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Will Haskell for State Senate, Ross Tartell for District 25

To the Editor:

Like most people, I would raise an eyebrow about a 23-year-old running for State Senate. His challenger is a long serving legislator who has served almost as long as Will Haskell has been around. But I have met and spoken with Will since he started campaigning and am impressed with his knowledge, maturity and passion. And passion for causes like strong gun control, infrastructure investment and education is what it is going to take to get things done in Hartford. Give Will a look and I am sure you will be as impressed as I am.

I have only known Ross Tartell for several years. But it did not take long to recognize the qualities that will make him a great legislator. He has many years of service to his community in volunteer and frankly unappreciated work. But that experience and his exceptional career as an expert in leadership is just what our State needs. Hartford needs a consensus builder eager to create solutions and not resort to blaming high taxes and over compensated public employees for every problem. His priorities are every citizens priorities:  addressing our transportation issues, maintaining high quality education and stopping gun violence. Most importantly, he will work with all legislators to find common ground, reduce partisan battles and achieve consensus to make Connecticut a better place.


Robert Sabo

Voting for Lavielle, Boucher and Republican Legislature for Real Hartford Change

To The Editor:

I used to be a Democrat because they were once the party of change. But somehow over the last few decades change stopped happening in Connecticut.  Our economy stopped growing.  Our population stopped growing. Our property values stopped growing. The only thing that ever seems to grow in Connecticut is the “temporary” income tax. Both parties share the blame for this–the Republican governor who signed the income tax into law back in 1992 and the Democratic legislature that has ratcheted it up at every opportunity since then. This year I’m voting for Gail Laveille and Toni Boucher and a Republican legislature for a real change in Hartford.  And I hope my neighbors will too.

Philip Murphy

A Vote for Boucher Makes Change Possible

To the Editor:

Our State has been run by one political faction for so long that we are jeopardizing not just our financial stability but our safety and advancement. More of the same is dangerous. Despite her years of experience, Toni Boucher has been a political outsider in Hartford. With the state senate tied between Democrats and Republicans, a vote for Toni would break the logjam and make change possible. I encourage all that love our town and state and want actions that bring positive change during a time of ambiguity and divide to vote for Toni. She will get the job done.

 Anna Marie Bilella

Vote for Boucher, Reverse Tax-and-Spend Policies

To the Editor:

Senator Toni Boucher is a proven fighter for people in Connecticut. As a co-chair on the Education and Transportation Committees, she fought successfully against highway tolls, and in 2016 and 2017, when Gov. Malloy cut education cost sharing fund from Wilton, Senator Boucher helped bring some of the education funds back to our town.

Unfortunately, during her terms, she has been over-ruled by the Democratic-controlled legislature. Connecticut, once the envy in the Nation, is now ranked at the bottom of every economic ranking. Under Malloy and a Democratic-majority general assembly, the State has implemented punitive taxes, excessive spending and borrowing, and an unfriendly business climate, while failing to address massive unfunded pension liabilities. People and businesses are leaving Connecticut for more affordable states.

This November, we are only one seat away from turning the state around! Vote for Toni Boucher for State Senator. Put her in the majority and help her reverse the damaging taxing and spending policies.

Jennie Wong

We Need a Change of Leadership in Hartford, Vote GOP

To the Editor:

Most of my neighbors in Wilton know that Connecticut’s economy is in terrible shape, but it actually shrank last year and now ranks 49th out of the 50 states in terms of economic growth. Only Louisiana has a worse economy than Connecticut (according to the Hartford Courant). The housing market is terrible, we are missing out on a national economic boom, our taxes have increased almost every year, and the budget hole keeps getting deeper. Rather than fix the problem, Democrats in Hartford are for new ways to tax, surcharge, defund, and toll Fairfield County towns. We need a change of leadership in Hartford. For Wilton’s sake, please vote for Gail Lavielle, Toni Boucher, Bob Stefanowski and the rest of the GOP ticket and help take back CT.

William Lalor

26th District Lucky to Have Boucher

To the Editor:

I had the pleasure of meeting State Senator Toni Boucher recently, after following her work closely over the past four years.

She took time out of her busy day to have a long talk with me about the issues. That kind of accessibility counts for a lot. I think the 26th district is lucky to have her. She’s experienced, fiscally conservative and in alignment with the social values of the towns she represents. Her chief focus over the next four years is likely to be helping turn around Connecticut’s disastrous financial situation.

Her opponent’s primary issue is gun control. I want to see needless gun violence reduced as much as anyone, but Connecticut already has the tightest gun control laws in New England, and the third toughest in the country (source: Giffords Law Center). With all the real problems our state has, why concentrate on an area where we already are in good shape?

Experience is always important, and will be especially so in Hartford over the next four years. The structural problems Connecticut faces are daunting so making progress on addressing them will be challenging regardless of political stance. It’s no time for a newcomer, and especially one who wants to start his political career so high up rather than at the town government level.

Senator Boucher has my vote and I hope those of everyone in her district towns of Bethel, New Canaan, Redding, Ridgefield, Weston, Westport and Wilton.

David Moyer

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