Will Haskell may be a freshman state senator representing Wilton, but he’s hopeful his constituents will send him back for a sophomore term. Haskell confirmed FIRST on GMW during an interview on GOOD Morning Wilton‘s “Wake Up Call” podcast on Tuesday morning, Jan. 14.

“I’ve tried to make the most out of every single day that I’m an elected official, so I do plan on running again, although for the next few months I’m going to be laser focused on passing bills, doing the job that I was elected to do in Hartford, trying to build more business friendly environment, trying to bring the cost of living down in Connecticut, trying to reduce economic inequality in the state,” Haskell told GMW‘s editor, Heather Borden Herve.

“Once the legislative session is over, I think we will go back into campaign mode,” he added.

Working to help individual constituents is one of the job requirements that is most meaningful, Haskell said.

“I love this job. I love every single day. The fact that I can pick up the phone and help a constituent, even on a nonpolitical matter when somebody can’t reach the right person at the DMV or they’re having trouble getting a developmentally disabled child into the right program. I have the honor and privilege of picking up the phone and trying to make that happen. We’re not always successful, but sometimes we are, and sometimes we get to solve real problems, small problems; sometimes not so small. When folks interact with the state government and they’re frustrated, they pick up the phone and they call their representatives and those are some of the favorite calls that I get.”

Haskell also discussed tolls and Gov. Ned Lamont’s “CT 2030” transportation plan, something that has been occupying headlines and social media conversations in the last few weeks. Whether or not the plan has the support of enough state senators to pass it is the question hanging overhead–does it have the votes Lamont needs to get the legislature to pass it?

“I wanted to vote yesterday. I’ve been asking for a vote for the last year on a forward thinking tolling proposal that asks out-of-state drivers and trucking companies to contribute. We’ve come to the table so many times to compromise and we now have such a scaled down proposal that only applies to the heaviest trucks,” Haskell said.

“I can’t understand why we’re not voting on this thing today, but I am very optimistic that a vote will be held in the next week. I certainly think that the issue is so important, it ought to be nonpartisan. Since truck tolls are implemented in red states and blue states that I can’t imagine why any of my colleagues, especially those in Fairfield County would oppose this.”

Also on the podcast, GMW‘s Herve spoke with Christene Freedman, the development and communications director for the Wilton Family YMCA, about both the successful renovation of the Wilton Family Y facility as well as the Riverbrook Regional YMCA Association‘s efforts to create a new facility for the Norwalk community.

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