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Re-elect Tom O’Dea

To the Editor:

Wilton continues to reap the harmful effects of egregious tax and spend and anti-business policies put forth by Democrats.  I’m grateful for Republicans like Rep. Tom O’Dea who work tirelessly to counter the madness by voting for fiscally responsible policies. Among the states, Connecticut ranks 49thin economic performance. Despite this dismal ranking, Democrats still can’t seem to quell their insatiable desire to tax. If it weren’t for legislators like Tom O’Dea voting “no” on toll bills and other senseless taxes proposed by Democrats, residents would be bearing yet another financial burden. Republicans must take control and turn this state around.

Brett Thornton

Lavielle Has Earned Right to be Re-Elected

To the Editor:

Gail Lavielle has done a commendable job representing our community in the state legislature, and deserves to be reelected.  I spend a fair amount of time attending public events in our town, and more times than not, Gail is also in attendance, chatting with residents and sharing her thoughts and insights.

This high level of accessibility is unusual.  I’ve lived in other communities where local representatives have pretty much ignored the community — until election time of course!

I have also been impressed by the frequency of Gail’s newsletters and emails.  Not only does she go above and beyond to keep us informed, but she does so in a way that offers clear explanations about complicated issues.  She speaks to us — not at us — and wants us to understand the intricacies of legislative issues.

Gail is a rare breed, and we shouldn’t take for granted her deep commitment to our town, and to providing the highest levels of constituent services.   She has earned the right to be reelected, and I will be voting for her in November.

Lisa Chubinsky

Lavielle’s Commitment to Fiscal Responsibility

To the Editor:

Something that has always impressed me about State Representative Gail Lavielle is her strong commitment to fiscal responsibility, and her understanding of the consequences of unchecked spending.  This past year, she put those qualities to work when she and her like-minded colleagues delivered a balanced budget that included no new taxes.

Of course that budget was ultimately rejected by Governor Malloy, but Rep. Lavielle and her colleagues offered hope that fiscal responsibility in Hartford is possible, with the right people in place.  With her strong background, which includes corporate experience, municipal service as a member of the Wilton Board of Finance, and her years of service in the state legislature, Gail stands ready to help lead us forward.

The current state leadership has failed time and again to address our worsening economic situation, and instead has relied on patchwork solutions that reach deeper and deeper into our pockets.  Clearly it’s time for a new approach, and I believe Gail Lavielle will be an important asset in fueling our state’s long-awaited recovery.

For the benefit of our town and state, I’ll be voting for Gail Lavielle in November.


Lianne Griswold Acosta-Rua

Gail Lavielle Will be Good for Business

To the Editor:

It’s no secret that until Hartford stops punishing businesses with harsh taxes and regulations, jobs will continue to go elsewhere. This fact was documented by a 2018 Business Insider poll, which found Connecticut ranked 42nd in job creation. The situation is dire, which is why we need Gail Lavielle’s reasoned voice now more than ever.

Because of her business background and financial experience, Gail has a deep understanding of the needs of the business community, and has consistently led the fight against initiatives that seem to want to drive businesses away. Among her goals for the next legislative session is to help eliminate much of the uncertainty that hovers over our business community. Businesses never seem to know when they are going to be hit with yet another tax increase to bail out the government, or with a new regulation to satisfy one of Hartford’s special interest groups.

As a member of the house Finance Committee, and as the Assistant Minority Leader, Gail has earned the respect of her colleagues, on either side of the aisle. If you know Gail, you understand that she is a smart legislator who does her homework and offers well-researched, logical solutions.

She deserves to be reelected, and I will proudly vote for Gail in November.


Tracy Serpa

Nov. 6 a Chance for the Environment

To the Editor:

As parents we want to leave our children a better world than the one we inherited.

I’m dismayed that the governing party in Washington, echoed by their representatives in this state, seems to be saying to them:  You deal with it. This is no more true than on environmental policy. The President withdrew U.S. support of the Paris Agreement, the most promising initiative on combatting climate change ever. He’s reversed regulations safeguarding water and air. The EPA now proposes relaxation of methane gas monitoring. Our children aren’t fooled.

Consider Nov. 6 a chance to “grow up” in their eyes.

