Lavielle a Leading Proponent of Open Space

September 19

To the Editor:

Among Wilton’s most alluring features are our beautiful open spaces, which offer hundreds of acres of beautiful meadows, woodlands, and even a forest! But did you know that until recently, many towns were reluctant to allow public access to open spaces, because of the potential costs of frivolous lawsuits?  Or that state-owned conservation lands could potentially be opened for development?

Fortunately, State Rep. Gail Lavielle is a leading proponent of open space, and has taken steps in Hartford to protect against these and other threats. In 2011 she was instrumental in passing legislation to grant immunity to towns that allow free recreation to take place on public lands.  This year, she was an important sponsor of legislation to ensure that state-owned conservation spaces will permanently retain their status, thus protecting them from any future attempts at reclassification.

Many of us take our open spaces for granted. I am grateful to Rep. Lavielle for her leadership on this critical issue.

Hella McSweeney

Taxpayers:  Where Do Lavielle, Wilton GOP Stand on MD Renovation

September 22

To the Editor:

I am grateful that the Wilton Board of Finance, Wilton Board of Selectmen and Wilton Board of Education all have unanimously endorsed critical upgrades to Miller-Driscoll School. It is the right thing to do for both Wilton’s children and our concerned taxpayers. I am glad to hear that the Wilton Democratic Town Committee and State Representative candidate Keith Rodgerson have also lent their full support. As a concerned parent, Keith has our children’s best interests in mind. Where do the Wilton GOP and State Representative Gail Lavielle stand on the issue? Taxpayers want to know.


Cliff Robbins

Vote for Lavielle for Viable, Economically Healthy CT

September 22

To the Editor:

Unless Connecticut lawmakers are serious about addressing our crumbling state infrastructure, high business costs and unrestrained spending, we will never be able to reverse the current path that has us ranked near or at the bottom of every state ranking for economic performance.

State Rep. Gail Lavielle is one legislator who has stepped up and fought against the trend in Hartford for increased spending with little accountability.  Rep. Lavielle is firmly rooted in a business background which spanned more than 25 years.  She has used this solid experience to hear the needs of our business community and to fight for pro-business initiatives and responsible spending.

I love Connecticut and am determined to help return it to a viable, economically healthy state.  I know that we can trust Gail help us achieve that goal.

Let’s restore pride in our state by voting for Representative Lavielle in November.


Lianne Acosta-Rua

A Family Man for A Family Court

September 23

To the Editor:

The reason I am writing this letter is to fully endorse the re-election bid of Anthony J. DePanfilis for Probate Judge of Wilton and Norwalk. The Probate Court deals with a wide array of family matters and Judge DePanfilis is a perfect match as he exemplifies the term “family man.” He is down to earth and approachable…a real “people-friendly” person who is compassionate to all.

I have known Tony and his wife, Kelly, both personally and professionally for a long time. For many years, they have opened their home for an annual event that welcomes a most diverse group of children and families who share in their kindness and generosity. Tony is a warm and caring individual, one that my family and yours should vote for in the upcoming election.

Please join me in supporting Judge Anthony J. DePanfilis on Nov. 4.

Peter Hastings

Lavielle in Touch with Voters

September 25

To the Editor:

Let me add my voice to those who have already written in support of Rep. Gail Lavielle. Gail is one of only a few legislators who can give us hope that economic conditions in this state can actually improve. I have heard her speak on several occasions, and she clearly has a keen understanding of Connecticut’s underlying problems–too much spending, unfunded obligations, pro-tax environment–and an ambitious agenda for addressing each of these critical issues.

I have also been impressed by Gail’s tremendous communication efforts. I appreciate receiving her regular emails and newsletters–not to mention the high profile she keeps in town. Gail always seems to be out and about in Wilton, and always has time to stop and listen. Clearly she hasn’t forgotten the need to stay in touch with voters. I will be proud to vote for Gail Lavielle on Election Day.

Franklin R. Dunn

Rodgerson–Clear Choice on Education

September 23

To the Editor:

This coming election, there is a clear choice on education policy. Keith Rodgerson supports increases to public school ECS funding, universal Pre-K, and the expansion of the UConn system. Rep. Gail Lavielle did not support these in the 2014 cycle.

Keith believes in strengthening STEM in the high schools, trade programs and private partnerships. He also supports the elimination of all participation fees for students, saying, “Athletics and clubs are part of an education. All children should be given the opportunity to participate no matter what their financial circumstances.” Rep. Lavielle was unwilling to give waivers to families on athletic fees as a Board of Finance member. “Residents need legislators who unequivocally support a child’s right to learn, grow and be a part of the community.”

Keith has voiced his full support for the Miller Driscoll renovation project. “All of Connecticut’s children deserve modern, functional and safe educational facilities. All parents deserve legislators who are committed to those goals.” Rodgerson also supports the need to modernize building regulations and to change funding ratios for school construction and rehabilitation so towns are not unnecessarily burdened.

Where does the Wilton GOP and Rep. Lavielle stand on these issues?

Jon Tan