You thought doughnuts from Rise were tough to get before when only local folks knew about the craft baker and were willing to stand in long lines for the treats. Now, Hugh Magnum and his foodie family behind Rise have been discovered by America, thanks to a great live segment on “Good Morning America” showcasing Rise’s delicious doughnuts.

The segment shows off mouthwatering closeup shots of doughnuts being dipped in melted chocolate, brimming with creme filling, and generally looking completely scrumptious. It also features great shots of Cannondale Village panning the line of people waiting patiently outside Rise’s current home at the Schoolhouse Restaurant.

There’s also some fun as Magnum teaches the show’s four reporters how to fill a creme doughnut long distance during the live broadcast.

Check out the video below and get ready to get up even earlier to get on line Saturday and Sunday mornings now that the word is really out about Wilton’s hole-iest secret.