Bob Carney

Lavielle Cares about Constituents and Wilton

To the Editor:

Connecticut faces many challenges in the coming years in due in large part to the failed leadership of Governor Malloy.  In order to face these challenges we need the experienced leadership of Representative Gail Lavielle. Over the last eight years Gail has worked tirelessly for Wilton, Westport and Norwalk. Gail serves as a ranking member of the Education Committee where she initiated legislation to provide comprehensive mandate relief. She also successfully stopped Governor Malloy’s plan to expand the State’s eminent domain powers. Gail fought every year to implement the constitutional spending cap which became  reality in 2017.

While Gail’s work ethic and tenacity are well known,  they only tell half the story about why she is such a treasure for Wilton. What comes through in every interaction with Gail is that she cares deeply about her constituents and wants to make Wilton and Connecticut overall a better place.

I think back to a few years ago when we had bad storm that left most of Wilton without power for an extended period of time. Eversource was not providing much information as to when power would be restored. Gail took it upon herself to push Eversource for a timeline for power restoration and pressured them daily for a very specific schedule for restoration. She then updated her constituents via phone calls, texting and social media. She did it because she cares about her constituents and Wilton. Please join me in helping to reelect Gail Lavielle!

Joe Burke

Lavielle Knows What She’s Talking About

To the Editor:

As Election Day approaches, I urge all Wiltonians to vote for State Rep. Gail Lavielle, who has worked tirelessly for us in Hartford. A steadfast opponent of higher taxes, Rep. Lavielle’s deep knowledge of fiscal policy informs her positions. Her solid business background drives her opposition to the Malloy Administration’s profligate spending.She consistently proposes sensible ways to spur growth, encourage business, and balance Connecticut’s budget. Her voice resonates in the Capitol because she knows what she’s talking about. We must return fiscal conservatives like Rep. Lavielle to state government. She has my vote; she should have yours too.

James W. Seymore

Haskell will Bring CT Back to to Status it Once Had

To the Editor:

Will Haskell is what our state needs to move into the future.  He is for Common Sense gun control. Will Haskell will propose a ban on unregistered ghost guns. His opponent believes Connecticut went” too far” in controlling guns following Sandy Hook.  His opponent sponsored a bill that allowed gun clubs and shooting ranges to sell unlimited ammunition to individuals without an ammunition certificate. His opponent also voted against paid leave thus voting against supporting the next generation in, building a career and starting a family. His opponent also voted against a bill that would crack down on distracted driving, which causes thousands of teenage deaths in Connecticut. Will Haskell has the passion and energy to bring change to Hartford. He is what Connecticut needs for our state to thrive in the 21st century. His opponent is a politician who has been in Hartford for over 20 years. Her ideas are tired and have contributed to the states financial crisis and the flight of high paying jobs out of the state. Her policies are consistent with failed policies of the past, consistent with Trump-like policies, lower taxes for the rich, greater pollution through relaxed environmental controls and unequal access to education resulting in the erosion of the quality of life in the state. We need Will Haskell to bring Connecticut back to the status it once had, the best state in the country to live and raise a family.

Brian Sudano

Vote for Fiscally Responsible Republicans

To the Editor:

Have you been happy with the last eight years of higher taxes, loss of  industry, loss of jobs, diminution of the reputation of our state, lower property values, reduction of state support of schools while imposing additional unfunded mandates?

If so a change of leadership in Hartford will be the answer. In the upcoming election vote for fiscally responsible Republicans–Toni Boucher, Gail Lavielle, Bob Stefanowski among others.

If not you will get a governor who promises more taxes, reinstating highway tolls and continuing more of the last eight years.

Connecticut needs to regain the reputation it once had. Connecticut needs to see growth again. Connecticut needs Republican leadership.


Sally Siebert

Boucher will Turn the Ship Around

To the Editor:

The USS Connecticut is sailing headlong into a perfect storm!  Would you want an inexperienced ensign at the helm?  Or, would you want a highly experienced officer at the helm?

Well, our beautiful state is heading towards disaster.  Our financial, employment, and overall perspectives are in peril.

This is not the time for an ensign to learn through trial and error! What we need is our highly experienced Toni Boucher to continue to be part of the team that is going to turn our ship around, to help correct our course and come out the mess better for it.

Peter Wrampe