Fairfield County Bank was recently awarded the Editor’s Choice Award for Community Commitment by CardRate.com. The award recognizes organizations with outstanding track record of investing in communities through small business support and charitable giving.

The CardRate.com website highlights how Fairfield County Bank not only supports local communities through investment in local businesses, but also through deep engagement with local charities. In 2018, Fairfield County Bank donated $1 million to nearly 350 organizations chosen by employees. More than 4,000 volunteer hours were also logged in that year demonstrating how important community involvement is to the Bank and Employees.

“It is a great testament to our impact on Fairfield County when a large organization like CardRates.com, with their 15 million subscribers across the country, selects Fairfield County Bank for this prestigious award,” says Debra Verbeke, EVP of human resources for Fairfield County Bank. “Our Employees understand the impact they make, but it is a great validation to be recognized with such an honor.”

Daniel Berta, the bank’s president, said that the bank is honored to receive the award.

“All of our Employees are very proud of our 140 year legacy of helping Fairfield County to be one of the best places to live and work.  Customers know they can rely on our reinvestment in our communities through direct contributions, extended Employee volunteerism, financial education, and stimulating our local economies with prudent lending here at home. After all, when you put your money in Fairfield County Bank, it stays in Fairfield County, creating jobs and improving lifestyles for the people in our community.  Because of our commitment to Fairfield County, we are delighted to receive this award,” he says.