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Bankwell Hosts Wilton Shred Day

As part of an ongoing effort to prevent identity theft in the community, Bankwell in Wilton will be providing free, on-site shredding services at the bank’s 47 Old Ridgefield Rd. branch on Saturday, Sept. 14 from 9 a.m.-noon.

Bankwell encourages residents of the community to take the opportunity to securely dispose of old disks, credit cards, passports, bills, invoices, checks, statements or other personal papers. Bank officials request that each individual limit their items to two 2-sq. ft. boxes.

As Wilton’s hometown bank, Bankwell in Wilton is a locally managed commercial bank committed to providing the highest possible level of customer service and added value to the community.  The Bank offers a full range of banking and lending services. For more information, interested visit Bankwell online.

Sign Up for Curbside Compost, Help Wilton Zero Waste Schools

Wilton Go Green‘s Zero Waste Schools Committee has teamed up with Curbside Compost to help all Wilton residents and businesses reduce their waste. 

For every household that signs up for Curbside Composts residential household collection program, Curbside Compost is going to give a $20 credit towards the Wilton Zero Waste Schools food scrap recovery program.

For any business (restaurant, senior living, commercial kitchen, catering, etc.) that signs up, the Zero Waste Schools credit increases. This program is open to all residents of Wilton and beyond.

Wilton Go Green explains why it’s a GOOD idea to compost food scraps:

  • Be a role model for your family, children and community.
  • Help to create compost, which increases soil moisture, combats erosion, supports essential soil bacteria, controls for weeds, stabilizes soil ph and sequesters carbon.
  • Support the creation and local use of compost, rather than chemical fertilizer.
  • Reduce the energy being used to incinerate trash.
  • Reduce emissions that come from the traditional processing plant.
  • Reduce ash that must be buried in the landfill.

Curbside pick-up allows participants to compost all food scraps including dairy, fish and meats. Participation is by choice.

Visit Curbside Compost online to sign-up. In the “Pick Up Notes” section be sure to use the code “Wilton Zero Waste Schools” in order for the Wilton program to receive credit.

Wilton Go Green Debuts Website Redesign

Wilton Go Green has unveiled a fresh new look to the organization’s website. Designed and created by Wilton resident Ben Emerson, the website redesign is now live. That coordinates with WGG’s next meeting to which anyone interested in learning more about volunteering is invited.

No prior “green” experience is necessary. Residents are welcome to see what WGG is about on Wednesday, Sept. 11, from 10 a.m.-12 p.m. at Comstock Community Center, Rm. 14 (180 School Rd.). Email Wilton Go Green for more information.