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Lucky to Have Lavielle Represent Wilton in Hartford

To the Editor:

We are so lucky to have the best representative looking out for Wilton in Hartford. That is Gail Lavielle.  She has raised the bar when it comes to constituent outreach and working for all of us. I thank Gail for her tireless efforts on behalf Wilton!

Gail knows everything there is to know about education policy, state finances, and transportation. Certainly, many of the accomplishments of legislators are collective, but then there some where the credit belongs has to go to Gail, the ranking member of the Education Committee.

Gail led the charge on the education reform in the House:

  • Authored and spearheaded the first comprehensive mandate relief bill for local school districts in years.
  • Repealed the requirement for districts to stick to regional school calendars.

On the financial side, near-and-dear to every Wiltonian, Gail:

  • Introduced and ensured passage of bill allowing necessary extension of deadline for Wilton’s revaluation process this year.
  • Stopped the governor’s plan to expand the state’s eminent domain powers in every town in CT.

I am very proud to be represented by Gail ask you to re-elect Gail in November with the enthusiasm for her service you have shown before!

Peter Wrampe

Cafero for Probate Judge–Republican Experience

To the Editor:

I highly endorse Larry Cafero Jr. for Wilton/Norwalk Probate Judge. Our probate judge is invaluable to Wilton and is our personal overseer to administer to those events difficult in life:  transfer of property following death, appointment of guardians and conservators, and adoptions. Larry, who will follow the excellent example of retiring Judge Anthony DePanfilis, has been an attorney for 35 years, with 28 years of public service, most recently as Republican Leader of the House. His public service and legislative experience makes him the most qualified candidate.

Additionally, as you approach Election Day, understand the needs of our state, which has been left in the dust of economic recovery, and recognize the strength, knowledge, experience of those who had fought to right our ship and vote for Cafero, Lavielle, and Boucher. They together can put us on the road to recovery and tax sensibility.

Don Sauvigne