Woodcock Nature Center announce last week a $7,000 grant from Fairfield County Bank to support its general operations as well as a new outreach effort to offer one of the nature center’s popular field trip programs to an elementary school in an underserved community. The Bank has been a partner to the Nature Center since 2017.

“It is a testament to Fairfield County Bank’s devotion to our community that it continues to deepen not only it’s financial commitment to Woodcock but that the Bank’s management team has increasingly dedicated its time and energy into ensuring the continued growth of our organization,” commented executive director Lenore Eggleston Herbst.

In a strategic effort to expand programming, Woodcock and Fairfield County Bank are working together to make the Nature Center’s unique hands-on nature education possible for a wider audience.

“Woodcock Nature Center is a gem for Fairfield County. We are proud to partner with the Nature Center to find ways to make it even more accessible to children across the county–particularly those who might not normally get a chance to immerse themselves in nature and environmental education. A healthy environment and a healthy community go hand in hand,” added Fairfield County Bank vice president Doreen McManus.

Each year, more than 4,000 pre-school and elementary students visit the Nature Center through class field trips, which are designed to meet the State of Connecticut’s Core Science Curriculum Frameworks and Next Generation Science Standards. Programs cover a range of topics designed to enhance classroom natural science curricula while building awareness and understanding of local environments. On-site programs give students the opportunity to learn outside while investigating the wetland and forest trails. Programs have included Vernal Pools Study, Tree ID, Insects, Hibernation and most recently, in partnership with the Ridgefield School District, a Bio-mimicry program which reached nearly every 4th grader in the district. Also during 2018-19, every 2nd grader in Wilton visited for Plants & Seeds and every 3rd grader studied tree identification. 

[Pictured above is Fairfield County Bank’s executive vice president D. Stephen Wooters and vice president Doreen McManus along with Woodcock Nature Center executive director Lenore Herbst.]