On the heels of last week’s blizzard, Eversource is letting Wilton residents know that the company will have a helicopter out this week to survey the high-voltage power lines that run through Wilton, and elsewhere in Connecticut. Eversource officials say the survey is being conducted to check for any damage done to the lines during the storm that may threaten electric reliability.

A low flying helicopter is being used to also check for tree limbs or branches that may have broken in the high winds and be in a position to potentially damage a line and cause a power outage.

Flights across the state are scheduled to take place this week, through Friday, Jan. 12. Weather permitting, flights are scheduled to take place between 8 a.m.-4 p.m..

The two helicopters being used are:  a blue and gray aircraft, tail #N1431W; and a blue and white aircraft, tail #N411DD.