In 2023, GOOD Morning Wilton will celebrate 10 years of publishing. Today, GMW has taken a giant leap forward by becoming a Newspack publisher, investing in a platform that will propel us into the next decade.

You’re reading a redesigned website created in partnership with Newspack, an effort created by Google News Initiative and WordPress to provide a publishing platform for news organizations. So while the website may look a little spiffier and more professional, the result is so much more than just the cosmetic upgrade.

The Newspack platform is not only a more reliable digital infrastructure but the initiative pulls together tools and resources that on our own GMW would never be able to access. It’s geared to small- and medium-sized news outlets like GMW and makes sure the invaluable work turned out by our type of local publications continues to exist in an ever-changing and shrinking industry, and play a role in democracy..

To use a baseball metaphor, it’s like getting called up to the big leagues where they have more trainers and coaches, better equipment and access to professionals that are there to make a good player, great.

That’s what we hope Newspack will do, help make GOOD Morning Wilton … GREAT.

We wouldn’t be able to make this kind of investment without the help of our incredible members who support our work through GMW’s membership program, and we’re grateful. Hopefully, you’ll see that your investment in GOOD Morning Wilton will pay off even more now.

We also continue to exist thanks to our amazing advertisers, local businesses that are part of the Wilton community. Take note of them, patronize them, and thank them for supporting a free local press.

Not many people know that there’s only one full-time employee of GMW — me. I’m fortunate to work with some great freelance writers and photographers who help GMW cover more and more news. I’m hoping that with the changes Newspack will bring, GMW will continue to grow and improve.

I planned this transition in advance of my annual two-week holiday hiatus at the end of the year. It will help with getting used to new processes and working out any kinks. Until Jan. 3, we’ll still be online but there won’t be any new articles or newsletters.

Until then, I wish you happy holidays, a very Happy New Year and a GREAT 2023!

Heather Borden Herve

12 replies on “Welcome to the “New” GMW!”

  1. Well done Heather. Now that you are in the “big leagues,” I have expectations of your continued excellent “home run” record; but now with an occasional “Grand Slam!” Enjoy your vacation. Cheers, Don

  2. Heather you continue doing a fabulous job with great reporting. Thank you and have great holidays. Frank Mabley

  3. Wonderful news! Congratulations on 10 excellent years of service and many more to come. You are indispensable to Wilton.

  4. Congratulations, Heather, you and Lynn Vanderslice are the pillars of this community, along with Camille Carriero at the Chamber of Commerce and the amazing folks at the Wilton Library! Journalism is all about truth and service and we appreciate the bright light you contribute.

  5. Hey Heather, Best of luck with the new platform – you always do a great job!

    Have a very Happy Holiday Season with your wonderful family and many friends!

  6. Makes a lot of sense to use all the new technology as you provide the very valuable service of covering local news, something that is fading away in many places around the country. Keep up the good work!

    1. You don’t ever have to use Facebook to access GMW! You can sign up for the daily email newsletter that links to all the new stories each day, OR simply go to Facebook is becoming less and less reliable for showing useful posts and posts from friends, and the algorithm is actually pointing people away from news now. Signing up for the newsletter is your best bet.

  7. Thank you Heather for all you do. We are so very lucky that you live and care about Wilton. You are a bright light and true gem!! Wishing you all possible success in the future!

  8. Heather –
    Congratulations on 10 years of GMW! Where did the time go? Our family moved from Wilton 6 years ago but visit frequently. Most importantly I read GMW each morning so I never feel far from home. Thanks so much for your efforts, your publication is a gem!

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