Students in grades 8 through 11 and their parents are invited to attend a free workshop on planning the college application and admissions process. Mary Spiegel, MA, CEP, of Spiegel College Planning will present valuable information on several topics, which will include evaluating the transcript and test scores, the role of talent and athletics in admissions, the importance of the interview and the college essay, advice regarding the various admissions plans, standardized testing plans, and recent developments in college admissions.

While students and their parents will gain insight into the college admissions process, specific information for each grade will also be provided:

  • 8th graders and their parents will hear specific tips about mapping out a four-year high school plan, and will feel more confident as they start their high school careers.
  • 9th and 10th grade students will learn about making the most of the high school years, how to develop their prospective college list, and using the campus visits and other opportunities to research colleges.
  • Juniors—who at this stage of the year will be thinking about starting their applications—will learn how college admissions offices read the applications.

The College Planning Workshop will take place on Thursday, May 12 from 7-9 p.m. at Trackside Teen Center, 15 Station Rd.. While the event is free, online registration is requested.

Spiegel has 20 years of experience in college admissions, first as director of admission at Fairfield University, and subsequently as an independent educational consultant (IEC). Since 2000, she has been offering personalized college search and admissions coaching for families, helping students to find the right match for their college choices, and supporting them throughout the process.

Spiegel has been a certified educational planner (CEP) since 2006; this is the highest credential in this field. She is a frequent presenter on college admissions in libraries and community centers; students and parents who attend these programs praise her personable style and her deep knowledge of the college admissions world.

For questions about the event, email or call 203.834.2888. To learn more about Spiegel College Planning, visit Spiegel’s website.