During last night’s caucus of the Wilton Democrats, voters endorsed 35 new members to the Democratic Town Committee. Tom Dubin, DTC chair, presented the slate of 35 people who had stepped forward and been nominated prior to the meeting to run for DTC membership for the 2020-2022 term, and called for nominations from the floor of anyone interested in also being considered. However, no additional people asked to be added to the slate for consideration.

As a result, the caucus voters were able to vote on the entire slate by one voice vote, and the nominated slate of 35 Democrats was endorsed unanimously by those present and eligible to participate. Only voters registered as Democrats in Wilton could take part.

Dubin had explained that the maximum number of members was determined by DTC bylaws which sets the number at 1.0% of registered Democratic voters in the prior federal congressional election. With 3,500-plus registered Democrats in 2018, the maximum number of open DTC spots was 35.

Longtime DTC member Richard Creeth congratulated Dubin and the other Democrats, noting that it was the first time he’d ever seen the DTC to swear in a full slate.

After the meeting, Dubin said of the nominated slate, “This will be the largest and most dynamic DTC in memory. The new group retains the experience and wisdom of several members who have guided us for many years, and we are adding several new members who bring a new energy and broader connections within Wilton. We look forward to the November 2020 elections.”

Just last week, the number of registered Democratic voters in Wilton surpassed the number of voters registered as Republicans. To mark the achievement, Dubin was surprised with a presentation of multiple proclamations from what was referred to as a “very grateful” CT delegation, including Sen. Richard Blumenthal, Sen. Chris Murphy, Congressman Jim Himes and State Sen. Will Haskell.

DTC member Stephen Blinder made the presentation on behalf of the elected officials, saying, “We have made huge strides in Wilton, that’s due in large part to the leadership… But when I think of the Wilton DTC, I think of Tom Dubin, who leads exceptionally well. I believe the mark of a true leader is someone who’s able to listen to many different opinions and come to the best decision for the DTC and for the Town.Tom Dubin is widely regarded, I think, as the best chair the DTC has ever had.”

The Democrats nominated to be DTC members were:

Michele Bennett
Stephen Blinder
Savet Constantine
Richard Creeth
Keith Denning
Ruth DeLuca
Tom Dubin
Max Fanwick
Michele Ferguson Nichols
Ken Hoffman
Leslie Holmes
Florence Johnson
John Kalamarides
Sunila Kapur
Jim Kapustka
Jung Soo Kim
Charlie Lewis
Joe Magnano
Ceci Maher
Alison Mark
David Marks
Deborah McFadden
Jeffrey Miller
Ann Nunes
Elizabeth O’Connell
Lori Paulson
Ernie Ricco
Jane Rinard
Vicki Rossi
Bob Sabo
Melissa Spohn
Peter Squitieri
Ross Tartell
Hermon Telyan
Daniel Troph