In keeping with its designation as a HeartSafe Community (since Feb. 2012), the town of Wilton has made an effort to grow the number of automated external defibrillators (AEDs) located throughout the town. An online map of approximately 30 Wilton AED locations went live to the public in April of 2014, but since that time, in August 2016, several more AED’s were donated to the town and placed in a number of public locations throughout town.

Now, to raise awareness in the Wilton community, the Wilton Volunteer Ambulance Corps (WVAC), has recently updated this map, to show the location of approximately 45 AEDs in both public and private spaces throughout Wilton. The organization is looking for information on any other AED locations to add to the map.

An AED is a portable device that is used to treat sudden cardiac arrest (SCA), by checking the heart rhythm of an unresponsive person, and if needed, sending an electric shock to the heart to try and restore a normal rhythm.

AEDs in Wilton have already been used to save lives, and Brian McDermott, WVAC vice president, says having this information available can only help even more people.

“It is vital that members of the community know the locations of all AEDs. Such information is critical for the chain of survival to be as strong as possible so that lives can be saved,” he says. “We know this map is not inclusive of all of the AEDs at private facilities in Wilton. We encourage any of your readers to email me if they know of any other AEDs in town that can be included here.”

The map can be found online, and through a link on the WVAC website. Clicking on each location gives users a detailed description of how many AED’s are at each location, and exactly where at that location they are located. Some locations that are situated near athletic fields and not at a physical structure; when clicked, the icon links to aerial images with arrows indicating where exactly at the fields the AEDs can be found.

This summer WVAC plans to utilize its interns to visit each physical location and take a photograph of each AED to included it on each map point for anyone searching for it to know what to look for.

In addition to the locations on this map, every ambulance, police vehicle, fire apparatus, and the CERT truck also have AEDs in them and their operators are trained to use them.

McDermott notes that WVAC does not own or maintain any of the AEDs in public locations in town and therefore cannot guarantee their presence or performance. The devices are either maintained by Norwalk Hospital or Wilton Parks and Recreation. He also points out that some AED locations at athletic fields are seasonal and removed in the off season, including AEDs owned and maintained by the Wilton Lacrosse Association; these AEDs may not appear on the map due to their seasonal use.

WVAC offers free Hands Only CPR/AED training to members of the community, including business and organizations. This training does not come with any AHA or American Red Cross certifications, but WVAC can provide CPR certification training for an additional small fee.

Current mapped AED locations include:

Cider Mill School–240 School Rd.
Wilton High School–395 Danbury Rd.
WEPCO–48 New Canaan Rd.
Four Season’s Racquet Club–589 Danbury Rd.
Wilton Congregational Church–70 Ridgefield Rd.
Wilton Volunteer Ambulance Corps–234 Danbury Rd.
Wilton Police Department–240 Danbury Rd.
Wilton Fire Department–236 Danbury Rd.
Wilton Fire Department–Station 2
Village Market–108 Old Ridgefield Rd.
Wilton Library–137 Old Ridgefield Rd.
Middlebrook School–131 School Rd.
Rolling Hills Country Club–333 Hurlbutt St.
The Lake Club–165 Thayer Pond Rd.
Trackside Teen Center–15 Station Rd.
Wilton YMCA–404 Danbury Rd.
Wilton Town Hall–238 Danbury Rd.
Wilton High School Varsity Baseball Field.
Wilton High School JV Baseball Field.
Madaras Field (at Middlebrook School)
Lion’s Field (Old Mill Rd. and Danbury Rd.)
Ambler Farm Fields
Ambler Farm Barn–257 Hurlbutt St.
Merwin Meadows–52 Lovers Ln.
Middlebrook Softball Fields
Comstock Athletic Fields–180 School Rd.
Schenks Island (River Rd. and Old Ridgefield Rd.)
Wilton High School Football Stadium
Kristine Lilly Field
Allen’s Meadows Park
Cannon Grange Hall–25 Cannon Rd.
Wilton YMCA Gymnastics Center–644 Danbury Rd.