Last Saturday evening, more than 150 people gathered at Silver Spring Country Club to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Friends of Ambler Farm. In addition, the assembled guests were there to commemorate the incredible inroads that have been made in those 10 years to not only restoring and improving the physical property of Ambler Farm but also creating the programs and events that have made Ambler Farm such an integral part of the Wilton community.

‘Community’ was a word we heard a lot on Saturday evening. [Editor’s note:  GMW was a proud media sponsor of the event and editor Heather Borden Herve shared auctioneer duties with Wilton Magazine editor Megan Smith-Harris.] What the dedicated volunteers and staff of Ambler Farm have done over the years is create a place where children, adults, nature enthusiasts, educators, history buffs, animal lovers, builders, artists, photographers, re-enactors, outdoor athletes, culinary fans, and so many, many more have found a place of inspiration, learning and refuge.

As the tag line attests, Ambler Farm is the place “Where Good Things Grow.”

Saturday evening helped ensure that Ambler Farm is also the place where good things will keep growing. The night raised more than $50,000 to help the Friends of Ambler Farm continue to restore the historic Raymond Ambler farmhouse and create programs that will keep engaging everyone served by the farm.

One of the things that moved so many people to give on Saturday night was this incredible video, produced by Wilton residents Lisa and Morgan Driscoll. The video, “Once Upon a Farm,” beautifully captures what Ambler Farm is to so many people. We’re honored to be able to share it, below, as part of our ongoing partnership with Ambler Farm.

Please watch it and consider visiting this link to give your support, to help the Friends of Ambler Farm to continue making Ambler Farm a place where we all grow along with it.

YouTube video