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BOF Member John Kalamarides Endorses Creeth for Re-election to Finance Board

To the Editor:

I would like to endorse Richard Creeth, my fellow member of the Board of Finance, for re-election. Richard has done the customary Wilton political route in reverse having served eight years as selectman, then four years on the Board of Finance. He has also served as a charter member and then co-chair of the Energy Commission and as counsel to [first selectmen] Bill Brennan and Lynne Vanderslice on several issues. His work and his thoughts on the Board of Finance are respected by the Republican members as well as yours truly. Please vote for Richard on election day.

John Kalamarides
Member of the Board of Finance

P&Z Commissioner Melissa-Jean Rotini Endorses Lori Bufano & Joshua Cole

To the Editor:

During the past several years, I’ve gotten to know Lori Bufano. She is a genuine and caring person. She will dedicate her time, energy, and experience, just as she has for the past several years, to our town. What an asset to have an expert in supply logistics available to help consolidate and find cost savings!

I’ve known Joshua Cole for 21 years. Full disclosure, I’m his wife, so I’m slightly biased. I don’t have to write this though. No one asked me to, and he doesn’t know I’ve done it (yet).

Fact is, Josh is smart, hard-working, a good person, and a great dad to our two girls. He isn’t loud or self-aggrandizing, and being a member of the Board doesn’t advance him professionally.

Josh has been happy to help the town through his work on the Zoning Board of Appeals and as part of the Board of Selectmen subcommittee that interviewed and selected new town counsel. When asked to run for Board of Selectmen, he agreed not because of party politics, but because he believes he can help in a broader capacity. Josh brings people together over large deals and works with people of differing opinions daily—after all, we’ve never been in the same political party and he has to work with me everyday! He is deliberative, thoughtful, and both appreciates and considers people’s input.

Aren’t intelligence, consideration, and modesty traits we wish more politicians displayed? Shouldn’t we support those traits in our local board members?

For these reasons, I believe Lori and Joshua are worthy of my vote, and your vote, for Board of Selectmen.

Melissa-Jean Rotini
Member of the Planning & Zoning Commission

Selectman Michael Kaelin Supports Alper and McFadden for BOS

To the Editor:

I support Al Alper and Deb McFadden for the Board of Selectmen because I believe we should have the widest possible diversity of opinions represented on the Board of Selectmen. I do not agree with Al and Deb on every issue, but I know we make better decisions when all points of view are represented and considered, and when we make decisions based upon the merits of the proposal rather than on the person or the party making the proposal. Al and Deb represent very different and very important points of view. Both of them have thought long and hard about the many challenges facing Wilton, and both of them have much to contribute to the solutions. The politics of one party rule has not worked for us in Hartford or in Washington. It will not work for us in Wilton. That is why I support Al and Deb.

Michael P. Kaelin
Member of the Wilton Board of Selectmen

State Sen. Boucher Endorses Bufano and Cole

To the Editor:

You may have noticed that during the recent state budget impasse, 26 Connecticut cities and towns were placed under review by Moody’s bond rating agency for a possible credit downgrade. Fortunately, Wilton was not included on that list, and that was not by accident.

Our town has been able to navigate the uncertainty in Hartford because of the smart stewardship of our town leaders, including our Board of Selectmen. We need to ensure continued sound leadership by electing strong, fiscally responsible candidates, which is why I am supporting Lori Bufano and Josh Cole.

Lori is a current member of the BOS who has demonstrated a deep understanding of the need to expand our commercial tax base while protecting our town’s natural beauty and colonial character. Lori has consistently supported smart development proposals, and has been steadfast in her commitment to fiscal restraint.

Josh will bring a fresh perspective to the Board. He has served the town well in a number of capacities, including his current position as chairman of the Zoning Board of Appeals. These previous roles give him a unique perspective on issues facing the town, especially with regard to development and growth.

In addition, these candidates bring important professional expertise–Josh is an attorney and Lori is a healthcare supply chain manager–that provides business skills and perspective that are vital to Board efficiency.

Wilton’s continued strong future depends on smart, experienced leadership, which is why I am supporting Lori Bufano and Josh Cole.

Toni Boucher
State Senator (R-26)

P&Z Vice Chair Scott Lawrence Endorses Pagliaro, Shiue and Poundstone to Serve with Him on Commission

To the Editor:

I enthusiastically endorse Chris Pagliaro, Peter Shiue and Sally Poundstone for election to the Wilton Planning and Zoning Commission on Nov. 7. They comprise a deep bench of skilled volunteers employing a diversity of experiences and perspectives in service of the Commission and Town.

  • Chris Pagliaro is 22-year Wilton resident and accomplished architect who has represented a broad array of projects in over 100 municipalities, in addition to having direct experience in Wilton town facility planning and development. He has served on the Council on Public Facilities and the Building Inspector’s Board of Appeals and was responsible for successfully steering the completion of the Veteran’s Stadium renovation. Chris recently participated in the Wilton Library lecture series, “Wilton 2025,” speaking about the importance of addressing the social and planning needs of the community now and into the future. His extensive land-use and planning skills and forward-thinking perspective will directly assist the pending update of the Plan of Conservation and Development, especially its critical evaluation of how best to update land use plans, zoning requirements and town facilities and amenities while still maintaining the essential and precious character of the town.
  • Peter Shiue is a 12-year Wilton resident and 20-year veteran commercial real estate broker with Colliers International in New Haven. He is seeking reelection to the Commission and has served on Wilton land-use boards since 2006, including six years on the Zoning Board of Appeals member and five years (and counting) on Planning and Zoning. His decades of professional real-estate experience enable him to recognize what types of regulations, projects, plans and designs can work in the market, including the how and why. This insight is critical as the Commission updates the Plan of Conservation and Development and evaluates regulations on an ongoing basis to adjust to market needs, both known and anticipated.  He understands the key role that zoning can play in permitting, if not encouraging, smart and vigorous economic growth through responsible commercial development that incorporates community and preservation interests.
  • Sally Poundstone has been a Wilton resident since 1995 with an exceptional history of service on the Commission, including previously serving as its Chair and Vice Chair and drafting the 2010 Plan of Conservation and Development that has shaped, developed and preserved the Wilton that we all now enjoy. She is seeking reelection to the Commission. She has also served as president of Woodcock Nature Center and is a founding board member of Stay At Home In Wilton. Her deep knowledge of the community and the history of the town’s public and private development, including having drafting the prior Plan of Conservation of Development, will be invaluable in the coming months and years.

