Gov. Ned Lamont issued a plea for health care volunteers. Please watch.

Dear fellow Connecticut residents,

I’m never surprised by the generosity and ingenuity of the people of Connecticut. As the COVID-19 virus puts a surge upon our hospital capacity and supplies, ordinary people are stepping up and doing extraordinary things.

People with sewing machines across the state are now making top-quality surgical masks. A whiskey distiller is making hand sanitizer. A parachute manufacturer is making surgical gowns. And over a thousand nurses have come out of retirement to get back helping in our hospitals.

And we’re asking for your help. Students and other retired health care workers are needed at medical facilities across Connecticut.

Those willing to volunteer should register online at and we will match you with a location in need.

We need you now more than ever. This is a community effort, and I am incredibly appreciative of everyone who is doing their part to protect their neighbors. Together, we can overcome this challenge.

Stay safe and stay healthy,