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BREAKING NEWS:  P&Z’S Unanimous Decision on Wilton Heights

Late last night came a report that the Planning & Zoning Commission unanimously approved the Wilton Heights application. We’ll have more details Wednesday!

Residents Turn Out to Support Ambler Farm P&Z Application

At a public hearing two weeks ago, the Planning & Zoning Commission heard from neighbors of Ambler Farm concerned with the organization’s recent application to amend its special permit to change the number and type of special events that could be hosted at the farm.

The farm’s special permit was originally granted in 2006 and 2007, and limits the number of events the farm can be rented out to six per year, as well as the hours of operation for such events, the number of people who can attend and who can hold special events at Ambler Farm–only non-profit organizations. Farm officials would like to increase the number of events that can be held from six to 10, and be able to rent the facility to private clients.

Last night, the P&Z commissioners had the opportunity to hear from proposal supporters, more of whom turned out than did at the first meeting.

The public hearing will remain open.

We’ll have updates on this story on Wednesday.

Tax-Free Week Might Be Eliminated

Say good-bye to CT’s tax free week:  Gov. Ned Lamont hasn’t really drawn attention to it, but his budget has left out CT’s popular sales tax free week. Savings to the state would be in the neighborhood of about $5 million a year by eliminating the popular sales tax holiday the state now currently schedules for one week each August, just in time for back-to-school shopping. Families save during that week when the 6.35% sales tax isn’t charged on items of clothing and footwear priced less than $100 each.