Gov’s Advisory Group Recommends Teachers, Inmates, Elderly, Supermarket Employees for Next COVID Vaccine Round

The governor’s Vaccine Advisory Group’s Allocation subcommittee met on Tuesday, Jan. 5, and began formulating its recommendations for the next round of vaccines. The Hartford Courant is reporting that the committee followed CDC Guidelines and included among the groups who should receive vaccines in Phase 1.b. people aged 75 and older, teachers, police officers and firefighters, and supermarket workers; the committee also expanded that guidance to include residents of congregate housing–homeless shelters, prisons, psychiatric facilities and group homes–as well as food service workers, and sanitation workers.

The subcommittee’s recommendations are just that–guidance. The ultimate decision will be made by Gov. Ned Lamont.

There were no recommendations made on how groups in phases 1.b. and 1.c. will register or receive their vaccines; nor was there any specific timeline established.

So far in Phase 1.a of the state’s coronavirus vaccine distribution plan, 81,970 initial doses have been administered (2.3% of the state’s population). Recipients in that cohort include medical personnel, emergency responders, and residents and staff of nursing homes.

According to the CDC149,900 vaccine doses have been delivered to Connecticut. First Selectwoman Lynne Vanderslice reported that CT Department of Public Health officials expect to have received a total of 213,000 doses by the end of this week.

Vanderslice reported that the subcommittee will meet again soon to further discuss residents under age 75 with increased risk medical conditions as well as ethnic and racial disparities associated with the endorsed criteria.

She also said that CT DPH provided populations estimates for groups discussed, including:

Aged 75 or above:  275,000
Essential workers, as defined by the CDC:  850,000
Residents living in congregate settings:  46,000
Aged 16 to 64 with increased risk medical conditions:  362,000

Vanderslice provided updated stats on vaccine distribution in CT and across the country:

  • An additional 6,024 new initial doses (8% increase versus Monday morning’s reported total) were administered in CT.
  • Only seven other states and the District of Columbia had a higher percentage of their population vaccinated.
  • Nationwide, 17.02 million vaccines had been delivered, an increase of 10% versus Monday; of those, 4.84 million first doses had been administered, an increase of 6% versus Monday.

Updated Case Numbers–as of Jan. 5

  • Wilton:  9 new cases reported; new total 623 since the start of the pandemic
  • Statewide:  2,332 new cases; new total 196,968 since the pandemic started. (CT is at a 7.66% test positivity rate.)
  • Fairfield County 528 new cases, 58,959 total since the start of the pandemic.
  • Hospitalized Patients:  Statewide–1,148 (increase of 38 new patients)
  • Deaths:  Statewide–6,192 (24 new fatalities); Fairfield County–1,755 (5 new deaths); Wilton, 45, (no change).

Vanderslice said that Wilton’s newly-known cases ranged in age from 11 to 97.


  1. My husband and I are in our 80’s and we still have no direction or information for registration or where to go to get the vaccine.
    I called CVS and they will NOT get the vaccine.
    I understand we get the information from Hartford, but this is not good enough. We need more clarity.
    Thank you
    Rhoda Dix

  2. I too am clueless about where or when to get the vaccine. I am over 75 also, so would expect to qualify for the next group soon. I called Visiting Nurses of Ridgefield. They told me they had NO information on the distribution or availability of the vaccine.

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