Abraham Lincoln once said, “I like to see a man proud of the place in which he lives.” I am extremely proud to live in Wilton and to currently serve on the Board of Selectmen. It is an honor to represent the town where I have lived most of my life. I will do all that I can working collaboratively with local boards to support our town and to ensure a future that our community can be proud of.

Prior to joining the Board of Selectmen, I served approximately 10 years as an elected member of the Zoning Board of Appeals and Planning and Zoning Commissions. My experience on these land use boards has been extremely valuable to my current position. Great strides have been made during my tenure by working collaboratively with my fellow members. I am also the Board of Selectmen liaison for the Economic Development and Signage committees.

I bring a unique demographic to the Board of Selectmen with more than 36 years of experience in Healthcare Supply Chain Logistics.  I am also experienced with Emergency Management and Six Sigma programs. As a career woman I balance the demands of family, including elderly parents that reside in Wilton.

I was also a member of the selection committee that recommended our new town counsel resulting in policy improvement, transparency and resident’s confidence. My professional experience has allowed me to be an invaluable resource in town purchasing and the Department of Public Works Director search.

Pressure from our state fiscal situation is rapidly increasing. Wilton will require respectful thoughtful leaders to work as a team in a non-partisan manner to deal with our budget.  I will be one of those leaders as I am considerate, hardworking and of high integrity.

This fiscal year the Board of Selectmen have identified more than $200,000 in savings by improving internal efficiency. The Board of Selectmen have been under budget in FY16 and Fiscal Year 2017 budget is trending lower than 2016. I have identified areas of opportunity for cost savings as outlined below.

Vacancy review should continue to occur as we have obtained savings from shared management in the Facilities and Finance Departments. Each open position should be discussed and looked at for greater efficiencies. Contract negotiations and purchasing practices are also key areas of opportunity and should be reviewed on an annual basis.

Grand list growth must accelerate in order to have impact on our property tax revenue. Interest is growing from developers and recognizing this the Plan of Conservation and Development has been accelerated by the current Board. With input from our citizens, it will become our roadmap for future projects. I encourage all to attend these meetings and participate.

Increasing revenue is also an integral part of the solution.  Projects such as stadium advertising will generate dollars needed for future repair and replacement thus lessening the burden on the town.

The current fiscal situation must force us to have discussions about what services we value and those that can be reduced. There must be a balance between controlling costs and maintaining our town character. A focus on cost savings and restraints, while maintaining quality of services will continue to be in the forefront of my decision-making.

I will maintain the work done by the current Board of Selectmen in making transparent our business dealings and policy making. I view feedback as a gift and will listen to my fellow Wilton citizens and respect all opinions. I continue to support FOIA training for all boards and commissions.

One of the most important responsibilities of the Board of Selectmen is the selection and appointment of members to boards and commissions.  The selection process must be done with the well-being of our town first in mind. There are many capable people who reside in Wilton and I encourage all to come forward for open positions. Our most important resource is our citizens!

Wilton has many amenities that residents enjoy. I support the Parks and Recreation review of current and new playing fields. I also encourage public and private partnerships to enhance our current and future amenities.

It is my pleasure to be serving the town where I was raised and working to assure that future generations will enjoy the same wonderful experience I have had.  I truly believe that Wilton’s best years are ahead and would be honored to continue as part of the leadership team. My experience will allow me to hit the ground running on our key initiatives.  I am seeking your support for my election to a second term in order to continue the important work started by our current administration. I will serve all citizens of Wilton. Thank you for your consideration.