These are just some of the many reasons why Wilton will be well-served by these dedicated volunteers, as well as Matt Murphy and Rick Tomasetti, who are running for uncontested seats on the Commission. Please vote for all five outstanding Republican “Row B” Planning and Zoning candidates on Nov. 7.

Scott Lawrence
Vice Chair of the Planning and Zoning Commission

State Rep.Tom O’Dea Endorses Republican Candidates for BOS and BOE

O’Dea Says Bufano and Cole Bring Experience and Collaborative Approach to BOS

To the Editor:

I am writing to endorse Lori Bufano and Josh Cole as candidates for Board of Selectmen. Lori is seeking re-election. Both have earned the endorsement of the Wilton RTC.

Lori has lived in Wilton since 1973 and has been active for over 10 years serving on the Zoning Board of Appeals and Planning and Zoning Commission. Lori has worked for the Fortune 500 company Cardinal Health for over 30 years.

Josh and his family have lived in Wilton for 10 years and, as a fellow attorney, I can relate to his professional background, which I believe is a strong advantage in performing duties as a selectman.

I have friends on all sides in this race but believe Lori and Josh bring the right experience and collaborative approach to the Board of Selectmen and therefore ask you to consider voting for them on Election Day.

Tom O’Dea
State Representative (R-125)

BOE Candidates Preston and Hemmerle Earn O’Dea Endorsement

To the Editor:

I am writing to endorse Andrea Preston and Glenn Hemmerle as candidates for the Board of Education. Glenn is seeking re-election. Both have earned the endorsement of the Wilton RTC.

Andrea has lived in Wilton for almost 20 years and has been active in the community, including her current positions serving on the Planning and Zoning Commission and the Schenck’s Island/Merwin Meadows Study Committee. She is a past member of the Zoning Board of Appeals and Water Pollution Control Authority. Andrea has 20 years of experience in health care and communications. Andrea is also the proud mother of a sophomore at the high school.

Glenn has worked as the CEO of a number of international retail companies, which has given him a broad skill set necessary to oversee the BOE budget.

I am confident Andrea and Glenn will be strong fiscal stewards who will work with everyone in the School administration, other members on the Board of Education along with town leaders to make the Wilton School District the best it can be without unduly burdening tax payers. Based on the foregoing, I ask that you to consider voting for Andrea and Glenn on election day.

Tom O’Dea
State Representative (R-125)

State Rep. Gail Lavielle Supports Hemmerle and Preston for BOE

To the Editor:

I strongly endorse Glenn Hemmerle and Andrea Preston for the Board of Education. As Ranking Member of the legislature’s Education Committee, I’ve worked with members of school boards from across the state, and I know well the complex issues, constraints, and uncertainties they face. In addition to deep commitment to education and to students, our BOE members need vision, long-term planning skills, an understanding of human resources, financial acumen, and sensitivity to a range of community concerns–especially given the importance of Wilton’s excellent schools as an asset to our town. Glenn and Andrea are ready and equipped for the job.

As a BOE member, Glenn is an innovative thinker in areas like individualized learning and effective use of technology, and consistently stresses the importance of providing students a well-rounded education built on critical thinking. He is extraordinarily sensitive to the fiscal impact of the schools’ budget and has played a key role in controlling costs.

Through extensive experience in town government, Andrea has developed the collaborative working approach so critical for town boards, and understands the role of our schools in keeping Wilton a thriving and attractive place to live.

Glenn and Andrea care about our schools and they care about Wilton. They’re smart, fiscally responsible, and passionate about education, and have the steadiness to handle unexpected developments thoughtfully and with sound judgment. I trust them to keep our schools strong while providing exemplary stewardship of residents’ tax dollars. Please join me in voting for them on Nov. 7.

Gail Lavielle
State Representative (R-143)

Former School Superintendent Gary Richards Backs Low for Board of Education

To the Editor:

I have known Deborah Low for 25 years and can attest to her passion for education and her commitment to putting students first. She understands complex educational issues and has a deep grasp of, and respect for, the roles and responsibilities of members of a board of education. Throughout her distinguished 38-year career in education she demonstrated an ability to work collaboratively and effectively with teachers, students and parents. I can assure you that she would contribute greatly to the important work of the Board of Education and urge you to give her your vote on Nov. 7.


Gary G. Richards
Superintendent, Wilton Public Schools, 2004-2014

Congressman Jim Himes Endorses McFadden

Congressman Jim Himes gave his endorsement to Deb McFadden in the race for Board of Selectman.

In the statement released by the Wilton DTC, Himes says, “Having known Deb for many years, I have no doubt that she has the vision and expertise to lead the Town of Wilton as selectman. She will be a tireless advocate for residents and I am proud to support her.”