘nuisance fees.’

We need Democrats in Hartford to Do What is Right for Wilton

To the Editor:

Wilton Democrats have always been a voice for Wilton, standing for strong locally-controlled schools and fiscal responsibility. We focus on issues that affect our community, not the national culture war. We work on problems that exist, instead of espousing faux issues not happening in Wilton. Democrats are here to make our town, our state, and our society stronger together and prepared for the future.

Gov. Ned Lamont has done just that by delivering a balanced state budget, paying down our pension obligations, and investing in Connecticut. Locally, Ceci Maher and Keith Denning will carry your voice to Hartford — supporting reproductive rights, protecting our environment, improving our infrastructure and providing our children with the education to succeed. They’ll be there to help us with our day-to-day issues and also when we do have that inevitable winter storm.

Democrats clearly state where we stand on real issues — like trusting women to make their own healthcare decisions and the importance of protecting our democracy. Democrats are right for Hartford and right for Wilton. Vote for Ceci, Keith and the Democratic slate to be the firewall protecting our rights and democracy.

Savet Constantine

Toni Boucher, Kim Healy are Best Suited to Protect Wilton’s Schools

To the Editor:

Toni Boucher and Kim Healy are committed to our schools.

Wilton’s education system is the number one reason families move to Wilton and accounts for approximately two-thirds of our town’s budget. Years of local decision-making is the key reason our schools have prospered and made them the biggest asset for Wilton. We need public servants to help preserve the local control by opposing any attempts at forced regionalization.

Toni Boucher (for State Senate) and Kim Healy (for State Representative) are best suited to bring this ideology to Hartford and help towns like Wilton protect and nurture their school systems.

Prasad Iyer

Vote Republican for Better Connecticut

To the Editor:

A vote for Republican candidates in November gives you a chance to right the Connecticut and national ship again.

Don’t be fooled by the twisting of words to suit the woke agenda and redefining twisting the word “Democracy” that is being highjacked by the Democrats. They have nothing else to offer besides labeling and dividing people.

The Democrats can’t talk about inflation, parents[‘] rights, open borders, defunding the police, confusing equity with equality, and solving the fentanyl scourge. Do you want more of this? I don’t think so!

The Republicans have great candidates with talent and common sense to make our “Lives Livable Again.”

Vote Row B for Stefanowski, Devlin, Rapini, Kordas, Arora, Fay, and Levy, Stevenson on Nov. 8!

Vote Row B for Jayme Stevenson for Congress, Toni Boucher for the CT Senate (26th District), and Kim Healy CT House (42nd District) on Nov. 8!

Republicans will make “Lives Livable Again.”

Kathleen Wrampe

Democratic Slate will “Move Us Forward”

To the Editor:

I am writing in support of the Democratic slate in the election on Tuesday, Nov. 8. Having lived in Wilton for over 20 years, many of those years under Republican leadership, I have witnessed the decline of our town’s economic viability. Our stores and offices are empty, young people have chosen to move out of our community, and more businesses are failing every day. Often the reason I hear is that we don’t like change. Well, I believe change is what we need. Change for the better.

Ceci Maher, our candidate for State Senate, and Keith Denning, our candidate for State Representative, have spent countless hours meeting with Wilton’s citizens. They understand that we need to connect forward-looking planning with statewide ideas that address the economic and transportation challenges that impact Wilton’s future.

Please vote for Ceci and Keith. They and the entire Democratic leadership team of Ned Lamont, Susan Bysiewicz, Stephanie Thomas, William Tong, Sean Scanlon, Erick Russell, Richard Blumenthal, Jim Himes, and Doug Stern have the skills and the leadership to move us forward.

Ken Hoffman

Wilton Fortunate to have Toni Boucher’s Representation, Experience

To The Editor:

I am writing in support of Toni Boucher’s candidacy for State Senator. Toni has long been dedicated to serving Wilton and the people of Connecticut. Her roles included chair of the Wilton Board of Education, as [an] officer of the State Board of Education, 10 years as our state senator, and numerous volunteer committees serving our community. Her significant accomplishments on our behalf include strides in education, conservation, tax relief, state funding for our district, supporting local control of school districts and considerably more. Her financial acumen, ethics and her balanced social and personal beliefs make her an outstanding candidate to serve everyone in our district.

Toni’s platform emphasizes local control of education, zoning, safety, parental involvement in schools, as well as making Connecticut more affordable.

Toni’s record of accomplishments is very long and we are very fortunate to have the opportunity to have her representation.

Please join me in voting for Toni Boucher, a proven leader, for State Senator, respected and admired throughout the state, on both sides of the aisle.

Stewart Koenigsberg

We Can Count on Kim Healy to be Strong Delegate for 42nd District

To the Editor:

I am writing to support Kim Healy for her election to the Connecticut State House of Representatives, representing the newly redrawn 42nd District, which includes Wilton as well as parts of Ridgefield and New Canaan.

Kim has a professional background in accounting and finance. She has also been an enthusiastic public servant, volunteering her time to help local not-for-profits, including serving as the Board treasurer [for] Wilton Library. In 2021, Kim was elected to Wilton’s Board of Selectmen.

I have known Kim for several years. A caring wife and mother, Kim has a natural aptitude to connect with people, and has demonstrated her strong ability to gather support from people across the political spectrum.  In the local election [in] 2021, she has won the most votes among all contested positions in Wilton. She is friendly, open-minded, direct, moderate, and always cheerful.

Kim is strongly committed to issues affecting our way of life. She has been vocal and influential in education, cost of living, zoning, local economic development, environment, and sustainability. If she is elected, I am confident that we can count on her to be a strong delegate for [the 42nd] District on these issues.

Monty Du