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Toni Boucher & Kim Healy — Strong, Smart & Diligent

To the Editor:

I am proud to support Toni Boucher for State Senate and Kim Healy for State Representative this November. Both Toni and Kim have demonstrated that they are capable, hardworking and authentic local leaders who will represent all voters. For almost 20 years, I have witnessed Toni’s dedication to our town through her work both as a citizen and public servant advocating to [keep] our taxes low, protecting our schools and property rights, and keeping our communities safe. Additionally, I have been fortunate to have worked with Kim over the last few years — in the town government, for the Wilton Library and with the Wilton Garden Club, Kim’s incredible work ethic, intelligence and passion for our community are evident from her efforts on our behalf.

We are fortunate to have such strong, smart, and diligent women on the ballot this election who will ensure that Wilton continues to be the best place to live. Please vote for Toni and Kim this November.


Lianne Griswold Acosta-Rua

A Cleaner, Safer Environment with Kim Healy

To the Editor:

We need Kim Healy as our state representative for the new 42nd district that encompasses all of Wilton.  Kim is a great leader and is the right person to represent us in Hartford especially for environmental and sustainability issues. Kim has personally donated her time and given financial support to many different groups that focus on cleaning up the Long Island sound.

Kim has a forward-looking view on the environment and has taken real action in the area of environmental sustainability. She has served on the Wilton Conversation Commission that is noted for the Town Wide Clean Up and Hazardous waste days, and when she was treasurer of the Wilton Library board, the installation of solar rooftop panels was an environmental win that provided tax savings for Wilton taxpayers.

Please join me in supporting Kim Healy — she will take action so that our children and children’s children can enjoy a cleaner and safer Connecticut and planet.

Thank you,

Steve Parrinello

Kim Healy Would be Great for Wilton

To the Editor:

Hello, I’d like to give my personal endorsement for Kim Healy for State Representative. In the years that I’ve known her, she has been incredibly hard-working, enthusiastic, and practical. In my opinion, she has integrity and has always been kind to my family. Kim has made local education one of the main priorities of her campaign, specifically improving standards, which is hugely important to me. Presently, I have two young children attending schools in Wilton and hopefully another to begin next fall. Education, above everything else, is why my family and I stay in Wilton. Finally, I think Kim could be great for our local community, she’s a licensed CPA, donates her time and has been a contributing member of our community continually for the past several years.


Kevin Regan

Unaffiliated Support  for Toni Boucher — She’ll Improve CT Economy

To the Editor:

As an unaffiliated party voter, I enjoy the luxury of voting for individuals who I believe represent the ideas and strategies that support the needs of my family and like-minded neighbors. I am writing to endorse Toni Boucher for State Senate based on her plans to improve the economy in Connecticut, specifically the tax burdens and the rising cost of living here in the state.

Toni knows her way around the world of politics and has the experience and influence to push through concepts that are nonpartisan. Everyone in the state of Connecticut is concerned about inflation, gas prices, food prices and the general cost of living here.

See her website to review her position on this and other issues, including education, housing, and crime, all of which are beneficial to all political party voters.

Speaking with Toni on several occasions has shown me her dedication, consistency, and true love of public service. Toni is engaging with a good fiscal footing and the ability to execute.

I hope my fellow voters to join me in voting for Toni Boucher this November. I believe she will make significant improvements to our post-pandemic economic evolution.


Mrs. Lisa Terry

Republicans Cannot Be Trusted on Reproductive Rights; Vote Ceci Maher and Keith Denning

To the Editor:

During their confirmation hearings, several of the Republican nominees to the Supreme Court, John Roberts, Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, and Amy Coney Barrett, all said they would respect the Court’s prior decisions and that they considered Roe v Wade established precedent. They just overturned it. On the subject of reproductive rights, Republicans cannot be trusted. When I hear local GOP candidates for the state legislature say they are pro-choice or, worse yet, say nothing, I trust that they will, under the right circumstances, vote to overturn a woman’s right to choose in this state. That is why I will vote for Ceci Maher and Keith Denning for State Senate and State Assembly, respectively. I know where they stand. Today, tomorrow, and forever.


Valerie Rosenson

Kim Healy will be Good for Economy, and Local Control of Schools and Land Use

To the Editor:

I am writing this letter in strong support of Kim Healy’s candidacy for the 42nd District State Representative seat. Kim has served on the Wilton Board of Selectmen since 2021 and is a CPA and former auditor with PwC. Her background gives her a great base from which she can help enact legislation that will help pull our state’s economy out of its current stagnation. In addition to promoting growth without handicapping businesses and residents with new taxes, Kim will also press for a reduction of unnecessary regulations and push for smarter, accountable government spending.

Two other issues of particular interest to me are the need to retain local control of our children’s schools and education and local control of planning and zoning policy. The idea that the State’s authority could supersede that of local planning and zoning commissions and dictate where future development occurs greatly concerns me as a former Wilton Planning and Zoning commissioner. Fortunately, Kim has made retaining local control of these critical functions as integral parts of her platform. Kim has my vote and I hope she gets yours as well.

Peter S. Shiue

Toni Boucher is Back: Fighting to Protect Education

To the Editor:

Senator Toni Boucher is back!  Toni is in the trenches and once again fighting to protect our independent voices as parents when it comes to our children’s education. Forced regionalization of our schools? Toni has consistently stood against that; rather, she strongly supports local control of education and respect for parent voices. Hartford is not qualified to dictate what is best for our schools, students, and parents. Period. Full stop. As a parent of two teenagers who have enjoyed the exceptional public school system in Weston, I know that Sen. Boucher is best qualified to ensure that our tradition of educational excellence, independent of Hartford bureaucracy, will continue.

Our Toni is Back — let’s give her our support on Nov. 8.

Britta and Dan Lerner

Experience and Knowledge of Toni Boucher Qualify Her to Serve Again

To the Editor:

I write in support of Toni Boucher’s candidacy for State Senator in the 26th District.

Toni has the experience and knowledge to again serve as our District’s representative in the State Senate. She has been a leader in large corporations and small businesses. She has worked tirelessly in various public roles from Wilton selectman to state representative to state senator. She has focused much of her career on educational issues and served successfully as chair of the Wilton Board of Education and on the State Board of Education. Toni has accomplished all of this while gaining a reputation for working hard, being dependable, and being willing to roll up her sleeves and get the job done.

Connecticut and the 26th Senate District would benefit from Toni’s leadership. Please support her on Nov. 8!


Michael Thompson