Wilton’s political Town Committees⎯Republican Town Committee and Democratic Town Committee⎯each have significant presence in crafting our town boards and commissions. In advance of tomorrow’s election, we asked the chairs of both groups to provide GOOD Morning Wilton with a statement about their slate and platform.

Al Alper, Wilton Republican Town Committee Chair

This year CHANGE is in the air.

Whether at the Village Market or Ambler Farm, the Wilton Library or Orem’s Diner, Wiltonians from all corners have said it is time for a change. A new direction marked by transparency, accountability and fiscal responsibility.

Lynne Vanderslice, a name you know and trust, a 28-year resident and the current vice chair of the Board of Finance is ready, willing and able to bring that change our residents are asking for.

Lynne has a long and strong record of transparency, fiscal responsibility and governance. She has led teams and managed organizations comparable in size to Wilton, and led them through difficult times; re-organizing them to meet tight budgets, while satisfying the stakeholders.

Lynne has been a tireless advocate of the underprivileged and those in need. When she learned of the needs of certain elementary students in Danbury, she acted rather than relying on the government to fill their needs. Whether it was ABC of Wilton, the Wilton Playshop or the Wilton Library Association, Lynne’s management, financial skills and fundraising acumen helped lead each to new heights of success, helping hundreds in return.

For the last seven years on the Board of Finance Lynne has been at the forefront of tax restraint and transparency. She has worked closely with the Board of Education to reign in union contracts in the face of greater demands when everyone else was tightening their belts. Lynne’s leadership led to changes in the way the town and school system manage their spending to ensure checks and balances are in place, and the taxpayer is protected.

Her good work was key in opening up the budget process and informing the public about just what the mil rate meant, what went into it and how each change in what the town or schools spent affected the tax rate.

Lynne has been a lever for change from the moment she raised her hand to serve. And we will all be well served with Lynne Vanderslice as first selectman.

Joining Lynne to answer the call is Michael Kaelin, former Wilton Library president, Historical Society member and recent recipient of the Wilton Distinguished Citizen Award.

Michael joined the Board of Selectman when Hal Clark retired and he hit the ground running.

His sharp legal mind brought a steady reasoned voice to all matters. His desire for change, his resolve in bringing it about and his power of persuasion is undeniable. You need only look at the recent debate about the CFO search as evidence. Because of Michael’s ability to articulate what the voters wanted, he moved the Board to change course and be responsive to the voters.

We need Michael Kaelin on the Board of Selectman. He will work closely with Lynne Vanderslice to move Wilton forward.

At a time when our taxes are beginning to outpace our neighboring towns, and the price of our homes have not recovered while other towns have, Wilton needs leaders with a willingness to listen to the people and the experience to change the way we do business.

Lynne Vanderslice and Michael Kaelin are those leaders.

Lynne Vanderslice and Michael Kaelin have the experience.

Lynne Vanderslice and Michael Kaelin have records of transparency, accountability and fiscal responsibility.

Lynne Vanderslice and Michael Kaelin are what Wilton needs now!

Please join me in voting for…

Lynne Vanderslice for first selectman

Michael Kaelin for Board of Selectman

Maryli Secrest, Wilton Democratic Town Committee Chair

I write today to urge you to support the Democratic slate and vote Row A in tomorrow’s election.

The Wilton Democratic Party is an inclusive body, comprised of members who hold a wide range of beliefs and ideals. The slate we endorsed for tomorrow’s election represents a broad cross-section of our Party, with a unified commitment to upholding the values outlined in our platform. Our candidates will contribute to a town government that is open, responsive and accountable to all of Wilton’s residents.

After over 40 years of one-party rule, Wilton finally has a choice. Tomorrow, let’s choose the candidates with a long-term, sustainable plan for Wilton’s future. Deb McFadden, our candidate for first selectman, has focused her campaign on listening to Wilton voters and formulating a plan that will work for all of us. Her plan will preserve our town character while growing our grand list, advance our excellent schools while controlling costs, and offer seniors an affordable and high-quality standard of living here in Wilton. Deb’s campaign offers concrete steps toward realizing these goals, but the final plan will be based on a collaborative effort that draws on the expertise of Wilton’s board and commissions.

Brian Lilly and Gil Bray, our candidates for Board of Selectmen, will bring a wide range of valuable experience to the board. Brian’s deep roots in Wilton and service on the Zoning Board of Appeals, along with Gil’s work in the financial sector and leadership on the Board of Education, equip them to deal with the challenges that the Board of Selectmen faces. They both know that the future of our town will rely on long-term investment strategies rather than politically expedient, short-term fixes. Their plan for vibrant economic development and enhanced social services will draw residents at all stages of life to Wilton, making it an attractive place to live for those just starting in their career to those moving into retirement.

Our incumbents on the Board of Finance and Board of Education, John Kalamarides and Laura Schwemm, respectively, have been invaluable assets to our town over the past few years. They have both worked tirelessly to forge productive relationships with fellow board members and other town employees, and truly embody what local government can achieve at its best.

Keith Rodgerson, running for Planning and Zoning Commission, has a background of relevant experience as a professional planner and member of the Wilton Economic Development Commission. Charlie Lewis, our candidate for Board of Assessment Appeals, has a record of local volunteerism and depth of institutional knowledge that has served Wilton well for many years. Our candidates for constable, John Gardiner and Bo Mitchell, have a record of professional and volunteer experience that is an asset to our slate.

Wilton is at a crossroads, and we have a choice. Tomorrow we can elect leadership that will work to enhance the quality of life we value in Wilton, not just the bottom line. We can choose an inclusive style of government, with leadership that listens. We can vote for a slate that has the experience, values and vision that will move Wilton forward. Please vote Row A in tomorrow’s election.