Fire Chief: House Numbers Prevent “Critical Minutes Lost While House Burns”

The following is an op-ed by the chief of the Wilton Fire DepartmentChief Ronald E. Kanterman

Can you imagine the local news media posting a headline similar to one in the title of this article–“Critical Minutes Lost While House Burns”? Or perhaps, “Fire Department Unable to Find House While Wiltonian Has Heart Attack”?

As the Wilton Fire Department has driven around town on emergency calls and routine business (inspections, pre-emergency planning, training drills, etc.), we’ve noticed that some homes are unmarked and very hard to find. If your friends, family, service vendors and others have said, “We had a real hard time finding your house,” it’s time to act.

Imagine us trying to find you at 3 a.m. during a snow storm! We, along with your Wilton Police Department and Emergency Medical Services need to be able to see your address.

If you live on a long shared driveway and the numbers are posted where the drive starts at the road, make sure you also mark your house, a tree at your driveway, your mailbox or even a set of numbers on a wood or metal post will do. Try to purchase “reflective” numbers and letters as they are easier for us to see at night.

A reminder that your premises must be legibly marked per town ordinance, Chapter 9A. You can find this document on the Town’s website. We are very concerned and ask that you take a moment to see if your address is visible from the road or driveway. Please help us help you!