One of the most frequent topics of conversation at Wilton Board of Education meetings right now concerns the School Mask Mandate. The mandate is something set by Gov. Ned Lamont and the CT State Department of Education, and the district is has no choice but to implement. Mandatory mask wearing is a frequent subject of letters sent and comments made by residents to the BOE members.

While the idea of mask wearing has taken on political overtones throughout the last two years, the conversation has become much more nuanced, given the impact of the COVID pandemic on students’ social-emotional development and academic progress.

GOOD Morning Wilton is seeking input from readers regarding the question of whether the school mask mandate should remain, or whether it is time to modify or end it. We are interested in finding out what Wilton residents think, and hope to include responses in future editorial coverage.

This is NOT a survey, and we’re not calculating how many Wilton residents feel one way or another. There will be NO findings of “a majority feels this way” or “xx% of respondents said they think the Wilton School District should do XYZ.”

We understand this is a very complicated and, at times, heated issue. We are hoping to further the discussion so that people with different opinions can get a better appreciation for what others believe and why. We’re hoping to help amplify voices of people who may not feel like their views are heard and see if people can come to some understanding of one another rather than pit one side vs. the other.

We are requiring people to provide their names and are not accepting anonymous responses at this time. (Anonymity tends to up the rhetoric and temperature; we’re hoping to encourage more substantial discussion and opinion.) Completing and submitting the questionnaire gives GMW permission to use your answers in future news stories. However, respondents will be able to choose whether or not their names can be published in any GMW reporting.

Answers must also abide by our Terms of Use regarding participation and respect (for other community members and for GMW staff). You can find the Terms of Use on our website.

Questions marked with an asterisk are required in order to complete and submit the form.

Thank you for your participation.

Editor’s note: The questionnaire can be filled out below, or accessed via Google.

4 replies on “GMW Wants Your Thoughts on the School Mask Mandate”

  1. “If you are citing ‘science’ or ‘research’, please provide a specific link to support your answer.” YES, thank you.

    1. Thank you for the input. While we allowed respondents to choose whether or not their names could be used, they are not anonymous to GMW editors. GMW won’t be publishing unattributed quotes, but we felt it was important to allow people to choose whether or not they wanted to be quoted by name, so that we could get as many answers as possible in order to get a broader sense of how as many community members as possible felt. The policies you’ve linked to are great, and has prompted thought about making our policy more explicit. Thank you for the feedback!

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