Happy Halloween! I hope you’re enjoying fun with your loved ones. I know my daughters are excited to wear their costumes and trick-or-treat.

Let me start with a Halloween story…

In a wonderful town with beautiful open spaces, a growing downtown, historic homes, and intelligent citizens, some people believed they were entitled to seats on town boards just because they were of a particular political party, or had been around a long time. They urged citizens to vote along party lines and ignore facts about the candidates. Some citizens believed them and didn’t seek out candidates with the backgrounds to do the job effectively. Other citizens were so disgusted, they didn’t even vote! On election day, important town jobs went to people who didn’t have the right experience or any new ideas to do the best job for the citizens.

Ahhh! What a scary story! Don’t let this happen in our town. Vote for candidates that bring fresh energy to the town, with the backgrounds to bring people together, and actual knowledge and professional experience to lend to the town.

I am one such candidate. When I tell you that I have relevant knowledge to review Planning & Zoning applications, I have actual relevant paid professional experiences. I am a municipal attorney that has worked for cities and towns in Westchester and Rockland counties. I have handled lawsuits regarding environmental reviews, roadway design, and administrative cases involving stormwater and wastewater treatment systems, among many other types of matters. I’ve worked with engineers, planners, construction companies and managers, and, of course, attorneys. I’ve dealt with complex cases, high-profile cases, and politically-charged matters. It is my job to assess information, identify issues, and listen to all positions. I want to use these skills to benefit the town.

Why? People keep asking why I applied to get the appointment when there was a vacancy, and why I want to continue on P&Z. Simple, to help the town. Period. It doesn’t advance my career and this is my first foray into politics. I just consider myself lucky to have had a wide range of work experiences and opportunities to learn varied information…that in daily life is not very useful. After all, there are limited circumstances where knowledge of the Federal Fair Housing Act is relevant!

But, you’re so busy already, two kids, working in Westchester. For years, I was doing the weekly bulletin and running fundraisers for a Bridgeport church. I also started a women’s group there, established a garden for a food pantry, and organized holiday, children’s, and young family events for families of modest means. In April, I resigned those duties to attend church locally and have time to be more involved locally. Now, I’m a room mom for my kindergartener, volunteering for PTA and other events, and sitting on P&Z. All those activities plus work and kids still don’t keep me as busy as I was before. Anyway, haven’t you heard that if you want something done, you give it to the busiest person?

What is Petitioning? It means I collected signatures to get on the ballot. Forty-four signatures were required; I obtained 74 before I stopped collecting. I needed to petition because I am not a party’s candidate. I am Unaffiliated—not connected to any party. I am my own person and answer only to the voters.

What are you going to do? The position is two jobs:  planning, where I will do my best to ensure regulations benefit the citizens and create patterns for orderly growth, accounting for the health, safety, and aesthetics of the town; and zoning, where I will review everything, listen to the public’s input, try to ensure the applications are compliant with regulations, and raise any potential issues I identify. I will focus on the Plan of Conservation and Development process because it is an important document meant to guide P&Z activities.

Why Wilton? My husband and I moved here 10 years ago. I grew up in Fairfield County, and when we moved to Wilton, our friends called it the quintessential New England town, beautiful trees, rock walls, an attractive downtown, and great schools. While we appreciated good schools, we didn’t have children when we moved here. Our oldest daughter is only five; we just liked the town. Wilton is home for us and our two little girls and we want to help the town be the best it can be.

I hope everyone will look all the way down the ballot and fill in the bubble next to my name. If you still aren’t convinced, email me or watch the P&Z Candidate Forum video. I’d bet you don’t need to watch long before deciding I’m the best candidate for the job.