Each year, Wilton’s graduating high school seniors are treated to an amazing Post Graduation Party (PGP) on the night of graduation, to mark the culmination of their school years here. This annual Wilton tradition is a substance-free, fun-filled event planned and funded by the families of the seniors and supported by the entire Wilton community. Traditionally, the PGP theme is a tightly guarded secret that isn’t revealed until just before graduation, and the PGP organizing committee reveals clues in the weeks before to build excitement.

This year’s PGP celebrating the Class of 2016 will take place on Saturday, June 18, and the organizing committee has been hard at work making sure every detail is perfect. The party is the capper to a 7-year-long “Class Project” that unites the students and brings together their parents in an ongoing effort to encourage friendships as well as provide a drug- and alcohol-free way to celebrate the kids’ hard work.

This year’s all-volunteer parent squad coordinating everything is led by Callie Mellana and Jayne Sullivan and they have been hard at work planning an unforgettable night (shh, if you know the theme don’t spill the beans!). Knowing just how important Instagram and social media are to this generation of kids, the committee has adopted a unique way to reveal clues in advance.They’ve launched a PGP 2016 Instagram feed—@whspgp2016.

“It is a fun mix of visual ‘stuff’ from the community, the high school, inspirational quotes, assorted graphics related to the theme and various PGP clues,” explains Pamela Hovland, the 2016 parent who is overseeing the Instagram effort with fellow parent Tracey Heinemann. “As far as we know, it is the first time the PGP clues have been disseminated solely through social media — which makes such obvious sense as the students speak that language fluently and frequently. We’re excited about going public with it.”

The committee organizers are inviting seniors in the Class of 2016, their family members and the entire Wilton community to follow along as the party clues and details unfold on the PGP Instagram feed. And, as happens each year, the public will be welcome to participate in a pre-party walk-through during the afternoon of June 18.