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Planning & Zoning Says ‘Yes’ to New Package Store

Following a public hearing at last week’s Planning & Zoning Commission meeting, commissioners approved a special permit application to open a new wine and liquor store in an existing, unoccupied retail space at Gateway Shopping Center. The 3,350 sq. ft. store will be opened by an applicant under the name of Hilltop Beverages, LLC.

Historic District and Historic Property Commission Selects Consultant

The Historic District and Historic Property Commission unanimously voted to endorse a bid from a consultant firm to help develop tools the town can use to protect historic structures in commercial zones. The commission will recommend to the Board of Selectmen that the town contract with Harriman Design and Planning.

Parks and Recreation:  Adult Recess and After School Programs

After a resident sent the commission an article about Adult Recess, Parks and Recreation Department director Steve Pierce will begin to look into the idea of a program for adult aged residents to enjoy recess-type games (i.e., kickball, flag football, etc.).

The commission also heard a status report about the new after school program introduced by Parks & Rec after the program offered by Wilton Public Schools filled to capacity. Pierce reported that 42 children are registered and participating for multiple days per week, and 17 others are signed up for ‘drop in passes’. According to Pierce, the response and feedback “have been very positive,” and the Parks and Recreation staff continue to identify new activities and specials for the kids.

Pierce raised a proposal with the commission, asking it to consider allowing the department to restrict Merwin Meadows access on July 4th to season pass holders. He reported that he spoke with Town’s legal counsel about the idea, which would limit entry to the park on the holiday to season pass holders, and no allowing day passes to be used on that one day (clearly noting the exclusion on the daily passes). He asked that the idea be discussed further at the meeting in October.

The Parks & Rec department will also add a new pickup rule to the manual, requesting that children younger than high school age who are participating in programs and activities at Comstock be picked up inside the building.