Grateful for Lavielle’s Efforts to Protect Our Open Space

September 12

To the Editor:

Congratulations to State Rep. Gail Lavielle for being named an “environmental champion” for the second time by the Connecticut League of Conservation Voters, and for receiving their endorsement.

I have long admired Gail Lavielle’s commitment to our environment and I’m grateful for all of Gail’s efforts to protect our open space – both at the local and state levels – from being reclaimed in the future for possible development.

Gail Lavielle is one of just a few legislators who truly seem to be doing something about Connecticut’s horrible infrastructure. Commuters have been plagued with delays and I appreciate Gail’s efforts to hold Metro-North officials accountable, and to find ways to enhance mass transit throughout our state.

We have a true environmental champion in Gail Lavielle, and I am delighted to support her reelection effort.

Carol Lenihan

Democrat in Support of Boucher

September 14

To the Editor:

I met Toni Boucher 25 years ago.

I was in awe at how this woman so competently balanced the passions in her life with boundless energy; her family, graduate school, volunteering, and she never seemed to tire.

As our State Senator, whatever issue Toni takes on is researched and discussed with intelligence. As a registered Democrat, I find we agree on many important issues and she is always open to listening to differing opinions with respect.

Toni fought to stop Super 7 from bisecting our community, supports commuters with her pursuit of a better MetroNorth and our children through strong educational goals, and helps businesses stay in Connecticut through her advocacy.

We need Senator Toni Boucher to continue as our advocate in the Connecticut State Senate.

Annette Kaye

Lavielle:  Proponent of Reason and Responsibility

September 15

To the Editor:

I urge all Wilton voters to join me in supporting the reelection of Rep. Gail Lavielle for another term in the state legislature. Rep. Lavielle has been a strong proponent of reason and responsibility in government at a time when Hartford seems to view new taxes as unavoidable, even desirable. An outspoken opponent of government bloat, she has worked hard to develop budgets that fund the state’s programs–without new taxes.

Rep. Lavielle’s tireless efforts to improve Metro North and to hold its executives accountable for the railroad’s many failures are also commendable and well known to all. Her energy is phenomenal, her dedication complete, and her concern for all our citizens genuine and heartfelt. In a relatively short time, Rep. Lavielle has become one of the state’s most prominent legislators. She reflects great credit on our community, and she deserves our votes in the upcoming election.

James Seymore